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  1. Epic

    Thanks Gunny for the kind words and thank you for your service!! Glad to see you've had some great experiences, seeing posts like these are great motivators to keep at it!!
  2. V12 performance

    As posted in the other thread on perf issues, can those who are suffering in V12 please post what amount of system ram you are running? There weresome minor changes in the squad pak files that have inadvertently made users with 8gb (or less) system ram suffer heavily, we are working to correct this pak file issue with an upcoming patch.
  3. Yeah that system should run great except the system ram is a bit limiting V12 had minor changes to the squad pak files, which have inadvertently had a much higher load for system ram, but we are working to get it back to previous levels, by piecing the pak files down to smaller chunks. That will be priority for the patch. If you are looking at any system upgrades, adding another 8gb ram would probably eliminate the current issue but we understand 8gb ram is still somewhat common and the unusually high ram prices is keeping the bulk of players away from upgrading
  4. We're working on these issues, hang in there guys, we know some of the causes for lower spec machines to have issues and hopefully able to get them into a patch soon! I assume most of you all have 8GB of RAM?
  5. RAAS???

    Tmac yes Territory Control will be a very new and different game mode, focusing on it for next release. RAAS is still straightforward but should add variability so you will have some added replayability. rAAS on Fools road is very limited, it is a true ny outdated map with not very many extra places for CPs. Try RAAS layers on any of the large maps (Belaya, Gorodok, Kohat, Kamdesh, Narva, Tallil, Yehorivka), there is many places you will see the CPs. The "fog of war" has not been implemented yet in RAAS, possible feature for the future.
  6. The new trailer is bad ass!

    Curious Vlad why you say that? Have had non stop action rounds all weekend so far, very intense and only interspersed occasionally by some calm moments... I understand experiences vary widely from server to server
  7. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Axel please try it and report back: create a squad and get a vehicle.
  8. Yeah agree that the Trucks could use some kind of back up camera, what we did in PR was add a camera where the mirror is located. We will definitely add something in the future that allows better usability for the truck drivers when reversing, without costing perf
  9. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Not sure if you have noticed, but in A11 it is possible to get a vehicle with only 1 player in the squad. I believe the Claiming system works as follows in A11: 1 player = 1 vehicle 3 players = 2 vehicles 5 players = 3 vehicles 8 players = 4 vehicles Edit: in A12 7 players= 4 vehicles
  10. Leroy what Greg said is correct
  11. October Feedback Roundtable

    Cupola will eventually be replaced by correct model, it is currently placeholder that will stay for A12. Texture difference will probably be matched.
  12. HOT MIC

    Agree it is a very annoying bug, from my understanding it happens when you open your map it will keep your microphone transmitting, especially if you have your transmit buttons bound to your mouse buttons. What I've found helps prevent this, is using your Logitech/Corsair mouse software, map your mouse keys to the default keyboard keys for VOIP, this seems to prevent hot mic from occuring. Wont likely be fixed for A12 but will do more investigating on this one after released
  13. V12 Public Test

    Still working on performace issues before large-scale testing commences for v12
  14. Game needs more maps ...

    I agree Chora could use a little revamping, but wont happen in A12.
  15. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    Cant promise for sure but I will say, would LOVE to include turning out eventually! Definitely increases the physicality of the vehicles in game and a nice way to remove the zoom sickness effect that you can feel while riding over rough terrain