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  1. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    Cant promise for sure but I will say, would LOVE to include turning out eventually! Definitely increases the physicality of the vehicles in game and a nice way to remove the zoom sickness effect that you can feel while riding over rough terrain
  2. September 2018 Recap

    Yes turned OFF IE: you cant spawn there when the enemies are close by
  3. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    Embec.. ammo bag will behave same as IEDs mines etc. It survives until it gets used up, picked up, or you place another one down (only 1 ammo bag in the world per player)
  4. "Show spawn points" map filter is always enabled when player is incap/dead
  5. RMB coaxial is preferred in design of course. It is not implemented yet due to technical problems with having 2 weapons equipped at once (not possible with our current vehicle weapon system)
  6. September 2018 Recap

    Added for A12
  7. September 2018 Recap

    I like that suggestion PrinceEleven!!
  8. Will require some reworking of the way maps load, cant promise it but I agree with you this would be an optimal way to wait to join your favorite server
  9. September 2018 Recap

    Only RP has Wave spawn, HAB spawn time is standard
  10. September 2018 Recap

    Warrior gets more beefy side and frontal armor protection You can show or hide the FOB radius Ammo rearm cost is calculated on an item to item basis: IE if you only expended one mag, the ammo cost to rearm will only be 2 ammo points HAB spawns will be disabled when 2+ enemy within a set distance to the HAB
  11. September 2018 Recap

    They have an ammo count and will require to rearming like all the other vehicle weapons Fireteams members have this ability.. We can evaluate if it will be too much but with the ability to have Fireteams, the FTL can place their marker on the map now so it will be possible usong FTL marker regardless of having the ping local or not
  12. +RP do not have the spawn time increase, only the HAB (FOB actually) has this in A11 A12 will replace HAB spawn time increase by a new Over run mechanic, which will disable the spawnpoint if 2+ enemy get within X distance to the HAB.
  13. September 2018 Recap

    Fireteam leaders will be able to place their own markers, which only that fireteam can see. the squad leader can see all of his own squads fire team markers. Also potential for a "map ping" that a squad mate can use, which will ping that spot on the map for a few seconds, so the SL can see it No guarantees but some fixes were put in place to hopefully make this occur much less frequently. It is a nagging bug that has not been easy to eradicate.

    Agreed it could use some tweaks. The strange crazy fast smoke that goes in every direction is hopefully fixed. This happens in A11 sometimes when a smoke grenade lands into a tight corner
  15. Recap = September

    i think the sept recap will be out in a day or 2 it has been a very busy/productive sept!!! my first 2 weeks at the vancouver office