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  1. ...any aspiring voice actors out there?

    Thanks for the replies, gents - my apologies for not replying sooner, I had a hectic week. The good news is that I got the scenario done and released. If anyone's got ArmA 3 and the RHS and CUP modpacks, please give it a tilt. Feedback most welcome. It's here.
  2. G'day all. I've enjoyed making SP scenarios in the ArmA series in my spare time, for example, this one. I've got a scenario involving spetznas sabotaging CDF equipment in Chernarus circa 2009 that is technically finished, but I need three voice actors who either speak Russian (or are willing to take a tilt at some Russian transliterated into English) to polish it off. Two parts are small (one-two lines each) and one is considerable (around 15 lines). No prior experience required and I'll provide all the details. Please, if you're interested (or you know someone who may be), drop me a PM, reply below or contact me here.
  3. The Military Media Thread

    The Hind is still alive and kicking.
  4. Australian Defense Force (Again)

    The F88 is fine for the job it was bought to do. I did hear on the rumour mill that we would've stuck with M16 derivatives if we'd been able to manufacture them in Australia, but alas, it was not to be... they've got to have some sort of industry in Lithgow besides correctional institutions, anyhow. :D
  5. Russian MLRS

    It's both. The thing launches multiple rockets.
  6. Russian MLRS

    When you consider that a 1km2 area of coverage is planning data for an MLRS strike (say, for a single BM21), such assets might be a bit much for the sort of conflict Squad portrays... unless the particular skirmish is somehow the brigade's or division's main effort... The TOS-1 is probably the only MLRS likely to be employed near the front line, and even this is probably overkill. Anything heavier than an ~80mm mortar is probably going to be overkill, for that matter.
  7. Military Memes

    My personal favourite...
  8. Community content WIP thread!

    Cutting your camouflage overlay at the pockets and seams is also a good habit to get into. :)
  9. Military Memes

    Warpig's post refers. :)
  10. US soldiers - First look at player models

    It'd save people working on Aussie infantry some time, that's for sure. :)
  11. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Just to be really confusing, I wager there's some AMP in there, rather than all vanilla Multicam. Lower grenade pouch, particularly. Hard to tell, though, the side of the TBAS definitely looks like vanilla Multicam. Ah, the good ole clown suit... :) Majority of the Army is still wearing the old kit, so DPCU certainly has some life in it yet... kiddy cadets will keep it alive for years to come, I'm sure.
  12. The Weapons Thread!

    Some good info above, samogon, thanks! Quick question: I thought the "N" designation simply meant that the weapon was fitted with the dovetail mount for optics, you know, this thang: Or does the "N" only get added if it's fitted with a night-capable optic?
  13. Hey from Australia!

    They are hardly 'boots' by the time they finish AIT, selection and the reo; success is not at all guaranteed during this process. Also note that the end result is a PTE soldier - that's the only outcome of the program.
  14. Videos of Infiltration -mod

    Just send an email to his Gmail address. Worst case, he doesn't reply. Best case, a hell of a lot of effort saved. No point simply assuming that chance away.
  15. New Jackfrag video

    *Conducts a one man ambush, checks scoreboard.* Best audio-visual oxymoron ever. :D