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  1. Music!

    What developers listen to part 1:
  2. What is the purpose of modding?

    OWI plans to fully embrace modding in Squad. Yes right now it's not ideal and difficult to get players to try out mods like the Helicopter mod and all the cool new maps in development. It's being worked on to integrate modding more seamlessly. You can see above that modded maps have been added to the game. An example is the Russian AK74M Aimpoint, which was a mod, that was then added to the base game. And the creator (Assi) is now hired on the dev team! Not my area to speak specifics, but I think this trend will continue if a mod meets the quality standards and the team agrees it's a good fit for the Squad gameplay.
  3. Server Browser Sponsor Graphic

    Server MOTD will be in v12 (when u join the server on the team select screen) A complete server browser overhaul is planned, but don't think it's coming for v12. I agree having the server description, rules, admin list and graphic is all great things that we will hopefully be include when the server browser gets overhauled.
  4. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I have made a bigger effort to participate in more discussions here on the forums, and I actually do prefer the forums as I feel it's the most organized and searchable place to have intelligent conversion. That being said, the internet has moved into the social media age, Squads user base is no diffrrent. a tiny fraction of the user base uses these forums, the bulk of public discussion of squad happens on Facebook, Reddit, Discord, YouTube, Steam forums, etc However good ideas and feedback are always appreciated. If you have a bunch of great ideas and feedback, create a "Rainmakers Squad Ideas" thread, and also an"Rainmakers Squad v11 feedback" thread, and I will read and respond to it and point any other devs to it. But don't want to derail this thread on the BF3 reality mod any further.
  5. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    Incap screen also has new feature, next to Give up button, will be listed the nearest players name and how many meter they are away (50+m it will say no one nearby) Also when pressing giveup it will give a yes no dialog confirmation, asking "Are you sure? Giving up will cost your team 1 ticket"
  6. July 2018 Recap

    Yes map marking tool will get a rework in v12 to be less frustrating
  7. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    It really is still an awesome experience, glad you tried it out. The graphics might be aging but the pacing and gameplay is still top notch (pending if course good people to play with)
  8. That is some pretty awesome dedication CaveMan!!!!
  9. Switching squads to spawn

    its not a frequent problem in V11, and might be even less likely to be done with the RP spawn waves, but potential fix could be a as Psyrus described...
  10. July 2018 Recap

    likely will become a priority for 2019... obviously it would open up alot more mapping possibilities....
  11. July 2018 Recap

    From what I understand, proper water physics has been not an easy task to accomplish with out current dev kit. I'm sure it will eventually happen, but previous attempts have been dead ends... Nevermind swimming for now, just having the ability to not allow player to go prone or crouch in water would be a great first stepping stone... Followed by amphibious vehicles and then, tackle the topic of "soldier swimming", which is the controversial bit... There's alot of different approaches that could happen with soldier swimming from a design point of view. Allowing short, slow swims when the player is in water over this head, and then after that distance, player sinks like a rock... could be a way to create river barriers while keeping the player to make some risk/reward moments instead of the "sulfuric acid" water approach. Another approach could be like ArmA: after set amount or time treading water (5-10 seconds?) Player loses all his kit, so when he gets to land, he has no weapon or items. This could also be coupled with a hard max limit (60 seconds?) That he would then sink to the bottom. Key statement is that rivers/lakes/oceans is a big time obstacle and should be presented as such in game. But the Basrah (and Narva has some) sulfuric rivers are obviously less than ideal. BF2 method of just freeform swimming no punishment is too far as well (and indeed actually it was used to break your fall jumping off cliffs or high rise buildings)
  12. Map option with contour lines

    I would also like to see contour lines at some point
  13. August Community Feedback Roundtable

    Yes diff ammo types is a possibilitiy, also physical ammo crates. Rifle mags will have a really low ammo cost, it should not be hard to find ammo to restock them, however No, we wont likely be giving infinite ammo sources in the field (another way to phrase what your requesting)
  14. Other Tanks in Alpha 12

    Alas they don't currently right now have an IFV but it is on the plan. To make up for it for now, Russian infantry have far superior infantry capabilities with their Tandem RPG. Both US HAT and Russian IFV are in the pipeline. Which vehicle was this Yuri?
  15. Other Tanks in Alpha 12

    Don't quote me but the Challenger is likely to be added in a major version upgrade and is not a small patch asset.