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  1. January 2019 Recap

    played insurgency one hour and uninstall. what a punkids crap.
  2. Alpha 12.1 Released

    haha, m4 lovers buttburns
  3. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    I thought this shit ballance dead with games like operation flashpoint (T80 no chance vs M1), but we see new fans are setting damage power by country again..
  4. September 2018 Recap

    what does it mean? upd. found answer in the other topic
  5. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    Кеша, не туда ты за правдой пришёл :-)
  6. The Wrench - December 2016 Edition

    the forest in squad looks like a crap after this
  7. RAF faction Ideas.

  8. RAF faction Ideas.

  9. RAF faction Ideas.

  10. SVD Sniper - Guide

    if PSO hasn't ocular cover you see this: but with rubber cover you can see only this: so squad version of PSO is still wrong and I hope devs understand that.