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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    This game is by far not dead. Once we will see choppers and more maps and factions (which will be very soon) we will see more players too. Some here, like myself still play PR, and Squad has a way larger amount of active players which will stay in this community for years for sure. Also there is no real alternative to Squad and PR.
  2. Can I run squad?

    At 1080p I think yes. But the game is not greatly optimized yet. Just give it a try ;-)
  3. Where is the merchandise store?

    I hope you sell the in europe too. I wanted to get this shirt with squadleader on the back :-D
  4. Where is the merchandise store?

    Good evening community, I have noticed that the merch store is down right now. Was there any news online before if it is coming back or shut down "forever"? :-)
  5. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    Oh thanks! I was worried to play shitty maps after this weekend lol
  6. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    So do I understand this right... Al Basrah will stay in the game now or just for the free weekend?? Thanks in advance!
  7. Alpha 3.8 Hotfix

    What about lags issues concerning AMD graphics cards??? I literlly can't play the game without having trouble with FPS drops.
  8. Star citizen.. I am enjoying it.

    I also wanted to try this out. How many people play there on each server? I can imagine that you won't see anyone if the playable space is that big.
  9. Possibility give magazines to friendlys

    I would love to see this ingame. Especially when you are cut from your team and no resupply is around you.
  10. take cover!!!

    Same opinion on this. I can imagine that this covering system would rather be a more complicated thing than a good improvement.
  11. Welcome from another pr player!! I hope you like the game same as PR! At least I do :)
  12. Hello!

    welcome in the forums lol
  13. Importend!! For a better Gameplay!!

    1. & 2. is just senseless. Why should the admin care about the squadname? If it's really offensive he can kick the squad from the server. Same with locked up squads. Just kick the leader. 3. Point is really important to allow admins to react faster to problem players.
  14. Track IR / head motion tracking

    What do you mean with IR Head Motion tracking???

    Organic Cotton please :P