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  1. clip from stream so only 720/60 warning :snackbars ahead
  2. I voted no. Communications between people in squad are key to battles, let alone the level of immersion it adds using in game comms. Abusers and trolls of in game voice on our server get removed from the game, that said it is not a guarantee that there are server admins there to remove said player within seconds or when the abuse is happening so I can understand that some people may feel mute option would be good, but overall I think it would have a negative effect
  3. had nothing but problems with our vilayer game server - same issue you speak of control panel wont log in and horrible performance - we only had it for a month and pretty much ignored the server after the first few days as the performance was shocking - customer service usually up to 3-5 days before a reply - currently rocking with G PORTAL and they working out great so far!
  4. thanks for hosting chronic and to clans involved as always good fun
  5. see you there chief
  6. reds will be there
  7. great night as always guys! thanks to all involved and to exodus for hosting! see you next week!
  8. cya soon boyzz
  9. i would love to see this as a thing in squad one day :D
  10. as rossy said - to me that looks like a bunch of people left or had a crash . i would find it very hard to believe if that game stayed 24 v 13 for more than some 5-10 mins while peeps reconnect or new ones joined its just one of those things - you cant do anything about people leaving the server.
  11. SALID !!!!!!!! redcoattttttttsssss!!!!
  12. this guy wants prestige 10. playing because its FUN - won't find me trying to win a game of squad to get a new icon next to my name you will find me trying to win because its FUN SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD