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  1. January 2019 Recap

    Not sure if you watched the above video about Fallujah game, it's one example and there are other examples that show there can be consequences for putting realistic terrorist factions and depicting RL events in video games. Is it being "fearful and negative approach"? I'm not sure, but it's not something I put particularly much thought towards - if the gameplay is good, why does it matter if they are called Insurgents or Taliban? I'm certain mods will be made to change the names and also increase their likelihood to be more like real terrorist units, not something I particularly care about. As for VBIED's, yeap good point. But also brings up an interesting counterpoint - the current method actually increases the need for teamwork, the driver needs to be the trigger man, trigger man does have to be in the car (This would negate the need to construct a dead man's trigger and make sure it don't malfunction. ) Obviously, in public servers, this does not happen often as much because players want all the glory (being the driver AND the trigger man). We do have more interesting asymmetrical weapons and vehicles planned for Insurgents
  2. Weapons/Keys 7, 8, and 9 used?

    Shaka, I also would prefer that, guess we are old-school hehe
  3. Dragging Animation?

    Likely we won't add damage to incap players, though your ideas are interesting. This would often punishe a whole team for the actions of a few "Tremblay's" that are maniacs,. It would be a complex mechanic to add to the core game, and very difficult to still make it intuitive. Would Love to see a mod make a crack at this!!!
  4. Grenade and Mortar Blast Radius

    There is a bug with mortar tubes - you must stay on the tube until the projectile impacts, otherwise it will not register damage on the server. So that means you cannot damage yourself with a tube. This is (hopefully) fixed in next version, along with an extended range for mortar damage.

    All these vehicles were in PR and they were awesome!! I'd personally love to see at least one of the above vehicles be added, not sure what we will have time for pre v1.0. The next vehicle to be added for British is the Challenger MBT.
  6. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    Definitely plan to include AFK/Unassigned kicks as server side options in the future when there is more optimized builds with fewer perf issues, especially for players that struggle with slow HDDs
  7. Dragging Animation?

    Definitely still in the "want to have" box, but not on a priority list at the moment.
  8. January 2019 Recap

    PR does not intend to reach larger audience, its intent was always to remain relatively obscure, and I'm actually still surprised it reached as many people and regions as it did. I think it was a bit of luck, alot of hard work, and largely the great community that formed around it that gave it a very widespread "word of mouth" following that is still felt to this day! Why Squad is more ambitious? Higher fidelity in all aspects, from graphics to sounds to view distances to authenticity of vehicles and weapons, weapon ballistics, vehicle physics & component systems, greater depth of logistics and strategic planning. Basically I think Squad is raising the stakes on most assets of combined arms. And the fact that its appealing to diverse crowd from hardcore milsim players to the more casual players, makes it ambitious in that there is a huge segment and diversity to the playerbase, that simply not present in any of the design of PR. To your point on stuff being ruled out, I think the key thing is there is a focus on community building and teamwork aspects of the gameplay. Not to say we wont be focusing on other aspects, but thats the main focus in developement of squad. Things like VBIED's are already possible, just not specifically setup to be as user friendly like in PR... will that change in the future? perhaps, but I hardly think that it is holding Squad back from being ambitious project. Snipers are not a focus simply because it doesnt add alot of value to the teamplay aspect, however we definitely do want to see ALOT more value placed on recon and intel of enemy dispositions, that simply is not that important right now and is something we want to change in the future. Things like ability for CO to change their vehicle composition, Fog of War for RAAS objectives, Territory Control game mode, would all help on this front. And I would much rather see a Forward Observer role added before a "Sniper" role. However we may get that anyways with SLs acting as such in the future with CO air assets. Breaching ropes or ladders have not been ruled out, its just not an easy system to incorporate and the current vaulting and climbing animation system has made it less badly needed than it was in PR. But we still want a Breacher class to happen, but its not top priority, which again as I've said, is 100 players, Transport Helicopters and Commander. Real life factions: I loved that PR had these. There is reasons why commercial games avoid having this kind of stuff. Maybe in the future these can be included but it was chosen not to do this for various reasons at the start of the project, and everyone has their own personal take on the topic. I'm sure mods will incorporate this stuff in the future, but I think there is a certain benefit to having factions a little lee-way to have some creative freedoms when it comes to uniform colors blending to map color palette and assets/configs on map layer creation. I agree maybe more risks could have been taken, but I think in the last little bit you can see some more experimentation and new ideas, we do want to continue to push the envelope of what the UE4 engine is capable of!! All the while working the optimization and performance side so that normal PC's can jump in and play! Most don't remember as it was so long ago and now it looks quite dated, but PR was an absolute performance killer, it was taking the Refractor 2 engine and bringing most PC's to their knees - and not necessarily because of bleeding edge graphics but rather because modders putting stuff in engines that aren't meant to handle them, and having no way to change said engine, causes alot of bad perf issues. The PR team did amazing work, but time was on our side - as players upgraded their PC's, the PR team was able to get away with more - one of the benefits of being a 13 year old modding project Thanks for the feedback!
  9. January 2019 Recap

    Cool video RAGING... unfortuantely none of those strokes are effective when swimming with weights, the only real way to swim with weights is to have some kind of floatation device... military speaking you can use a water sealed rucksack or something like that. I dont have much experience with it, but I have swam with about 25 lbs in full clothes a couple times, its possible but its a very very hard struggle, its less like swimming and more like controlled drowning. Try next time you are at a pool, put on a couple layers of clothes, some boots and a backpack with some weight in it.... best to ease into it from a standing position where you can comfotably touch bottom, and then you can slowly test out treading water without fearing to drown ... the whip kick wont be as effective as egg beater, but due to the lack of ankle flexibility and consistent pull thru, the legs act more like anchors than helpers, so the arms have to do alot more of the effort and will tire quickly. keep your breathing steady and consistent and try to build up the endurance to cross the whole length, eventually you can get better at it but it takes practice and when you take it out into deeper water, panic can set in fast. wouldnt recommend outdoor training unless you have some lifeguard certified friends to over watch in case something goes bad. You can take cold water submersion safety courses that teaches you survival tips for unanticipated cold water immersion, which is simular in that you will have lots of layers of heavy clothing and footwear that impairs ability to tread water - except with the added element of cold water shock. As for Squad implementation of swimming, unlikely at this stage, but hopefully amphibious vehicles will make it into the core game at some point!
  10. commander?

    Yes there will be no special deciding property of CO airstrikes or artillery, it will do damage to all. TK with CO assets has not been implemented yet It's an interesting question and problem/discussion, it probably requires some deeper mechanics behind the TK punish system (punish/forgive options)
  11. January 2019 Recap

    Lots to respond to in this thread, not sure if I'll get to it all, Just wanted to comment honestly that this statement above is about the farthest from the truth. I've been with the team for 11 months and it's definitely been an interesting ride, so so many bugs found and squashed and features implemented. Yeah not all has been an easy road but the team is determined and been putting in the work to see things through. Myself I do try to take time off from time to time to not get totally burnt out, but this game (and previously PR) is in my blood, most of my waking time (and usually dream time too) has to do with Squad and I truly love seeing the gameplay evolve and develop with the amazing community we have!! Sorry to hear Hotpok that you're unhappy with the way development has gone for Squad. As I said I've only been on for the last 11 months, but it's been incredible to see the development take place. I think it's difficult maybe to understand how things get made if you've never been apart of a dev team or mod team, so I can completely understand the frustration that things aren't going fast enough or why isn't this done yet etc. Also something to keep in mind that what OWI/Squad is building is something very unique to the world of military shooters - yes there are a few examples of similar scope (PR:Bf2, Arma), but IMO not as ambitious and accessible as Squad. So yes, 100 Player servers, Flyable Helicopters and Commander call-in Fixed Wing CAS are priority features that we want implemented prior to being released. Can answer any questions that might be asked, and you can also check the recent Reddit AMA, but please take that kind of discussion to it's own thread as Gatzby has asked.
  12. Weapons/Keys 7, 8, and 9 used?

    Not currently. Currently all inventory items are stacked in keys #1-6 item categories. Some would prefer to use more keys over having all items stacked in 1-6 item categories, but the trend in games has been to move the items in groupings. What do you prefer?
  13. commander?

    We may add a Command Vehicle in the future (not for intitial release)
  14. Wheel support for vehicles

    Can't promise anything but would love to add analog support for driving
  15. Admin command for insta spawn

    Should be able to set this in the global settings on the map if using SDK. Jensen's range has insta spawns I believe there is a revive admin command as well