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  1. Wheel support for vehicles

    Can't promise anything but would love to add analog support for driving
  2. Admin command for insta spawn

    Should be able to set this in the global settings on the map if using SDK. Jensen's range has insta spawns I believe there is a revive admin command as well
  3. Assistant Rifleman Class

    Yessir!! Granular Rearms are coming and they are glorious We had a minor bug that one of our junior programmers working on this week with the granular rearming: the ammo bags were having problems with displaying their proper ammo point value in the granular rearm UI, as they either showed 1/1 if they had a tiny bit of ammo in them or 0/0 if you didn't have any one of them, and adding the ability to see exact ammo state took a bit of rejigging but if all goes well in testing it should be fully supported in that UI, we will probably limit the granularity of reloading ammo bag to 20 or 25 point intervals, just to avoid having to click alot when reloading them individually. And fear not for those that just want all the ammo, there is still a quick and easy "Rearm All "button.
  4. Yes it is a placeholder, don't have a Target date when we would replace yet, as the real option obviously put T72 commander at a pretty big disadvantage versus M1A2 commander Different times reloading shells depending on empty breach may be quite difficult to implement with the way the vehicle weapons systems are currently setup. We are aware of these timing differences though and hopefully one day will have a system to reflect these nuanced differences.
  5. Logistics of Personnel [OP summarized]

    Great thread guys! yes quite old but was linked in a recent thread PolikKruk
  6. commander?

    SL applies to be Commander and there is a vote amougst SLs (min req 2 in squad at time of vote in order to cast a vote) If CO is bad he can also be voted out.
  7. Changes coming for Tanks and other vehicles for the next version, ability to kill mobility on tank will greatly change the dynamic. Although I would try to jump on a server playing a map layer with tanks next time you see one Commando to get your own opinion on how they play out in A12.2. They are fierce beasts but there is plenty of counters already in place - playing smart and knowing when your at disadvantage is key to survival when you are infantry in a tank battle. TOWs, HATs and friendly tanks are the current tools to destroy enemy tanks. LAT and smoke mortars are very effective at crippling enemy tanks and putting them at disadvantage in order for the above tools to close in and finish them off. If you don't have any tools to attack a tank in your local vicinity, best is to hide and avoid contact -while feeding the intel about enemy tanks exact position and movement up the chain of command so those that have the tools can work more effectively to destroy the threat. Frustration comes when infantry attempt to move as they normally would, when a tank has locked down an area, and infantry move within it's kill one without any support to deal with enemy armor. Next version more LAT, HAT will be available in addition to Mines, C4 and the ability to disable tracks.
  8. Vehicle Wrecks destroy with damage

    Potential problem with persistent undestructible vehicle wrecks and giving players the ability to push them out of the way, is thats adding alot of physics objects in the game world (and having to ensure the physics do not go haywire when players try to do naughty things to them) Definitely will be putting more work into making vehicle wrecks not indestructible, yeah likely with Engineer demo charges.
  9. Can't get Troopers mod to work

    grohr9: did you get it working?
  10. commander?

    Yes Commander will have some special functions. He can choose different ways how to play. COSupport action requirements are not finalized but tenatively you will need to build command tent and be inside it in order to use things like UAV, Airstrikes, Artillery, etc. CO will be worth 5 tickets upon dying.
  11. commander?

    Yes commander will be a player model in game world just like the rest of players
  12. We need more Skirmish

    A13 will have at least 1 skirmish layer for every map. A12.2 has only 3 maps that currently dont have skirmish layers: belaya, mestia, basrah. Will also add some v2 skirmish layer in A13 Rgr on sumari skirmish, fixed in A13
  13. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Zylfrax: wont be a hotfix but I will definitely get a USA vs Insurgents layer in Tallil for the next version Ziggurat of Ur is a very cool ancient site that would make a wicked POI... I think the idea is to include it at some point but the initial release we ran out of bandwidth in environment dept to add this icon buildings. There is a plan to have a Tallil overhaul (like what we did with Yehorivka), down the line to get the gameplay dialed in more.
  14. New Website Launch

    December's work will be relayed in the January recap, due to the holidays Lots of cool stuff coming up!!