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  1. Performance on high end PC

    set the resolution to 100%.. it even looks alot better it also depends ALOT to the map but i think you know that already :/
  2. Squad Game Server List

    i just want to see the servername, map and playercount.. with an iframe it would stucked together..
  3. Squad Game Server List

    can you make a smaller version too? i want to show it on the right side on my website.. you can check it here: http://www.veteran-gaming.at/community/wbbforum/index.php?board-list/ the one you made is a little bit too big x) would be soo nice from you :D i dont have the skills for that..
  4. Squad Game Server List

    dude.. nice.. perfect :D thank you so much, its a big help for me for checking the serverstatus

    good advice. signed.
  6. Squad Game Server List

    yeeeeeeess youre awesome :D
  7. Squad Game Server List

    awesome..thank you :D a small suggestion, can you make the filter "linkable"? so i can link on our clan-website directly to the servername-result from the search on your site? hope you can understand what i mean.. my english isnt the best..
  8. Over 500 players in game!?! <>

    its nearly hard to work today as it was on my first day whaiting for prealpha-access.. damn work xD
  9. Over 500 players in game!?! <>

    omg i dont want to work today :D
  10. Very few populated servers showing in browser

    omg thank you so much for that website its awesome and very useful.. is it someway possible to link so the search-result so i can show my gameserver on my website or link it on my website so that our members can check the status?
  11. [Resolved] TeamSpeak Logo Channel

    wanted to say thank you, were using it too :)
  12. Project Reality vets sign in here

    hey guys, my name is jürgen, im playing pr/realitymod since the first version as i can remember it was simply bf2 without a crosshair? im not really sure.. its a loooong time since then.. pr changed my complete pc-gaming-life and i still love it and switched now to squad.. maybe some guys can remember me oder my clanmates.. *SiC* :) had alot of really cool hours playing with you guys.. some of my best storys i often remind myself is muttrah city on a event with PRCC, GIS and NEW.. were stuck in the double T building for about an hour or so.. im not sure.. the whole team was there..we simply cant get out of there.. after a long time our enemy ended the round with an epic jdam strike.. will NEVER forget that moment when everybody freaks out in mumble hahahha awesome.. love you guys, best community out there!
  13. The Weapons Thread!

    i would love to see some small 60mm commando mortars like the LM-60K and mk18 40mm launcher :D
  14. VFX Feedback for Bruno :)

    bullets hitting a wall looks better then in every other game ive ever seen and i love it sooo damn much.. when i tried squad the first time, i think ive shot my complete ammo against a wall :wub: :D others asked me if the walls are the enemies.. maybe they thought i was little bit crazy :blink: :ph34r: :P the only thing i dont like that much is the blurry distance view.. its kinda compensating the lack of reallife-view and feels realistic.. but i simply dont like it.. but thats subjective. the bullet hit-effect is that great that i dont care other things that much hahaha :D in mix with the awesome sounds from anders.. its great to get pinned down from another squad haha
  15. Loving new suppression effects

    as always.. anders did a wonderful job. the whole team.. awesome game expirience. thank you DEV´s :wub: