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  1. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    yes this is a new behaviour to me, which did not happen in previous games, mainly because Squad has such a robust/versatile system to facilitate the "lego building" of a large fortified position. Curious to see how long a players attention holds on a "Super FOB"... at what point does one stop building a super FOB, and move on (abandon) it? after 10 min of no fighting? 15 min? 30min? 1 hour?
  2. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    tzaeru good point... in PR we removed ticket bleed for this reason, which also slows down the idea that rushing to get control right of the start of a game will win you the round... The psychology of video game players is predictable and you can most of the time count on a few key things: - Never sit still. - Go to where the action is. So based on this psychology, even if there is no reason to advance based on no ticket bleed for a flag capture, the player's psychology of innately wanting to move forward and get into the action, will usually trump the concept of conserving tickets for a better position. However this is psychology for public server games, it does not take into consideration carefully planned tournament rounds, where every ticket is carefully and deliberately fought over, and any and all advantage that can be used, will be.
  3. About Radio and noise pollution

    Guess it comes down to preference... To me, I don't feel i need to be involved with a detailed conversation between SL2& SL3, especially if they are out of my range of action. Listening in to every little minutia of their planning, takes me away from my own task at hand. The bantering back and fourth about what they are going to do, can be left up to them. When they've cemented their plan of action and they are about to step off, a quick message to me (if it's even relevant to my Squad) is all that's really needed IMO... I don't know if a limited range command net would be the best solution, it was just one idea to change the way players used the command radio. However I think removing the individual SL channels would be a step in the wrong direction, giving less control to the player. Especially when it comes to Squad Leaders directing in mortar fire, etc. It is great that we have this tool jn Squad, but we don't need to hear "5 degrees left, 50m up" etc corrections constantly on the command net, when there is a perfectly sound alternative of talking directly.... Most of this problem could be stemmed off by engraining some simple radio discipline into the Squad Leaders playing the game, but this is no easy task. SL's come in all shapes, and there is no central way to change a behaviour that has now embedded itself into the gaming culture surrounding Squad. A tutorial would be of great help for sure, especially with maybe some quick examples of concise radio chatter on the command net, and an explaination as to why using the command channel to talk excessively is a bad thing. Another possible solution, but this is going into "simulation" realm... Is simply have a configurable radio, so that numpad 1-9 are the different radio channels. So it's up to the players whether they want to join a radio channel. You could have all SL default to numpad 1 channel. And simply have a HUD element, or if you wanted to get more "immersive" you could have a radio "weapon" that you can equip, to change to the various channels, in case you want to be on a separate channel. So example, the mortar team could announce in the briefing that they will be on channel numpad2, so whenever an SL needs mortars or wanted to walk mortars onto a target, they can switch to numpad2 and not clog up the command net numpad1 with chatter. Just thinking of all the different possible solutions to this thing that comes up often as SL on public servers... We want to encouage SL to work together, but too much talking distracts rather than helps teamwork IMO
  4. +1 great idea ACRE for Arma had some customizable ability like this. Though I don't like reducing the proximity based VOIP volume.... to me that is not what is a problem, its the squad based comms that gets too much. proximity is good because as long as everyone is not sitting 3 feet from you, it is self regulating on volume, because you can walk over to somewhere a little quieter if for some reason you are surrounded by a bunch of chatty soldiers.
  5. About Radio and noise pollution

    You could press numpad #2 and say "Squad2 this is Squad1, message over" Squad2 preses numpad and says "Send message Squad1" And then you press numpad#2 again and proceed to tell him your request... Command channel value has to be assessed, as like you said, too much comms is unmanageable. My limited range command channel is just an idea... But I agree with OP that the current game dynamics encourages (or does nothing to discourage) needless banter on command channel, which negatively impact squads that are heavily using proximity comms.
  6. About Radio and noise pollution

    Yes I've witnessed this, and obviously not an ideal situation... although in my mind, command channel is more of the problem than the individual direct SL comm channels.... its definitely a tricky situation.... by giving a quick mute option, you dont want that to dissuade players from using the built-in VOIP system altogether to have higher tier tactics & strategy amougst squad leaders, as that will inherently close off organic growth of quality squad leaders throughout the game and community. however the jamming up comms is still a problem... i've talked about this with some people i play with, and some options to explore suds suggestion: simple keypress that attenuates the radio, esepecially useful when talking in local or in midst of a firefight. realistic option, and probably not that hard to add. another idea is to have the command channel have a limited "range". this way squads that are working in the same area, say 400-500m, will be able to quickly talk to each other and form and execute tactics, but you wont have to worry about listening to what 2 other squads are discussing when they are halfway across the map. and if for example a logistics or transport squad has to contact another squad that is out of range, they still have the option for direct SL comms channel.
  7. Rally points like in proyect reality

    This is a good point Jaghammer. But heres a counterpoint: how many players have bought Squad and gave it a try, and decided that the gameplay was too twitch/fast paced for their liking?
  8. Thanks for the reply CptDirty. Yes the idea needs more refining, and yes its not a simple variation of AAS. And maybe I will create a game mode like this in the future, if there is interest
  9. About Radio and noise pollution

    I agree the command channel comms can be alot to manage, especially when radio discipline is not being established from the start of a round. CptDirty curious why would you despise the direct comm channel?
  10. Rally points like in proyect reality

    Indeed it would be! what would the pros and cons of switching to that tried and true system be?
  11. Rally points like in proyect reality

    maze2 brings up a good point... why not have expiring rallypoints? what are the pros and cons of switching to that tried and true system?
  12. New Game Mode for Squad: “SPA” Strategic Platoon Assault SPA game mode takes the best elements of Squad’s AAS and then applies a more strategic style of the SquadOps “One Life” Missions, keeping a mixture for Public play. SPA game mode is designed to slow down the gameplay of Squad a bit more, and reward teams that use coordinated platoon based tactics. It has elements of ‘consequence for actions’ like the “One Life” Missions. It is a little more forgiving, yet more unpredictable, and is suitable for Unlocked Public servers. This game mode should be integrated only with larger maps, and is not suited for the Insurgent faction. Yehorivka, Kohat Toi River and Gorodok, etc are larger maps that would be appropriate. This game mode is designed for the more advanced servers, and is not designed as a “Seeding” mode. Ideally placed into a servers map rotation after the server has reached a healthy population and Squad Leader quality is high on both teams. (1) Flag system similar to AAS except as follows: No ticket bleed until the teams last flag is captured. Flag cannot be captured by troop presence Only way to capture a Flag is to construct a FOB Radio (see below for description) within 250m(adj?) radius of Flag. FOB Radio construction requires a Supply Crate, which is a physical game object dropped from the logistics truck (like PR). This Supply Crate enables radio construction and also has the construction points attached to it that affect the emplacements construction. It can be destroyed by the enemy. After a FOB Radio is constructed near the Flag, it will be captured after 1-3min(adj?) as long as no enemy is within 250m(adj?) of the Flag. Enemy presence will pause the capture process. Destroying the FOB Radio reset the capture process to 0 for each team. If an enemy and friendly FOB Radio exist within the Flag radius simultaneously, the Flag will remain neutral until one Radio is destroyed. and then the remaining Radio will take the regular 30sec to capture, as long as no enemy are within 250m radius of the Flag. The Flag order is randomized each round (like PR), not sure if Squad currently does this to the degree that PR used to. This game mode could also have each teams Main Base start as random, increasing the replayability. There would a set amount of Main Base starts (2-3) to increase the unpredictability of the maps gameplay, decreasing the "gamey-ness" of players executing the same exact plan each round. At the game start the only Flag that a team can see will be the first Flag (which is neutral). Once the first Flag is captured, the next Flag is revealed. And so on, until all the Flags are revealed. This is to dissuade the “Rush the enemies first Flag” meta tactic. (2) New deployable FOB Radio FOB Radio deployable object for Squad Leaders. *** Developer note**” This could simply use the HAB art object initially, except the Radio is deployed attached inside of it. In the future a different art object could be used to differentiate it between the regular AAS HABs so players understand they are not player spawn objects. FOB Radio does not have player spawning. SPA game mode does not include any version of deployable player spawn HAB. Only spawning is available at Main Base and Rallypoint (see below for RP changes) Th FOB Radio object is deployed by the Squad Leader as the first thing to start a FOB (like in AAS), except that they require a Supply Crate (dropped by Logistics). The FOB Radio is placed by a SL and then requires shovelling (like any deployable). This will prevent the rush meta at the onset of the game start, as each FOB Radio will needs to be shovelled before the Flag can be captured. FOB Radio object does not take damage from mortars (to prevent mortar spam winning meta) This should slow the pacing of the gameplay down and rewards team-based real world tactics, and less “gamey” assaults. Keeping a squad together to do fire and maneuver, mutually supportive cones of fire, suppressive fire, etc is now much more viable tactics. (3) Rallypoint Spawn is more limited. Rallypoint must be resupplied after each use. Resupply RP at any ammo supply. Rallypoint expires after 2 minutes. Must have at least 3 Squad Members nearby to deploy the RP. This changes the RP to be used seldomly, in times where some of the squad has been cut off and needs to regroup, or new players have joined the server/squad. This takes away the Rallypoint tactic as as a springboard to launch wave after wave of assaults on enemy positions. (4) Wounding/Revive Core System Overhaul The SPA game mode hinges on an overhaul of the Wounding/Revival system in the core Squad game. Here's a short summary of the essential changes in such an overhaul to affect the core game, which would benefit AAS as well as the other game modes: Any player can use their bandage to revive an incapacitated friendly player. Bandages ONLY prevent further bleeding, or revive a fallen player, they DO NOT recover any hit points. Players that have been revived will have very low hit points and any player with low hit points will suffer from severely debilitating effects until they are treated by a Medic. Players with low hit points will have their movement speeds halved, weapons are difficult to aim, and Stamina drains at 3x the normal rate. And perhaps other debilitating attributes that will hinder their combat effectiveness until they receive medic attention. (5) Vehicle Spawning is now Squad-based In SPA game mode, Vehicles do not spawn by default. Each Squad Leader has the ability to spawn vehicles at the main base, based on Vehicle Asset Points (more on that below). Squad leader can decide what type of vehicle he wants to spawn (more on that below) When requested by a SL, vehicle will spawn at main base like currently in Squad. The driver and gunner positions will be locked to the squad that spawned it. Minimum cooldown timer of 5 minutes between each vehicle spawned (except Transport Trucks, which do not have a cooldown timer) Squads of 1-3 players can have a Maximum of 1 vehicle on the map. Squads of 4-8 players can have a Maximum of 2 vehicles on the map. Squads of 9 players can have a Maximum of 3 vehicles on the map. Abandoned vehicles will count towards each squads vehicle limit, so recovery missions for abandoned vehicles (and ambushes to prevent their recovery) is a possible game meta. (6) Vehicle Allotment Points Each squad will hace Vehicle Allotment Points (VAP) which are displayed to the SL. Squads earn VAP by their supportive actions in the field such as healing, constructing,etc. Each constructed FOB will give each squad 100 VAP every minute. VAP Vehicles and Cost: Transport Truck 100 Logistics Truck 300 MRAP 1000 APC 50cal 1500 APC 30mm 2500 Each Squad will max out at 5000 VAP. Each Squad will start with 400 VAP **All VAP are rough values, pending balancing Thoughts? suggestions?
  13. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    I heard of Squad in PR forums but wasnt playing video games at the time.... I watched some karmakut youtube videos back in November and it peeked my interest as it looked like players were using military tactics and it looked like a blast to play!
  14. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    While I agree that its a necessary tactic to not allow the Rallypoint from disappearing, which will disadvantage the squad and team if the squad leader dies and is not able to set the new RP. I do find this method of Spawn control "gamey", but the insistence and beratement of moe experienced squad members to the new players who spawn on the RP without being aware that there is limited spawns and aware of how it puts them at a disadvantage, this is a problem with game design as it is really unclear that this is so crucial. Personally would like to see the way Rallypoints work changed, but if they are kept as is I think a simple fix for this would be to lock out the RP spawnpoint automatically when it gets down to the last spawn, so only the squad leader can spawn on it at that point. This stops the unnecessary aggression towards new players.
  15. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Would love this to be a thing in Squad!! Excellent wording YankeeSamurai, and I totally agree with you. There are many gameplay tweaks I'd like to see in order to maximize this idea of "Teamwork and communication-centric gameplay, where application of authentic fire and maneuver tactics is central to success." I won't go into detail on all those here but the suppression mechanics, the wounding and medical system, the respawn mechanics, Squad to Squad cohesion mechanics, resupply mechanics could all use a "filling out" to get Squad to that robust level of teamwork and cohesion where authentic fire and manuver tactics become vital to success and actually add to the enjoyment of the game! The wonderful thing is squad is already in fantastic shape to get there, and unlike its predecessor there is no hard coded limits to prevent it from reaching its awesome potential! Great things are coming!!