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  1. Surround Sound?

    Very expensive audio board. I have the same audio problem : a not satisfacroty directional audio with my Logitech G430 with usb board or directly connected to my old Creative audio board, maybe it's UE related. I have to spend 100 euros to hear a decent directional audio ? Maybe the cheaper Asus Xonar board is good enough ?
  2. Possible helicopter controls.

    In my opinion the PR flight control model is good, if you want something easier the BF2 flight control model was balanced enough to be fun and interesting.
  3. Game Flow

    Do you remember the old times when in PR we used to say RTFM ? https://squad.gamepedia.com/Vehicle_Claiming
  4. [WIP] Karasu

    Nice !
  5. Recoil mode

    Just you. It depends from the weapon, the stance, the movement before opening fire (stamina not 100%) ... and the recoil.
  6. Shadows settings

    Well Mr. brainowner I must say I totally disagree with you. Remove the shadows gives a big advantage in spotting enemies, a lot bigger than any other advantage you say, some of them simply ridiculous, and is the only one that can be forced server side. This is why in tournament mode the shadows setting are forced.
  7. Maybe on Call of Duty, in more mature games like PR and SQUAD if you make a mistake you say sorry, or maybe not, but it's very important to understand if you are under friendly fire. I really dont' want waste time searching for enemies that shot me before while I've been shot by FF, it's stupid. In my opinion teamkilling/ friendly damaging messages have to be visible to everyone.
  8. Limb Damage mechanic - In Depth

    Sorry but no. I hope SQUAD will be a tactical game not a simulator.
  9. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    In my opinion the PR map Yamalia is the worst map ever, a big map full of pure emptiness nonsense. It's a very hard task to give it a twist and I hope your success in making a better map because a map to the par of the orginal would be a waste of your talent.
  10. HAT (Heavy Anti Tank) balancing?

    You forgot that in PR you can go back and recover the HAT kit , or friendly troop can grab it from your dead body and use it. In SQUAD this is not the case. Maybe pay a cost in ticket for the lost of this specialist kit ?
  11. Microrealism feature.

    Point is if you want a lot of players in a multiplayer online fps and really big maps, then you have to pay a price in terms of performance on the final game. You want more bu.llshi.ts ? Then you'll have less performance, more developing time, even more resources needed on your PC.
  12. So you want the map transformed in hell in a couple of AR reloads ? How cool. Keep in mind that SQUAD is a videogame not reality, and need some balancing to be fun for everyone.
  13. SquadLeader system test or something

    We need kick and lock, withouth these options there's no way a SL can govern a squad in public servers.