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  1. Current Map Problems

    There will be some vehicle focused maps coming in the future. I agree that the smaller maps (OPfl, logar, Sumari, kokan, fools road, mestia) are not very useful for vehicles, designed mostly for infantry. I also agree there needs to be more inclusion /rewards for transportation squads and convoys. As you mentioned, it's partially a player behaviour problem but also a design problem, and map design is one part of that puzzle. I think Kohat and Kamdesh were intentionally made to have very harsh off road conditions, as to slow down vehicles and showcase authentic ruggedness of certain Afghanistan regions Thanks for the feedback, we are working on addressing this issue with vehicle transportation!!
  2. I also was a low hardware user in battlefield 2 for the first 6 months or so.. can you expand why it went "beyond worse" for the low end hardware user? Anyways the team is aware of this problem and won't be making any rash decision on it, I'm just engaging in the topic here, I don't have the expertise when it comes to optimizing, but I can tell you alot of work is being done to help make the engine run more efficiently!
  3. The graphics settings and LODs for low setting users are not final, that will happen in polishing stage and will become a priority at some point. I'm not apart of the optimization team but maybe we can find some interim solutions that counteract the "extreme PC user" dropping settings to gain advantage. My initial reaction to tying the low setting to also cap the view distance, is a good idea tbh... As it is a cheap and easy way to make the "extreme PC user" that artificially gains advantage by turning everything off, second guess his decision since he now cannot engage long distance targets
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Name tags UI is still work in progress, I think we will continue to work towards as minimally intrusive as possible (as well as UI customization options) And I personally would like to see IFF become a bit more prominent
  5. Bradley gunner view

    Ideally we would have an option for each seat in armored vehicles to have different "modes" - all seats: default view.... looking thru the viewports that are realistic to each vehicles seat (like post scriptum) - for gunners: looking thru the target reticle or targeting screen system - for vehicle commander & driver: ability to open hatch and freely look around outside the hatch (commander can use binoculars) Don't think we will be adding this soon, but that would be the ideal route to take with the vehicles, to give a deeper sense of presence and "weight" to a vehicle when inside of it, so you feel less disconnected/camera-like when inside an armored vehicle
  6. I think certainly to some degree we want to continue to expand the playerbase, however that's not the long term goal... The goal is to make an amazing game that we get excited just thinking about it and want to play it again and again for years!! As for the name tag issue, more recently the name tags have been tweaked, so there is much more likely to have to IFF targets now that are on peripheral range, there is no longer a name tag above every single player. Name tags are continuing to be refined.. A server side option to have name tags on/off is a good discussion to be had, but will likely require a good bit of investment in programmer time, as customized server options will likely mean more than just name tags. Now there's a discussion to be had about having name tags versus not.... The benefits of having no name tags is that players now have to be alot more cautious and observant when shooting (more authentic) and also helps prevent the player behaviour of speeding off into the enemy territory alone, as you will now be a bigger potential target for trigger happy friendly players. The benefits of name tags is being able to quickly identify and communicate with friendly players around you, when you can quickly talk to that player and call out to him in local voice by using his name, it's a fast and effective way to communicate to squad mates and non squad mates alike. This can often create a tighter knit team and emergent gameplay. So yeah there's a good discussion to be had about both, let's hear some more advantages/disadvantages over a name tag versus no name tag design. Personally I love as minimal HUD as possible, I do feel like name tags may be one of those "necessary evils" in order to keep high immersion level.... IE It's not immerisve for no one around you to recognize who you are or bother talking to anyone around them since they can't identify and put a name to an individual in their local vicinity
  7. Thanks for the well put together post. I too would like to see eventually a Loader M240 on the Abrams, but I don't think we will ever make the Commander or Loader position mandatory in order for the vehicle to function, just giving it more effectiveness. Part of it comes down to - how large do we want the tank battles? 3 tanks vs 3 tanks with a 3 man crew each is 9 players vs 9 players... Add in an IFV or two and a couple APCs, a couple Logistics Trucks and a couple transport helicopters, and now we have about 20 players in vehicles, which is about the upper prefered range in a 50v50 scenario, as we always want there to be more infantry than vehicles. So with tanks requiring 4 (or 3) players, that really locks in the vehicle to infantry ratio, and then we may have to force less tanks, so 2v2 instead of 3v3. Tanks are going to be pretty awesome and will continue to be refined just like all the other systems.
  8. Correct. Will respond more in depth to the ideas here but short on time atm
  9. New Maps

    Well that is news to me, not sure if this is still an on-going thing... I'm not part of the administration side of things for licensing. There may have been problems in the past (like I said I dont know, I wasnt there), but I think moving forward there should be accountability for server license holders. My main point is, lets focus on the excellent examples of community run servers, which there is many examples. I think the idea was in the past (and still present I believe), is that let the playerbase decide which is, or isnt, a good community server. But I agree that the licensing system needs teeth in order to remove any blatantly bad servers, and as I have no experience in that realm, I wont comment any further, but I'd like to emphasis that I've seen ALOT of good communties here, and want to continue to see that grow (as it has been!)
  10. New Maps

    As for map rotation, yeah this will partially be address by random AAS, and we also need to do a better job at promoting alternate layers. We will be shifting focus to the other game modes once random AAS has been implemented, which should increase their profile as well as fun factor / depth/ replayability dramatically.
  11. New Maps

    I think the idea of official servers could be looked at down the road, however its not an easy endeavour, talking with communties, its really a full time commitment of running a server, its not as simple like other games as providing a server box to run, its about supporting and administrating a community, to foster good teamwork, to remove trouble makers, and to generally encourage players to use teamwork and manners to foster the kind of community you want to see. OWI does not have 100's of employees to run a large server network with admin coverage 24/7.... perhaps at some point some official servers will become practical (when more game systems are in place to help facilitate good gameplay, and the games development is no longer in constant flux), for now it does unfortunately rely on players seeking out those communities that foster good gameplay. Now you can focus on the server communities that dont do a very good job, but I think there are alot of examples of excellent community stewardship in Squad, and we want to contiunue to promote and grow these communities, and I don't think we can do this alone - it takes a large community wide effort to raise the level of play, combined with intelligent game design.
  12. Current Priority #1

    Fps drop to 1, bandage bug and vehicle stutters are our top priority for 11.2, as soon as they are addressed it will be released. To experience this bug ALOT less, take your bandage out and count to 3 before using it, if you immediately try to bandage as soon as you equip it, you will almost always get the bug. We understand this is frustrating (trust me, I just died to this bug 3 times playing tonight alone), it's unfortunate that it's proving very hard to reliably find reproduction steps as that is the first step in bug fixing
  13. May 2018 Recap

    Gameplay work is underway, but not ready for public consumption yet.. Sorry to disappoint, check back next month.
  14. Changing up FOBs a little

    This months recap unfortunately no. The June Recap will probably have a clearer picture of the major gameplay changes coming for v12
  15. Changing up FOBs a little

    spawn changes for HAB's will be coming in the next version, yes the HAB spawn inside a building thing is a known issue and less than ideal, it wont be around forever, trust us
  16. 3000hrs+ suggestions

    agreed the map lines readability is very questionable, hoping we get to address this during the mapscreen rebuild process agreed, will see about getting this on the list for next version will look into the distances here, but i have a feeling it may have been changed to avoid some potential glitching. we can perhaps add a better way to visualize the exits on the HAB to help with its placement at least. as far as swapping to radio, not likely to happen, but there will definitely be changes coming to the spawning dynamics. yeah ideally we can change the way nametags are drawn when medic has his field dressing/medkit out, so he can see all dead players and medic tags within a set range (25-50m) ya its pretty crappy vehicle currently. 11.1 saw its tickets reduced to 10 so its not quite so expensive to the team, but yes it needs TLC to get it up to a state where it can be used effectively as a terror artillery weapon. I would love to see 2-3 of these on a map like Kohat, raining down hell agreed they do not quite look like the actual map... will hopefully address this in the future with some more server info as well good suggestion i believe this is fixed, RU rifleman gets a choice between irons and aimpoint yeah its hella frustrating and i have screwed myself over alot of times trying to alt tab after round end to take a look at discord etc (only have one screen right now). this will definitely be address before leaving early access.
  17. this will be part of the mapscreen upgrade we are planning, its in progress but you may have to wait to see the progress as its still early in the development cycle (trust me, it will be worth the wait, squad leaders will be excited)
  18. Jenses range ( what happened to US an RUS)

    yeah thanks kev, we fixed that for the next patch, my bad, i placed a US ammo crate that was not correct. the RU crate/kits should work fine though
  19. Aim Punch like Post Scriptum

    Happy to report suppression work is well under way, too early to give more details, but yes it will be an important aspect of getting squads to behave more cohesively in the future
  20. Serious Issue

    Hoping to make this mute button more obvious in the future UI, as the scoreboard might not be the first place people look for a button like this. Also sometimes the mute button is not reliable, working on that...
  21. optics have higher maintenance / more fragile than irons, a major factor IRL... of course, US forces having essentially unlimited military budget is not so concerned about that
  22. Rounds are too long.

    This is fixed for A11.1 Ticket values for the small maps have a big reduction. Large maps mostly the same. This is what we're aiming at so far (dialing it in takes some time since other things affects tickets, but this is the approx target) 1km Maps (Op First Light, Sumari Bala, Logar Valley) 30-45 minute average round 2km Maps (Kokan, Mestia, Fools Road) 45-60 minute average round 2km+ Maps (Belaya, Chora, Narva) 60-75+ minute average round AAS Tickets 4km Maps (Gorodok, Kamdesh, Kohat, Yehorivka) 75-90+ minute average round
  23. All players having 4x scopes on only one team is a problem ATM... Hopefully this is not always the case

    For example of a good game, we were on Kohat as Russians, I had created an APC squad running with the 3 BTRs... We lost 1 APC during the 100 minute round (partly cause the Gunner got shot out due to that bug), and we got to support our infantry in taking Maud zai, we has did a mixture of long range and close range combat, and successfully ran away from a couple volleys with warriors, calling in our TOW gunners to deal with the threat (instead of going directly at the far superior armor) My gunners and drivers were very communicative and patient, we always moved as a convoy, and we even got to transport some full infantry squads (though they were very hesitant to do so) Hoping eventually we can see this stuff happen more often

    I feel ya Nightingale... Tonight I played a round or two of Squad and just wasn't feeling it... Everyone running around, not listening, doing their own thing... I gave up... And then I noticed my friend eggman playing (long time PR dev, lead gameplay deisgner for a while)... So I jumped on that server and found him and his full 9 man squad, and just started supporting his squad and working together... A couple other guys joined us like Jevski and some other guys, and next thing you know 7 hours later we are still playing!! I hope we can continue to move in a good direction, but ya definitely agree it's all about who you are playing with and what kind of attitude they bring to the game. Thanks for the support and we will continue to listen to players and get Squad into that awesome territory of combined arms combat like PR has been at for a while.