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  1. There are some PVS14s that are also autogated. Now if normal infantry units are issued those versions is beyond me, but then again, unless im mistaken, the US infantry models in Squad are using Crye Airframes as helmets, which isnt conventional infantry either. Just give em the goodies to go along with it and we'll all have fun ingame! :D
  2. Depends what is used. Theres quite a lot of stuff in use currently that is autogated, which means you wont get blinded nearly as much. Also stuff like street lamps and lights inside wont do much. If its a monocle, you can still see with your other eye, say you have the NVG over your left eye -> you can still use your other eye. Dunno how well that could be translated into the game though. :D
  3. Thats for sure, rip in pepperinos!. Aint no way we gon get rekt. :D
  4. Operational Detachment Sierra

    Is this game still a thing?
  5. First Squad Clan Match?

    Ezpz. Bring it. Ps: involve the good clans.
  6. Operational Detachment Sierra

    Kinda hard to say when the game isnt even released yet. If you want to hang around our ts, the IP is: ts.l0lwut.com.