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  1. It may have been a year, but don't think that we've forgotten Could this be in by v10? Dynamic Audio Reflection showcase
  2. Alpha 9.6 Released

    I love how this game is turning out to be! But, this is the first update that includes something that I really don't like; The Rifleman with the sandbags.. I think it takes away from the realistic aspect bc somebody in your squad is carrying around a "wall of sandbags". I think a very small and limited ammo bag would have been better, like in PR. It's more "realistic", gives players a good reason to play as Riflemen, and would actually be helpful on the battlefield. Edit: Maybe instead of placing sandbags, they could place a small ammo box similar to the ones placed at FOBs, only you can't request kits off it.
  3. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    Nice! Now we finally have Kokan and hookers
  4. Ideas for VOIP & COMMS

    There will still be need for that extra channel b/c what if you want to talk to ONLY the person who is next to you? That Local Channel will allow you to do that without cluttering up the Squad Channel with information that might not be relevant to the rest of the squad. The reason for everything else to be heard in Local is so that people who are not in your squad can know what's going on, like calling out contacts, calling for medic, saying if you're moving up/falling back, etc. The Squad Leader Channel may not be necessary to be heard in local, it was just an idea, but squad chat may be. I've actually tried hitting local & squad together, didn't work lol
  5. Ideas for VOIP & COMMS

    I searched the forums for this but couldn't find anything. Now these ideas kinda come from ARMA/Tactical Battlefield, so I'm not sure if they can be done. I was thinking that if you are talking on Squad Chat/Squad Leader Chat, it should ALSO be heard on Local. Local could still be a separate channel, but the reasons for this are that if you go down, and you call for a medic on Squad Chat, and you are in the immediate vicinity they won't necessarily have to ask you to "call out on local". Also, I think it would help a lot with communication with teammates who aren't in your squad. For example, if you're in a firefight and you call out contacts on Squad Chat, of course your squad mates can hear you, but say there's other teammates around you, they would have no clue. The same would go for if you call out for medic on Squad Chat but there's medics around in other squads. I think it would better communication with the team as a whole. That way everyone around you could know what's going on, i.e. where contacts are, who's building what, who needs a medic, etc.. My next idea is a way to reduce chat clutter, (even though my first idea kinda added some, I don't think it'll be that bad). If you are a Squad Leader and another SL is talking on the Leader Chat, it should be heard mono through one side (one ear), with some more radio filter to sound like it's actually coming from a radio, mostly for a "realistic effect". Not only that, but the volume of everyone else in your squad should be lowered a bit, so that you can hear them better. (I know with 9 people talking plus other SLs talking it can get kinda hectic). That same volume feature could also be used if you are a soldier in a squad and your SL is talking. Everyone else's volume would be lowered so that you can hear what your orders are. Bonus idea: If you are very close to your SL (~5m maybe?), you can faintly hear what other SLs are saying through his radio. This way you can kind of get an idea of what the rest of the team is doing. (Plus your SL won't sound crazy like he's talking to himself when he's talking in Lead Chat b/c you can hear it on local)
  6. March 2016 Recap

    My suggestion for explosions is that for someone who is caught within, or very near, the shock-wave should get some sort of "shell shock" effect. Maybe something like a blurry screen, like you're being suppressed. Maybe some screen shake? Or even some "ears ringing" effect? Or is that just too much dramatic effect? I was thinking maybe the closer to the explosion you are, the more effect you get. Like say you're fairly close, enough to where its pretty loud but you're not damaged, so you get a little screen shake. Then maybe if you're a bit closer you get some blurry suppression effect. Then if you're really close, slightly hurt by it or not, you get the "ears ringing" effect.
  7. Game Won't Start

    Processor: Intel® Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz Manufacturer: Intel Speed: 4.0 GHz Number of Cores: 4 Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chipset: GeForce GTX 980 Dedicated Memory: 4096 MB Total Memory: 4.0 GB RAM: 16 GB Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Service Pack 1 Size 64 Bit Edition Professional Display Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080 DVD: HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH16NS40 SCSI CdRom Device CD: HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH16NS40 SCSI CdRom Device Drive 1 (D:): Size 1.8 TB Free 1.7 TB Drive 2 (C:): Size 223.5 GB Free 100.5 GB
  8. Game Won't Start

    BAD NEWS. These methods worked for a bit, but I couldn't even get a full game in before my game crashed. Then when I went to restart it, I got the SAME error message. I checked my firewall settings, verified game files again, I even tried reinstalling the game and varifying the files AGAIN but nothing has worked..
  9. Game Won't Start

    Seems to be working now :) Thanks guys!
  10. Game Won't Start

    I got my Steam Key, installed the game, and played on the training map for about 2 minutes. Then I exited out of the game for a quick second but when I tried to play it again, I got a message reading: " Couldn't start: "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Binaries\Win64\Squad.exe" CreateProcess0 renturned 2e4. " (I can't tell if it's "CreateProcess0" or "CreateProcess()" )
  11. Cannot Log In

    I have the same problem, but I think it just started today. Maybe the servers are down?