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  1. I wish I could play Have fun all, miss you.
  2. You now have 2000 posts! And what a post it is!!
  3. How is this going along mate? It looks awesome
  4. Awesome! Time to teach the rest of the world to play Squad, you vets!
  5. Great to see the progress guys! You guys are absolutely amazing!! My trip in India is amazing so far
  6. Absolutely awesome!
  7. lol, those videos Only the guy in the third video knows how to play
  8. I also had my doubts before I played it, mainly because many of these types of games claim to be different but aren't really.. After playing it yesterday all my doubts are through the window. The combat is already spot on, and I can't wait to see where it will go. I fully trust the devs that they will bring something new and refreshing. I had tons and tons of fun playing it yesterday! @PeerunMaybe you can provide us with some epic videos from last session?
  9. I was allowed to invite some of you, so here I go. If you need username and password for the launcher pm me.
  10. Source; ''http://forum.ofkingsandmen.net/index.php?topic=269.0'' What one of their devs told me: ''It's not really a public test, so it's probably gonna be pretty rough. Will be doing some profiling at some point as well.''
  11. Can't wait for the beta this evening
  12. That's cool man!
  13. If you don't like his style of comedy, just at least listen to the points he makes. Unbiased
  14. Nah, I'm from the Netherlands.
  15. Yep.. This is exactly what I meant.. I wish the 52% people of England would Educate them selves on this matter before voting. But oh well.. Anyways, this is the current democracy.. People voting without having a single clue on what they vote for. But they just believe the propaganda commercials..