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  1. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    Great points and good discussion here. Definitely want to ensure that tactical style gameplay is promoted and encouraged over meat grinter type gameplay. There will be some updates that will specifically focus once again on the spawn system (Rallys and FOBS). And there will be some updates focusing again on Suppression system and infantry small arms.
  2. The Wrench, March 2020

    That is so cool Spook!! Was your trip to Muscat inspired at all by PR, or just happened to be in the area?
  3. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    I agree Necrosexual, some rejigging of ticket system to allow for comebacks is important. We are aware of that.
  4. Whitelisted Mods are Here!

    @Norlig they are now being hosted on the main browser, check it out!!
  5. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    I'm sorry to hear you are having these CTD issues. We are hopeful the next update has a fix once-and-for-all for the "End of the Round" Client Crash. Which constant crashes in game are you experiencing? I would personally LOVE this!!! Some breif experimentation was made, it would be a large undertaking to get this happening. Not saying it will NEVER happen, but if it did this "Wishlist" item would be pushed into the far future. We do have a voice lines doc, message me on discord and I can send you a copy of it. 100 player servers - this is still the goal, yes. When we have a testable build with optimizations needed to get more players, I'm sure it will be posted for everyone to come in and help us test!! Lots of optimization paths pushing towards this goal currently. All Players Revive Capability versus Only Medics Revive - Will respond to this in detail later on, placeholder for now is, Yes we intend to keep the full revive capability to all team members, though there may be tweaks on the timing for Non medic revives (as well as other tools to help) Vehicle Bay use without CO - Vehicle Cleanup System not necessary if Command Resource Points implemented - It is a good discussion point - I think it may be too early to say, but certainly would make the system alot more redundant. I would love for CRP to replace the cleanup system completely if possible. CRP Vehicle Requests Replacing Layer Based Vehicle Pools - I dont think we would go that direction (at least intially), although we would likley create a few map layers with minimal (or no) vehicles by default, to experiment with. I think a standard vehicle pool at start of a round would have Logistics/Transport and a couple Light/Medium vehicles, and perhaps the Light/Medium vehicles do not have a respawn timer, but the Logistics/Transports are "free" and will always respawn.
  6. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    I agree that Map information is an important aspect of Squad (some would say TOO important with too much info revealed to the player thru the map). Increasing cooperation between Squads (ie Team-wide cooperation) is definitely a goal of CO, I think you may be getting lost in the words there. When Squad's are communicating their status, requests and victories, the intent is for the whole team to increase their level of coordination and comms, facilitated thru a CO role. If you have specific suggestions or feedback on what the CO is lacking, would love to hear it Thank you Supernaut, and I agree with you, I would love to see some various Rallypoint systems trialed. Respawn system is a HUGE component of what makes Squad unique, and also how the pacing of the game plays out, and I agree that the current Rallypoint system and pacing is not ideal. This would be an awesome toggle to experiment with! A simple mod that does this would be a good starting point, and if proven popular, perhaps down the line after v1.0 release could be considered as an option? No problem, hoping to continue the open dialog. I agree VOIP is such a vital part of Squad, it will be incredibly helpful when we can implement them. Complete Gameplay Systems versus Short term counter-measures - I agree with you - Gameplay Systems need to be built to co-exist with the rest of Squad and to help drive player behaviour towards the vision of Squad. I agree v13 was really packed full of alot of changes, and was "too much all at once", and some changes were not necessarily a step towards the vision of Squad. I believe there were mistakes made, and as Lead Game Design I take responsibility for letting that happen on my watch. I am confident that we as a team have learned some lessons and have grown from that experience, for the better. I hope in the future we will not make similar mistakes, and if/when mistakes are made, they will be corrected in a much faster turn around time. Suppression System - I am not happy with the current configuration of the suppression system. I agree that the current compromise of the Suppression system is not ideal for tactical fire and manuver gameplay or for the overall vision of Squad, emphasizing coordination and communication. I have expressed that we would like to get some tweaks and additional values added for suppression configuration that would allow for a more balanced and nuanced Suppression system that give firefights a more authentic feeling with more chances for fire and manuver tactics to thrive. Forced Shadows - We are in the process of updating to 4.23, with a full stage of optimizations planned early in 2020. I am hopeful we will be able to address the issue of players with high end systems choosing Low/None settings to gain advantage, as I agree it does not sit well with balanced, fair play. Vehicle Thermals - Some experimentation has been made, but it is a major change to the way vehicles operate, and risk/reward and pros/cons of using thermal sites would have to be fully implemented (IE ability to disable a vehicles thermal sites, a limit to the range of the thermal vision, so there is more thoughtful gameplay around the mechanic). Currently at this time we are not actively pursuing this feature. That may change post v1.0, please keep the discussion of this on going. Thanks deviro, yes its an on-going process, and will do my best to continue writing about this design process. Won't promise every single release to have a thorough explaination of changes, but I will try to do one especially when there is balance and meta changes embedded. Thanks for the words of encourgement abe - Small arms projectile damage values are not finalized. We are aware there is some balancing issues. Also to go along with damage stats, an important element is "average hit zones" - IE thing like arms get hit quite often since they are always exposed and in front of the player, so this affects "average number of shots to kill" - Small arms scopes/magnification levels are not finalized. I agree Russian scopes need some love. - Ironsite sensitivity issue - on the list of issues to address. - Ironsite default zoom - this oftens comes down to user preference, but I agree a solution needs to be made, it is on the list of things to address eventually. Cheers Aragorn89 Yes for sure, open for feedback, send away! Suppression - As I wrote above to Mauti, not happy with its current configuration, hopefully some tweaks will be made in the future. Movement Speeds - the +10% movement speed change of V13 was not preferred by me, I think 5% would be much more reasonable. My preferred solution would be incoporating a much more nuanced "dash" action, rather than wholesale increased movement speed, in combination with a "lowered weapon stance" action, which would "reward" the player with both slightly increase normal walking speed, and stamina regen, at the "risk" of having gun not "at the ready", which would take 0.5 - 0.8 seconds to "Ready" the weapon. This to me would look much more natural and give players more flexibility and control over how their character moves. At this time we dont have plans to implement any of those features though, but please keep that discussion going, It is good to hear players are not happy about the movement speed. Accurate Snapshooting from Sprint - I agree this is definitely not ideal and definitely contributes to that lonewolf run and gun style gameplay. Implementing a sway that is based on movement, to reduce the effectiveness of "Sprint,Snapshoot,Sprint", would be a good direction to move towards, its currently not on the immediate plans but it needs addressing. I believe the timer will reset if you rearm or take a new kit off the vehicle. Keeping in mind this system is only activated if the vehicle is unoccupied, and over 150 meters from a friendly RP or FOB. And with 20 minute timer (plus 3-4 minutes of burn time), players that park sensibly should be much less affected by this mechanic. Though admitedly it still may be possible to have this happen to you on the largest maps when doing wide flanking manuvers etc. UI Indication of inactive timer is a good idea, though where best to show this as map screen real estate is in short supply. Resetting the timer on the map screen is probably more depth to the feature than we intend to go. Curious to hear now that some time has passed, if you have noticed this system affecting you heavily or does it not come up that often with the 20min timer? 150m is not too much? would it allow cheesing of this so that vics could be held simply by clever spacing of fob's etc. ? - hope these are adjustable. Insurgent Tunnels - by no means is it a finalized feature to be worked on. The idea behind it is NOT a respawn feature, but rather a "Quick Travel" feature that gives insurgents more flexibility. Your feedback is noted though. Vehicle Cleanup @ 150m activiation - yes it is quite a large radius, we do not want the vehicle cleanup system to be a prominent part of gameplay, but rather something that happens in the background when a teams abandoned vehicles are quite far from the frontlines.
  7. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    Tutorial AI is still a possibility, alot of experimentation has been done, although theres alot of bugs and polish that would need to be made. For the time being, we are commited to a tutorial with that exposes alot of the "Tribal knowledge" of Leadership in squad, likely thru diagrams, billboards, etc. Having a "practical testing" with AI bots to coincide with the billboards would obviously be preferred, but no promises on that for now as that will require heavy focus on fixing various AI issues. FTL "G" key - this could be implemented somewhat quickly, although the implications of opening yet another channel for VOIP comms (and one that can easily supercede Squad Leaders comms) is something that we will have to cautiously consider. The ideal method for comms between Fireteam members is local VOIP - although we do see the utlity in allowing Fireteam members longer range comms, we want to encourage fireteams to actively work in proximity to one another, instead of acting as independent entities.
  8. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    Yes I agree with that sentiment.
  9. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    Squad's Rally mechanics are not set in stone - definitely not happy with how they are (ab)used in current gameplay - even after Buddy Rally feature removed for most facitons. Also the current over run range is 30m not 10m. An important part of the Rallypoint mechanic comparison from SQ to PR that is overlooked on the above discussion is the persistent ammo system, which is not part of PR but plays a factor into forward spawns (particularly Rally spawns) in SQ. Thanks for the discussion guys, keep it going
  10. Priority comms volume ducking for SL on Squad net and CO on command net is on our radar. Ability to select on ear for squad net and one ear for command net is also on our radar. I agree it is an important part of maintaining cohesion.
  11. We will likely have a new entry map for v1.0 release, and will definitely consider whether SFX is necessary in the main menu when designing it.
  12. Question about trees

    virusman, each piece of art needs its own texture size to meet quality standard, sometimes thats 1k, sometimes 2k, sometimes 4k. The release note you have referenced, was not meant to state "every" piece of foliage @ 4k is now 2k, basically some were downgraded as the perception on quality was quite small. Sorry for any confusion there. We will continue to make optimizations and improvements especially towards performance on mid to low level PCs.
  13. Beta 18 Released

    @Astro1_fr That is actually a bug that can affect any RAAS layer that usese Lanes. Posted above in the Known Issues: "The CP Icon (Capture Point / Flag) will sometimes not show up on a client’s HUD in the RAAS game mode. This is related to the RAAS “Lanes” feature. We are investigating a fix for this issue."
  14. 100 Player Servers

    Erwin, there's 2 fronts there on optimisations - Client and Server. Client side performance effects what happens on your individual machine and your frames only. Server side performance affects all players connected to a server (usually measured by ticks per second or TPS). The lower the TPS, the more each connected player feels desyncing and "rubber banding". Players in Vehicles are exceptionally affected by low TPS. Client side optimizations don't really help towards getting to 100 players, but they are very important to fix nonetheless, especially for players with low RAM and VRAM. VRAM maxing out is a client side problem, we have alot of gains to be made in the environment side of things, especially materials and foliage. Hoping we can make this ebig gains soon as help players out that have these small freezes, as we know that makes for a very bad impression.
  15. 100 Player Servers

    100 players is still the goal... Optimisation work is on going, and more testing towards 100 players will commence when some major systems are implemented. Expect a more detailed news post about those exact systems when they are closer to being completed, it involves decreasing server performance costs from all sorts of sources, a big one being the minimap .