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  1. Even PR got the same problem for a long time. When the community grew up and the players maturated it changed.
  2. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Yesterday finally I got enough time to test properly the big news (buddy rally point, insta-death, running speed) : well finally we got a competitor for Call of Duty !! DEV team if it was a joke now it's the time to go back to the game I bought, thanks.
  3. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    A lot of interesting things, but I agree with Tmac. Speed and easy respawn will make the game faster, to accomodate CoD-like players wishes you don't care about the tactical-players.
  4. Movement speed too slow (revised)

    Are you joking ? PR is way slower than SQUAD.
  5. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    Loot of details and great infantry terrain, I like your map keep going !
  6. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I agree with you Tmac, in my opinion we are going in the opposite direction I would like.
  7. Marksman Changes.

    Just try to ask to the SL for the kit you would like.
  8. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    "Just wondering if it's an April Fool's Joke ?"
  9. Suggestions for Owi

    Why 200 and not 2000 ? I really can't understand what more players on the map would add to the gaming experience apart from caos.
  10. Immersion

    I totally disagree, the dumb rush tactic almost ruined PR and damaged this game in the past limiting any strategic option. In my opinion "flag by flag" is THE game.

    I suppose adding a faction on a map requires a lot more use of RAM/VRAM.
  12. Squad is dead or not ?

    Yes, beta forever . Anyway guys SQUAD is not dead and for sure will not die anytime soon because it's a niche game and there aren't other games comparable. Far from perfect and still with old issues but is a fun game different from the mass.
  13. Mod Esercito Italiano

    Tantissime ! Ahimè l'onda dell'entusiasmo si infrange ancora una volta contro la barriera del duro lavoro che richiede anche la più semplice delle mod.