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  1. Sorry but no. I hope SQUAD will be a tactical game not a simulator.
  2. In my opinion the PR map Yamalia is the worst map ever, a big map full of pure emptiness nonsense. It's a very hard task to give it a twist and I hope your success in making a better map because a map to the par of the orginal would be a waste of your talent.
  3. You forgot that in PR you can go back and recover the HAT kit , or friendly troop can grab it from your dead body and use it. In SQUAD this is not the case. Maybe pay a cost in ticket for the lost of this specialist kit ?
  4. Point is if you want a lot of players in a multiplayer online fps and really big maps, then you have to pay a price in terms of performance on the final game. You want more bu.llshi.ts ? Then you'll have less performance, more developing time, even more resources needed on your PC.
  5. So you want the map transformed in hell in a couple of AR reloads ? How cool. Keep in mind that SQUAD is a videogame not reality, and need some balancing to be fun for everyone.
  6. We need kick and lock, withouth these options there's no way a SL can govern a squad in public servers.
  7. No.
  8. Rush is the s.hit , is the only way codders can play SQUAD: flat, easy and fast.
  9. That's not "mature way" or "common sense" that's the "I do what i want" childish attitude. During game while there's already an oversaturated leader channel, while guys mix local and squad channel communications like "enemy near the treeEEE, argh that son of a b.. got me, KILL HIM! KILL HIM !" (in a ****ing forest) and the ever present "...meeediiiccc.....MEEEEDICc...."(read with a zombie voice), and bang-bang-BOOOOOOM --RATATATATA -BOOOOM ... in the middle of all this do you really think people would thank you for your SHA-LA-LA-LA-DING-DONG ?!? Really ? It's not "because you think it shouldnt be allowed" it's common sense to not be allowed. I have a great idea : instead of play music over comms and wait others to tell you to stop why dont' you wait for people to ask you for saturating comms with funny music ?
  10. Nope. Noise/music/otherbullshit over voip is extremely annoying, a lot less funny than noisemaker think to be.
  11. You're OT . Fishman I like your idea but there's already a discussion about it :