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  1. Best Squad KD ever....

    He did a really good job, i give him that, but he neither single-handedly won the game, nor did he something really special. I feel like you hype him a little too much. Just gratulate him at the end of his round, and get over it. You are going to such scores more often the more vehicles get added. In PR the vehicles normally had the most kills, it makes sense anyway. Grats Joe, good job, keep on going.
  2. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    When I had my squad locked in PR, sometimes people asked in chat if i can open it for them, and if i had room (aka not waiting for someone else) i opened it. That way i had only people in my Squad that actually tried to be in my squad. If they asked i knew they are interested in playing in my squad and are able to communicate, even if it is just chat. A locked squad doesnt mean your are not wanted, it just means its not open for everyone. Asking if you can join doesnt hurt anyone. A good squadleader either opens the squad for you, or respond the reason why he doesnt. If none of the last is the case, you should be glad you are not in his squad.
  3. Reduce mortar spam

    Even better solution. Make the mortars exactly the same as they were in Project Reality. It took a while to calibrate them, and you had to physically rearm them with ammopacks.
  4. Sight misalignment

    In that case there shouldnt be any discussion about anything, because we are only allowed to tell our wishes and thoughts after the game is fully released? Because just after the full release we know how its actually going to be... I think communicating wishes and opinions on how the game should be is always the right time, even if its going to be like that after the update, but maybe its because some people wanted it that way, and you only know if you say it.
  5. In a 1 v 1 game, that might be true, if landing succesful hits is easy. Its not a 1 v 1 game though.
  6. Favourite Types Of Battles

    I like long firefights, but I enjoy the time between long firefights, where walking, defending, and talking to your squadmember builds a bond and tension, helping with winning the next long firefight. I remember looking at one door for 2 hours, killing on or two walking through.. but it never felt boring, because talking about hot girls and shit while waiting for something to happen, and winning the round because the enemy couldnt defeat our defending position. So a mix of long firefights and social experience is what i want from squad, because thats what i experienced in Project Reality most of the time.
  7. Sidearm & Optic Availability Poll

    Im sorry, I never got banned on any server. Its not often that you have to kill you squadmate as a squadleader. The squadmember knows why he got shot and gets healed. Never got reported for it either. I did that maybe 10 times... You only use it, if you want the member to stay in the squad, else you would kick him anyway. Didnt want to trigger anyone with some disciplinary action. My point still is that pistols are for squadlead and sniper only, and not used often. I think most of the people playing this game see it the way i do.
  8. Sidearm & Optic Availability Poll

    In Project Reality the pistol was used as a disciplinary act for your squadmembers. In my over 1000 hours of squadleading in PR i never used my pistol to shoot or kill enemies, i shot and killed my squadmembers with it though. It should stay like that in squad too i think.
  9. selfish #BEASTMODE

    Doesnt have anything to do with fear of life. You shouldnt be able to run and gun like that. Weaponsway, more inaccurate fire, slower time to aim, and you cant pull off things like that.
  10. selfish #BEASTMODE

    It perfectly shows what needs to be fixed in the game. You cant fix the player, you can only fix the game. Its too easy to do these solo runs and killing sprees. Run and gun is more effective than playing in a team. Thats exactly my experience ingame too.
  11. How do you play music in-game?

    I mean, it sure is annoying that a lot of people are talking useless things in squadchat, and local chat is not used at all. Music also should only be locally played anyway. Both things only stop, if you tell them to stop, thats how society works, the few that dont stop if someone says stop get punished, in game and in society. Anyway, if you dont want to hear music, tell him to stop, it takes you sec, why only stopping him from playing music, and sharing a good time with others, while you are close to him. Anyway, i got a lot of good memories in project reality, where music was played, sometimes during firefights, sometimes during travel, sometimes during defending. Its what you do with you friends when you meet too, listening to music while talking and haveing fun. I think thats what project reality and squad should be about.
  12. How do you play music in-game?

    I think it should be handled in a mature way. If you hear someone who is playing music and YOU dont like it, tell him to stop. If you are playing music and someone tells you to stop, STOP. In my opinion thats common sense for adults, and just a kind way to live with eachother. Dont annoy people with you music, but also dont annoy people who play music, because you think it shouldnt be allowed. The music wont hurt you, if you just pass by and hear it for less than one minute. If you have to bear it longer and it annoys you, just tell him to stop. If he doesnt stop, report him.
  13. User Interface Concept Art

    Looks really good. Getting closer to the perfect clean layout of project reality. One thing that i still dont like is the small map. The map is actually the most important thing, more important than the team setup and whatever. Please make the map bigger. It should fill most of the screen. http://i.imgur.com/f59U5tO.png Thats the project reality spawn menu. Its really clean and you can see whats going on very easily. I think thats the most important part. Make the important thinks most visible and intuitive, and the less important things dont need a lot of space
  14. Kid playing Squad...?

    Well, if you are not a squadleader, dont give commands that the squadleader didnt give. Its impolite and disrespectful to the squadleader.
  15. I can confirm that yes, indeed our providers kick people from their internet and give them a new IP, daily. Not all of our providers but some.