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  1. Insurgency

    Unfortunately Insurgency didn't get much love in V12 and in fact has some bugs with the spawn system. We definitely want to get it back up to a working standard. I agree PR Insurgency had alot of great ideas (I know as I helped with it) The Intel system with civilians was very unique and would love something like that to one day make it into Squad. For now we have a mode from the modding community making it's way thru the getting process... It's basically Insurgency mode but more streamlined with a focus on competitive play... It's not a replacement but a good stand-in til we can dedicate more resources to making a proper Insurgency game mode with the depth of gameplay we had in PR (and I'm hoping even more so now that we have a lot more tools available to create a really unique game mode that takes full advantage of the teamwork oriented ethos that Squad players have adapted, which would make this game mode viable)
  2. What was your most bad ass moment in Squad?

    Great reads gentleman thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Very cool Noobgamer!! Great to see this as well as growing community servers. Yes game balance is continuing to evolve
  4. Wheel Damage

    We may choose to be cheeky and allow civilian vehicles tires to be damaged by knives, but it's a low priority
  5. Jensens Firing Range bugged?

    The Jensen's range target blueprint code were temporarily disabled for v12 as they were found to be a potential cause for some issues, we will be reimplementing them in the next version, sorry about that we want to continue to improve the training range experience in addition to fixing the targets and killhouse
  6. Licensed servers not showing in the Broswer list

    Have you contacted Nordic on the discord? I believe he will be able to help you troubleshoot this issue
  7. New player with a couple of questions.

    Hey great to have you join the Squad community!! Always awesome to see PR players joining, no doubt we will continue to see more join as we get missing elements (like CO and helicopters) implemented. Not talking about new factions right now, we are committed to getting the core features implemented before focusing on more content like new factions, however stick around awhile and you're question will be answered AK105 is not planned but is not without realm of possibly for example in the Militia faction, perhaps a modding project that could be implemented into the main game if high enough quality.
  8. China is a huge market that is on the rise in ALL gaming segments, including fps, mobile etc This is more of a recent trend, was still only just taking off when PR was at it's height... Now in China the gaming market is really accelerating and playing catch up to the EU and US markets. It is a fascinating trend, I don't think there is some conspiracy behind it though. I think from the common Squad players perception, Chinese players have less integration and more isolation, probably due to language barrier and some of the Chinese internet laws, which as easily surpassed but does create a barrier to more integration into the rest of the international community. I would absolutely love to see continued growth in Chinese Squad community and watch some organized Chinese rounds and tournaments, as well as modding community keen to introduce an Asian faction. I think a generic "South Asia" faction would be easier to integrate into the main game than having a specific faction named China, but we cross that river if/when we get there
  9. Can't join servers after Alpha 12

    Glad it's working for you Lioha, hope you have some fun gameplay let us know how it goes
  10. Can't join servers after Alpha 12

    V12 has added alot of large textures, which has created a problem for HDD users. V12.1 and V12.2 has implemented alot of optimisations in hopes to relieve some of the problems for HDD users, unfortunately it still seems to be an issue for performance. 7200 RPM should allow you to play, as it's at least not as old tech as 5600RPM. A tip that seems to work for many users on HDDs is to load up Squad, then allow it to idle in the main menu for 5-10 minutes. During this time, Easy Anticheat is scanning files to ensure there is no modified/tampered files, which is done very quickly on an SSD but because of some of the file sizes in V12, it is now bogging down HDDs. Once you wait 5-10 minutes in the main menu, try to join the server and it should load after a period of time. If you have access to an SSD, installing Squad on that could alleviate your perf issues. We will continue to optimize textures and change the way they get loaded in the engine to hopefully alleviate these issues with using HDDs.
  11. Can't join servers after Alpha 12

    Do you have it installed on a 5600 RPM hard disk drive?
  12. Future plan of expanding team size?

    Yes we are still diligently working towards 50 v 50 player servers
  13. Rgr we are looking into these spawn instances as to make it was frustrating and more intuitive
  14. Thanks for the feedback TR97!! Yes indeed new player UX needs alot of work, we're going to be tackling that much more once all the core systems are in place.
  15. HELP, Very Slow Load Time on V12

    Are you running squad on a HDD? Is the HDD running at 5400 RPM? For those running on such a setup, it's recommended to start the game and then let the EAC do it's scanning for about 6 minutes before joining server (load the game and wait in main menu for 6 min before joining a server) Though it doesn't sound like your load times are atrocious, can you give us some system specs? We are implementing some systems to help reduce the load times, 12.2 initiated a fix to hell alleviate those with really slow drives, we will probably be adapting some more optimisation systems in the 4.21 engine update
  16. Global Chat option: ON/OFF

    Hoping we can get some options for next release, ran into some problems with implementing for v12
  17. We need more maps!

    Squad v12.2 has 15 maps and 95 layers if you include Jensen's. Yes we want more maps included, but it does take time. Besides the maps we have developing in house, would be great to include quality maps from the modding community to fill out the roster.
  18. Remake

    Grozny definitely sets a very high standard. Hoping we get there in the future
  19. Alpha 12.1

    This will require an overhaul to the kit limiting system, as right now there is not a link between the same kit but different optic. In the future we want to include most kits having flexible options (optic or iron/aimpoint). A couple kits will probably always only have 1 choice, like crewman, pilot marksman and Heavy AT.
  20. this is weird

    We have some RU vehicles in the development pipeline Keeping in mind Russian military doctrine is a bit different than US military doctrine when it comes to vehicle design. For the time being, BTR crew should pair up with Infantry AT dismounts for devastating enemy Bradley's that are often over confident. Use the BTRs as a fast moving flanking tool rather than a light tank. Don'tto take on a Bradley directly with a BTR or it will most likely not end well .
  21. Epic

    Thanks Gunny for the kind words and thank you for your service!! Glad to see you've had some great experiences, seeing posts like these are great motivators to keep at it!!
  22. V12 performance

    As posted in the other thread on perf issues, can those who are suffering in V12 please post what amount of system ram you are running? There weresome minor changes in the squad pak files that have inadvertently made users with 8gb (or less) system ram suffer heavily, we are working to correct this pak file issue with an upcoming patch.
  23. Yeah that system should run great except the system ram is a bit limiting V12 had minor changes to the squad pak files, which have inadvertently had a much higher load for system ram, but we are working to get it back to previous levels, by piecing the pak files down to smaller chunks. That will be priority for the patch. If you are looking at any system upgrades, adding another 8gb ram would probably eliminate the current issue but we understand 8gb ram is still somewhat common and the unusually high ram prices is keeping the bulk of players away from upgrading
  24. We're working on these issues, hang in there guys, we know some of the causes for lower spec machines to have issues and hopefully able to get them into a patch soon! I assume most of you all have 8GB of RAM?