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  1. Atmospheric Ambience

    I agree with you , some part o some maps are unnaturally silent.
  2. Helicopter ropeskip

    awesome suds
  3. Excessive Weapon Inspection

    Really do you pass so often 20 sec in game without key pressing / mouse moving, watching the screen without doing anything ?
  4. Even PR got the same problem for a long time. When the community grew up and the players maturated it changed.
  5. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Yesterday finally I got enough time to test properly the big news (buddy rally point, insta-death, running speed) : well finally we got a competitor for Call of Duty !! DEV team if it was a joke now it's the time to go back to the game I bought, thanks.
  6. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    A lot of interesting things, but I agree with Tmac. Speed and easy respawn will make the game faster, to accomodate CoD-like players wishes you don't care about the tactical-players.
  7. Movement speed too slow (revised)

    Are you joking ? PR is way slower than SQUAD.
  8. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    Loot of details and great infantry terrain, I like your map keep going !
  9. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I agree with you Tmac, in my opinion we are going in the opposite direction I would like.
  10. Marksman Changes.

    Just try to ask to the SL for the kit you would like.
  11. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    "Just wondering if it's an April Fool's Joke ?"
  12. Suggestions for Owi

    Why 200 and not 2000 ? I really can't understand what more players on the map would add to the gaming experience apart from caos.
  13. Immersion

    I totally disagree, the dumb rush tactic almost ruined PR and damaged this game in the past limiting any strategic option. In my opinion "flag by flag" is THE game.

    I suppose adding a faction on a map requires a lot more use of RAM/VRAM.
  15. Squad is dead or not ?

    Yes, beta forever . Anyway guys SQUAD is not dead and for sure will not die anytime soon because it's a niche game and there aren't other games comparable. Far from perfect and still with old issues but is a fun game different from the mass.
  16. Mod Esercito Italiano

    Tantissime ! Ahimè l'onda dell'entusiasmo si infrange ancora una volta contro la barriera del duro lavoro che richiede anche la più semplice delle mod.
  17. For sure there are more complaints about cheaters than the real number of cheaters, a lot more. That doesn't mean cheaters doens't exist, but in SQUAD is very hard to tell who's cheating. Ever wondered if SQUAD will have a sort of demo-recorder like the old BF2/PR battlerecorder.
  18. Ammo bags & Take kits from down people?

    I would like to know why ? In Project Reality kit limitations and recovering kit from dead bodies worked well and added a lot of fun to the game.
  19. the speed of animations

    I agree.
  20. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    A memory leak is not insufficent RAM, it's a bug where the game fill all the RAM at disposal.
  21. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    Same here. No Chrome, no preloads texture. The first game start ok but slowly eat all my ram, I force closing the game and launch again (without restarting the PC) and everything is ok. Never had this problem until this summer. Any suggestion ?
  22. Suggestion about traps

    I don't know, PR also had claymores and they were pretty useless.