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  1. You forgot that in PR you can go back and recover the HAT kit , or friendly troop can grab it from your dead body and use it. In SQUAD this is not the case. Maybe pay a cost in ticket for the lost of this specialist kit ?
  2. Point is if you want a lot of players in a multiplayer online fps and really big maps, then you have to pay a price in terms of performance on the final game. You want more bu.llshi.ts ? Then you'll have less performance, more developing time, even more resources needed on your PC.
  3. So you want the map transformed in hell in a couple of AR reloads ? How cool. Keep in mind that SQUAD is a videogame not reality, and need some balancing to be fun for everyone.
  4. We need kick and lock, withouth these options there's no way a SL can govern a squad in public servers.
  5. No.
  6. Rush is the s.hit , is the only way codders can play SQUAD: flat, easy and fast.
  7. That's not "mature way" or "common sense" that's the "I do what i want" childish attitude. During game while there's already an oversaturated leader channel, while guys mix local and squad channel communications like "enemy near the treeEEE, argh that son of a b.. got me, KILL HIM! KILL HIM !" (in a ****ing forest) and the ever present "...meeediiiccc.....MEEEEDICc...."(read with a zombie voice), and bang-bang-BOOOOOOM --RATATATATA -BOOOOM ... in the middle of all this do you really think people would thank you for your SHA-LA-LA-LA-DING-DONG ?!? Really ? It's not "because you think it shouldnt be allowed" it's common sense to not be allowed. I have a great idea : instead of play music over comms and wait others to tell you to stop why dont' you wait for people to ask you for saturating comms with funny music ?
  8. Nope. Noise/music/otherbullshit over voip is extremely annoying, a lot less funny than noisemaker think to be.
  9. You're OT . Fishman I like your idea but there's already a discussion about it :
  10. The reason to care about winning is ... to win . While trying maybe have some fun .
  11. +1 As I play squad leader very often I find very frustrating I can't recognize on the map who's following orders and who can't because he's down. Blincster proposal is interesting, if for many reasons is not applicable I'd rather prefer don't see down soldiers at all than to see them green like the others.