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  1. Great EPIC Quixel Announcement !

    Great news for all the mappers ! (total fail in embedding the video)

    Faster respawn : no. There are dedicated servers with faster respawn ... in BATTLEFIELD games. Parachute: no. There are a lot of parchutes , guess where ? In BATTLEFIELD games. See when we die : well in BATTLEFIELD ... I'm joking, you are right : would be helpful to understand how we die.
  3. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Totally agree.
  4. Battle Cry

    Just push local and say "hooah" so other players can tell you to shut up
  5. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Maybe the former, maybe the latter, maybe modders are waiting for Modding 2.0 and updated SDK, maybe it will take some more time. I agree with you guys, don't loose hope and faith.
  6. 10 second Rally spawn window

    If you think to it, it doesn't change nothing it only shortens the wait time.
  7. Atmospheric Ambience

    I agree with you , some part o some maps are unnaturally silent.
  8. Helicopter ropeskip

    awesome suds
  9. Excessive Weapon Inspection

    Really do you pass so often 20 sec in game without key pressing / mouse moving, watching the screen without doing anything ?
  10. Even PR got the same problem for a long time. When the community grew up and the players maturated it changed.
  11. Alpha 13 Released

    Yesterday finally I got enough time to test properly the big news (buddy rally point, insta-death, running speed) : well finally we got a competitor for Call of Duty !! DEV team if it was a joke now it's the time to go back to the game I bought, thanks.
  12. Alpha 13 Released

    A lot of interesting things, but I agree with Tmac. Speed and easy respawn will make the game faster, to accomodate CoD-like players wishes you don't care about the tactical-players.