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  1. supply system

    As I know in Post Scriptum you can not "unload" quickly or am I wrong? And how should this system work if helicopters are integrated into the logistic system?
  2. supply system

    In Squad is supply or ammo just a number. In Project Reality are supply crates and ammo boxes something visible. This brings dynamism into the game and it's fun.
  3. supply system

    I think the supply system in Project Realityi s more meaningful and simple. Squad should adopt this system. What do the others think?
  4. You can get new informations about Squad - Turkish Armed Forces http://www.squadturkiye.com/category/turk-ordusu-modu/
  5. http://www.squadturkiye.com/turk-ordusu-hazirliklari-basladi/ emegi gecen herkese tesekkürler sabirsizlikla bekliyorum
  6. A turkish community is already working on this project officielly. The Turkish Armed Forces will fight against Millita or against Terrorist. So they dont plan to rename "Millita" or "Terrorist" to DEAS or PKK.
  7. TSK modu hakkinda gelismeler var mi?
  8. a animations for " jumping over walls " would be cool.
  9. facebookda takipci sayisi 5688si buldu We have in facebook 5688 followers
  10. Medic inventory suggestion

    I want to see the EpiPens again