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  1. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    I hear you guys, and will do my best to ensure that Squad has a place where former PR players (including myself) are not in a melancholy state about "what could have been", but rather have a defined and proud place within the community where they feel the best aspects of gameplay, attitude and culture of PR lives on, and even thrives! We also have to take care that Squad has a diverse community that does not all share the same ethos or outlook on what are the important aspects. This diverse community is what enabled Squad to continue to grow it's player bases. However I do strongly believe it's the good natured, communication and comraderie of the overall playerbase that keeps players coming back again and again - this is something that should be treasured and honored and allowed to continue to flourish, not snuffed out. As we finalize the last major features (Helicopters, Commander, etc), there will be opportunity to hear your thoughts and move to a solution for this issue. I am here with you guys, the pacing and teamwork aspects of Squad for players like me, well they are still "not quite there", to put it kindly. It's also not that far off, some simple and effective changes/tweaks/feature tweaks&removals can be done to dial in that experience. I do think these are all worthwhile options to investigate: - highlighting and helping a featured mod that has a great design and attitude that brings the pacing and teamwork aspects more in line with PR like gameplay - allowing server options for a "standard" ruleset and a "simulation" ruleset, which are clearly shown to the player in the server browser - allowing server options for enabling or disabling certain features which are clearly shown to player in server browser I know it may be too much to ask for many of you, as I know many of you are feeling disgruntled, left behind and your voices silenced. I can ensure you guys, your voices are not falling in deaf ears. Continue making your voices heard in a respectful, intelligent way. I ask for your patience as I will be pushing hard in the coming months to ensure that the Squad community will have a place within it that embodies the ethos, comraderie and good natured teamwork culture that we all helped grow and flourish n PR and then carried the torch to Squad. It's that culture that truly makes Squad a unique community and that needs to be respected and allowed to grow.
  2. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Well I (mostly) agree with you Titan84. I will continue to put effort into making Squad more enjoyable for players like you that feel things are not quite right. I had put in some things to help with suppression, overall pace, and gunplay (A10-A11) Alot of it was met with fierce opposition from the established playerbase that prefer fast paced games focusing more on player reflex and speed, rather than communication and real in depth tactics and strategy, which was the heart and soul of PR imo Many things have improved along the way, but for myself - the faster pace game flow and over reliance on player reflex, still kills alot of the gameplay from being that enjoyable, especially long term. It does NOT encourage players to work together more with each other, but often times feels like it encourages players to become more secluded - not a good thing. I'm glad more players speak up about it, there is many ways we can change this around, many things we can trial in tests. I encourage you all to stay hopeful and not hateful - at least for myself I have been fighting to bring the gameplay that we know is possible, the game has a super solid foundation and just needs tweaking to get into that glorious gameplay.
  3. Possible (Fix) For crashing issues.

    Try contacting support about the CAF crashes, CAF just put out an update that fixed alot of issues, so perhaps your install of that DLC did get corrupted
  4. Possible (Fix) For crashing issues.

    Glad you got your crashing issues sorted Atlan!
  5. HAB disable by radio health.

    Should be fixed on a16
  6. reduce fall damage

    We could certainly do some things to improve intuitiveness of the falling. Currently its a simple damage value, you start taking damage at about 7 feet, which is quite lenient when it comes to RL. We could consider down the road, along with getting hurt, player could get ragdolled or have a large screenshake when they hit the ground. We dont want to incentive players any more than we already have with the extreme ease of climbing, so we wont be decreasing the amount of damage anytime soon, but having different ways to show the player that jumping has consequences is in the plans but lower priority. One of the most common injuries in military infantry units(especially longer term) is knees, ankles, foot injury. One of our devs just recently sprang into action to rescue someone from drowning here in Vancouver. he had a 12 foot drop - this shattered one ankle and dislocated and broke the other... this was with zero load bearing gear on as well... instantly crippling his ability to weight bear. Falling from any height aint a joke, 2 stories would be absolutely crippling with load bearing gear... you my or may not die instantly depending on what body parts you land on, but you will most definitely not be combat effective or walking for that matter...
  7. Removal of friendly FOB

    Fixed In a16
  8. Ingame voice chat not working for me

    If you haven't already, try contacting support they can walk you thru troubleshooting.
  9. Server List for Squad

    As a serverside option, I'd like to see it but its not on the priority list. I got to see Post Scriptum's implementation and I think its pretty solid. Map Vote at the end of the round like that is ALOT better than those during the round votes IMO.
  10. Yes we do intend to add something like this, hopefully during the polishing phase
  11. Will be checking out TC to see if there is an issue there, I read the message but it's very hard to see exact details in those screenshots as at least for me they are extremely low res. Yes if they anchor point is captured, and the enemy is still able to capture hexes, it's a bug and we will fix. Have not seen that one yet so not sure if it's a rare bug or something as he described (a hex that is being contested while the anchor point is being captured) Thanks for reporting, and I Will reply here if we get more details, and definitely if you see this again post screenshots and video to confirm.
  12. Territory Control Bug: there is no UI indicator for showing cutoff enemy hexes (hexes that are not linked to the anchor point). Friendly cutoff hexes are showing correctly though. More TC tweaks incoming next month!!
  13. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Considering the author of the mod, I doubt its a genuine mod, and I highly doubt he went thru the proper channels to get permission to use the PR logo like that.
  14. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Not at this time no hoping we can get a toggle to turn CHAT OFF on the HUD. For now, best chat experience is probably on the Command (CAPSLOCK) or Spawn (ENTER) menu to give you full scrolling ability and ability to quickly select All chat, team chat, squad chat.