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  1. Developer Roundtable

    Thanks Robin for recording/posting this!
  2. Sad that this went down it was a great little tool
  3. Concerned

    I agree that rewarding teamwork (and tactics) needs to become a priority focus for development, and I have recently joined the dev team to do just that I also agree that systems and tools for communities to police themselves is an important component to a healthy and vibrant player population. I know you already stated Robin Sage you feel your feedback has fallen on deaf ears in the past, however we hear you and progress will be moving forward in these areas. Ill be happy to discuss these issues further here or feel free to send me a message on discord! I think you'll see that Squad's development will be moving at a quicker pace in the coming months, but I can understand the skepticism, so I guess the dev team will be showing thru action. cheers, fuzz
  4. maze2, t0xicity, Monk, Psyrus I agree with you on the RP's, we do have a plan to overhaul them along with the FOB spawning. Don't expect it to happen this month, but it will be coming. The current RP spawn system is not set in stone and will change.
  5. PR Vets, vote here.

    This is an awesome classic map, so happy you are re-doing it.... I loved the tension you get when on the open plains with the burning oil fields as a backdrop.... re-creating that would be prety awesome when the M1 Abrams, etc get added, I think it will be a well played map if done well. I agree dont build up the urban areas, just single story villages, etc. Another advice, would be not to "over-do" the hills, especially the eastern hills... if anything, making them a bit less prominent than the original kashan. the hill sniping that often occured in those hills due to their over-powering overwatch of the bunker area was not that wonderful gameplay the enjoyment of the map for me was the combined arms flavor of gameplay, especially with the combo of armor combat in the plains, and infantry survivability in the bunker area as well as villages etc. Can't wait to give it a play test when ready!
  6. Overall immersion

    Definitely adds to the immersion and feeling of a real battle with real losses... one of the very many cool features of that game franchise!
  7. Overall immersion

    I agree with you about the destroyed vehicle wrecks, staying on fire for longer period of time (5-10min?) and then smoking for longer (another 10-15min?) definitely adds to the immersion and the sense that actions have consequence... Of course server performance must be considered when making these decisions. PR has excellent vehicle wrecks with fire and smoke effects, with longer duration of both (not sure exact durations for PR v1.5 effects on wrecks)
  8. Death Ringing Sound is too much

    Agreed LaughingJack... everyones severity and frequency of tinnitus is different (as well as their subjective interpretation of the sound) but I agree, the frequency in the videos above have both low and high frequency... when I think tinnitus more typically encompasses high frequency. how about trying to die without a grenade, and recording it to see if its as Laughing Jack suspects, remnants from the grenade explosion overlaying on the bleedout screen? Heres a good example video of some forms of tinnitus sounds
  9. Death Ringing Sound is too much

    Odet I think that is not an intentional feature and it's some kind of sound bug. I've not experienced it at all in v10 yet. I agree though, having tinnitus, no need to replicate that in a videogame as it's annoying as ****
  10. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Authenticity with gunplay I think is always very subjective. But jiggerlube point is valid and I agree with the sentiment. IMO shaping authentic behaviour trumps ultimate realism when it comes to weapon accuracy etc, but here's an angle to explain things with authenticity in mind. FPS Players seem to want to assume that they are roleplaying as fresh soldiers spawning into the world like they have just woke up from a good rest, and that they have had the best Navy seals training, the best rifle and ammunition money can buy, etc. Not taking into fact that even with a 2 week combat rotation, battle fatigue is a thing...the Long grueling infantry patrols and the strain and fatigue that puts on even the most athletic types, the weapon degredation due to environmental conditions like sand,rain,mud,etc and the big one - fear of death, are all very hard things to come into a military FPS that is aiming for authentic player behaviour. It's hard to find that balance in a military FPS, where you want the Player to feel like his character is agile and mobile, but at the same time not superhuman 360noscope, as that will breed unauthentic behavior. If every player can behave like a supersoldier, there's much less desire to act authentic, ie: moving as a cohesive section, using fire and manuver tactics, reoging after an engagement, etc. BadVlad you raise some valid points and like I said, gunplay is a very subjective thing. To me, the Squad characters still act like superhuman Android mutants with super powers, both in their movement abilities and their shooting abilities. I think a videogame example that had a more authentic (albeit extremely clunky & incomplete) interpretation of infantry mobility and shooting was OFP. But I understand compromises must be made in order to give the player a sense of mobility. However, one thing I think you are completely wrong is v9 suppression, esp regarding support weapons. I don't think v9 OR v10 has remotely useful suppression, although v10 is a little improved. My basic understanding of a modern Firefight does imply sustaining a higher volume of fire on the enemy positions than you are receiving, with the idea that if you can gain more accurate sustained suppression than you receive, you will be able to close distance and kill/capture the enemy. In Squad this is rarely the case for a number of reasons, but most importantly is a videogame cannot possibly ever convey the fear of death that real weapon systems instill when being fired towards a person. So getting that authentic player behaviour either requires roleplay (not likely) or some systems to promote a more authentic reaction.
  11. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Saw this on Al Basrah, definitely a bug.
  12. Replace LAW with AT4

    Canadian Forces have been using Carl G. for many years, and it is quite a versatile weapons platform.
  13. Alpha 10 Public Test

    This should be simple to introduce, without adding yet anoyther key bind..... when in an armored vehicle, the local voice channel will act more like a tank crewmans internal comms headset. Also am I the only one that plays with local volume @ 180% APC and other armored hatch crew should not hear ambient exterior sounds, and gunfire and explosions should sound distant, except hits to the vehicle should be very loud. APC crew should be able to talk to each other thru local VOIP and it should come in perfectly clear, to simulate in-vehicle comma channels that they would use
  14. I prefer 1.5 - 2h rounds myself... 2h+ if it is a closely evened match.