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  1. Alpha 14 Released

    When is it coming? I don't see any release date? Steam doesn't update the game either.
  2. Launch crash

    I had the same problem. I fixed it in this way. Go to Steam Workshops. Search for Squad and then on the right there should be a button where you can find subscribed mods. Unfollow all and then restart the game.
  3. Crash on launch, V13 update (SOLVED)

    I don't have any mods and it doesn't run.
  4. An Unreal Process has Crashed: UE4-SquadGame

    I don't have any mods installed. I had Public Testing uninstalled yesterday, I wonder if this is why I can't load the V13. But I can't see any relation because I didn't play since the V13 yet.
  5. Hey guys I get the following error message like 15 times in a row. Checking the local files for errors in steam didn't bring any success. Basically I can not play at all because this occurs every time I start the game.
  6. I paid for Founder and I'm still a Grunt

    Yeah I remember this. This was the last time I have seen this here too and I wonder why they can't fix it. This is not a huge deal to do, I think they just focus on other stuff lol
  7. Alpha 13 Released

    When are we going to be able to swim through water?
  8. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    Being able to revive with every class means no one will take the medic class. I witness it every time I play as a squadleader. I'd rather like a feature to give others your bandages and ammo. So you would always depend on more tactical behaviour.
  9. I paid for Founder and I'm still a Grunt

    I wonder if we're getting them anytime lol
  10. Need help with removing a thread

    Please contact a forum moderator. @beginna Maybe?
  11. Nowadays "Contact Methods"

    Hey @all Since we live in 2019 now, what about adding Discord to the contact methods on Squad Profiles? There are options for ICQ, Yahoo and MSN. I wonder is there even someone using them today? :-D I think almost all gamers today use Discord so why not adding it also to the list. Thanks for your attention.
  12. Heavy rain at sumari. Weather effects in Squad.

    Great work dude. A bit too dense in my opinion but it looks nice. We could need some sound of the boots marching through the mud and so on. Different performing vehicles like more drifting and so. Keep up the work!
  13. POLL: Map icons are too busy

    I don't even know what you mean by busy. Only Squadleaders and Fireteamleaders are able to mark something on the map, which is balanced enough in my opinion. Remember times in Battlefield 2.. "enemy boat spotted" all around the map. That was busy.
  14. Squad is dead or not ?

    This game is by far not dead. Once we will see choppers and more maps and factions (which will be very soon) we will see more players too. Some here, like myself still play PR, and Squad has a way larger amount of active players which will stay in this community for years for sure. Also there is no real alternative to Squad and PR.
  15. Can I run squad?

    At 1080p I think yes. But the game is not greatly optimized yet. Just give it a try ;-)