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  1. CIA Gaming SQUAD Server

    It's great to see you guys have a Squad server. The CIA PR server was a fantastic place to play and I know you guys will bring the same vibe to Squad! (The server is also probably a 15 min walk from my house, which is always awesome)
  2. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

    I'm disappointed they returned to the more RTS influenced resource management style, I really really like the squad based combat of DoW2. I don't think I will bother with this game despite having a lot of fun in DoW2 and the addons, they took a step backwards as far as I'm concerned. It looks like somewhat unit spammy gameplay, where as the DoW2 was about making the units you have at the start count.
  3. BTR

    After reading this convo I wonder how people will react to heavier armour. I assume Heavy Anti-Tank weapon systems will be even more limited than Light Anti-Tank weapons, so that will make a team even more reliant on making the most out of the HAT kit. I think balancing should be considered as "first step" at this point as there is only light armour vs infantry and that is only the shallow end of the pool for now. Wait until the battlescape is more well rounded before going too deep into how to balance vehicles. Although 3 LATs to the side/rear of a BTR sounds like a bit much.
  4. more than 20 minutes running SDK first time?

    The SDK takes a while on first load, loading one of the maps provided will also take a good 10-15 minutes. This is caused by the massive size of the project and all the files associated (uassets etc). Fortunately the loading time drops drastically after your first load.
  5. Is there anyone else worring about Vehicle Population.

    Actually 20, even CAS choppers are 20 minute respawns. Very rarely is there anything that takes more than 20 minutes to respawn (some IFVs on infantry focused layers for example). For Years.
  6. Losing interest pretty quickly

    What does kickstarter have to do with being an indie dev team? Does making a kickstarter turn them into a team with 100s of devs and a publisher? Do keep in mind the dev team could likely push out bugs and glaring issues on a weekly basis, does that solve the issue of inpatient consumers though? You guys bought into Early Access, and this isn't DayZ (IE: Lead takes money and bails to go mountain climbing), so you need to accept the limitations of the development cycle. This is exactly why large dev teams don't interact with the playerbase very often, players simply do not grasp how game development works and just how time consuming even the littlest aspect can actually take. Large development teams also release rushed products with massive issues that could've/should've been seen and addressed before launch, even with these "Open Beta Tests" they are essentially just giving players a demo as I have not seen anything ever come of these Betas besides hyping up players and giving them the impression that fixes will occur before release. Simply put time/money are finite resources with Indie teams (yes even after KickStarter programs), players aren't expected to understand but it wouldn't hurt to maybe inform yourselves of what game development actually is. And then QA team finds a massive bug in something the devs are eager to put into the hands of players. With the understanding that allowing buggy work to make it to release is to be avoided as much as possible this not only takes time away from working on another element but "putting out fires" almost always takes more effort than is initially believed. The devs aren't sitting on their hands laughing at everyone who backed them, quite the contrary, they work late nights pretty much all week (and saturdays) to give you guys the best product they can.
  7. Better Flags for Insurgents and Militia.

    Good points. Also have you played recently? There is a map depicting the Ukrainian Conflict using Militia vs RUS, once again I believe this is due to a sort of "white washing" to avoid political back lash.
  8. Better Flags for Insurgents and Militia.

    But when said Arabic inscription is being used by RL militants the Dev Team will not want to use it, the point is to avoid any links to real threats. This is pretty much the same theory used by Project Reality, it's better to just avoid any of the controversy attributed to the references.
  9. Something seems off when you Google search "Squad"

    Welp The people wanted Spec Ops....
  10. no point being a decent medic.

    Imagine how it feels for those of us who have been playing the game since before it was on steam having seen this same type of problem numerous times. There was a point in time where you were that same kind of player you are calling out in this thread, the phase may not have lasted as long but we all had to learn somehow. If you don't engage with the problem players and try to nudge them in the right direction this issue will only get worse. The negativity of the posts in this thread is sad.
  11. Does Squad run really bad with AMD

    I have a R9 380x, with an AMD FX 6350 and I tend to have fairly stable FPS , my current setup has not suffered from the VOIP issue a lot of other AMD users had in the past (I believe it was addressed). Aside from FPS hiccups, which I believe are related to loading gun shot sounds of certain weapons, I've had a decent experience overall. It's very odd that a seemingly stronger CPU ends up with worse performance, but it seems that 8350s have the worst time with the sound processing. I've been nipping at this issue since the beginning of this year to try to crack it wide open but I believe the solution lays solely in Epic's hand as this is obviously an engine level issue. As a side note I am able to run pretty much every other game on high settings with 60+ FPS, so I feel my current AMD setup is just fine. I'm sure there are many other AMD users that are satisfied with their systems (please stop trying to sell Intel products, they do fine without the clambering in this thread).
  12. R.I.P Prince

    I just heard about this. He died way too young, a lot of these musical super stars seem to wear their bodies down through drugs. It's a shame to lose such a talent, he is already being emulated but he cannot be replaced. They don't seem to be releasing any info as to how he went out. Rest In Peace
  13. Admins will run their servers as they see fit, if you don't agree with their methods there are alternatives. I mentioned PR because the balance they were able to strike between Infantry and heavier Assets is rather nice (not perfect by any means), if a Tank crew is too cocky they will likely lose their vehicle and have a time-out to think about what they did wrong. HAT and TOWS in capable hands are instant death for assets and LATs are very common place, so much so that APC/IFV crews have to exercise more caution than ever before. On top of that most of the maps offer plenty of cover and concealment for infantry while maintaining open areas perfect for Armour crews to control, but it only takes one resourceful player to thwart an entire push when it's back by Assets. Issues normally arise when players with AT capabilities are not responding to map markers and intel on enemy vehicles, or worse yet when an asset squad becomes greedy (CAS grabbing HAT/Sniper/Spotter and the Panther at round start and head off to the middle of the desert to try to "Ambush" for example). This will always be an issue, and it's part of the chaos of the battles. Beyond that I feel many of the concerns raised in this thread are shared by the dev team, such as how to handle assigning said assets without needing admin intervention or how to balance infantry players experience with that of the Armour crews. There is still a lot to be considered and healthy conversations about how to strike the fine balance cannot hurt anyone (unless it leads to flames ofc). Find some solid solutions and make sounds propositions and I can assure you the developers will consider the options and make a decision based upon what is best for overall gameplay.
  14. You can also have confidence in knowing that a lot of the designers and mappers from PR are working here. They will already have the inherent ability to balance assets and infantry. This is one of those "time will tell" situations, and I would suggest keeping your feet on the ground until vehicles are in the game.
  15. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    There were some rather heated debates about showing KDR and/or Score, and there have been a handful of different methods experimented with. This is one of those topics that people will never fully agree on. There was a time when KDR was not shown and there was a rather negative reaction, and slowly but surely the developers made their way to the current system as sort of a middle ground. Players having amazing rounds is a reality, I've never had 40/50 kills but I have come rather close with the M249 (33:9 if memory serves). One thing to consider is that these guys with loads of kills also have loads of deaths and you have to ask if rushing to the firefight and adding undo pressure has helped or hurt the team effort on the whole. Most of the guys with high kills are reckless loners who run off and do their own thing granting them the element of surprise and often snagging many sneaky kills, at the cost of having no one to support them when things start to unravel. There is a cost to those kills, a cost I personally think is foolish and a lot of times in opposition to the spirit of team work on which this game is based. If I see a guy with 50 kills and 30 deaths I tend to think he was fairly useless as he was dead a lot and had to spend a substantial time getting back to the fight. If he had been with a squad he would likely have less kills as his squadmates would likely bag a handful, but at least he would have support and probably a lot less deaths. Different strokes for different folks in the end of it.