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  1. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    Over 2 years I was an admin on the NEW Server, often alone, sometimes with other admins. We had a good share of trolls, we even had that one guy who found all the grey areas in our ruleset which often lead to long discussions about what we should do with him. However, the decision to kick/timeban/ban were very clear, there was no discussion when to enforce them. Blowing something up in mainbase was a simple ban, you often could tell from a massive teamkill at the start of the round and the incoming reports after that incident. You quickly type the ban command and keep playing. I wouldnt know what would be stressful about that. Its rare that there are so many incidents you have to admin that one admin couldnt handle them alone. And if thats the case, I would stop playing and handle them as quick as possible.
  2. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    I think your analogy is wrong. What you are proposing is, that no one can drive on the road, because there is always that one guy who didnt pay attention and might plow right into your car. Thats just not how it works. Imagine in reallife you would ban and stop everything bad happening, it would be insane. However, seeing that in the USA there are rules written that the coffeecup with hot coffee is indeed hot, then your proposal might make sense. People should however learn from their mistakes and shouldnt be stopped doing them. Thats what makes people great and strong, and it is what made the community of PR so mature. In PR there was nothing to prevent you from trolling, however, in only very rare cases someone trolled, because the punishment was high. In the end, trolls always find their way to troll, and because its rare, admins SHOULD be able to deal with that, thats what an admin should do. They dont have much more to do than correct the behaviour of the server and maybe set the next map. If thats wearing an admin down, he shouldnt be admin in the first place.
  3. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    Thats fine be me if you think so. I think that the community shouldnt suffer fun because of a small portion of individuals who are griefing. Also, i dont think that the programming effort should go towards restrictions to avoid trolling, but more towards the game for everyone. Exploding vehicles in main, and intentional griefing should be an instant banable offense anyway. Trolls always find that little keyhole to grief somewhere, you cant build all the restrictions to make it work. Giving them not the option to find those keyholes with bans is for me much more effective than letting them play and try to close every keyhole they find. Others in this thread pointed that out too.
  4. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    You also have 3 minutes to kick those trolls. Admins shouldnt be busy in that time anyway.
  5. I did indeed read everything in this thread. As someone else said in this thread: thats a very specific situation. Other than that, i think its just very arrogant to say that you dont want others to play this game as soon as they might in a very special event get you killed (which still is very unlikely). Or i say it in a different way: He might not spot things others can spot, but at least he can spot things instead of not playing this game and enjoying the game.
  6. Where is the problem for you? If someone puts himself at a disadvantage, why does it bother you?
  7. Dont give Insurgents tickets. Their objective should be to defend their caches. If 4-5 caches are destroyed, round ends. That they, the Bluefor side is forced to attack the caches and not to play TDM, also the Opfor side can actually play aggressive guerilla tactics, which the bluefor side has to avoid and play tactically. If they have just tickets, there is no reason for to attack the caches. Its much saver to attack the opfor from distance and never let them come close, because you got scope and fancy weapons. But if you would need to attack the caches, you actually have to get close to the enemy that is more likely to win that fight. Caches should spawn dependent on Intel like Rainmaker explained.
  8. 1 Dont put him on the gunner seat next time, I know, sucks at the moment, but not being on the gunner seat next time is punishment enough 2 Let them walk, or change your plans.. that happens even with veterans, just deal with that. 3 Reading the map is sometimes really difficult, specially if you are new. Keep calm and get the vehicle to him if possible. Or tell him like "stop, rotate right, now walk straight" I cant believe its that hard to deal with such little situations.
  9. My suggestion to improve quality and level of play: Change the attitude of regulars and veterans to the point, they accept and respect that they once were new too. There is no reason to ever "pressure" someone else, or to get a grip... Good administration of the sever is the key too.
  10. There shouldnt be a "sorry im new". How can you be sorry about that. More like a "sorry I didnt treat you right". The only plan there can be between the squads, is the plan they all agree on. Every squadleader is the highest in command. There is no way you can tell any squadleader what he should do as a squadleader, because he is on the same level of command as any other squadleader. I think that is very important to know, as that means, that any squadleader can do what he thinks is the right thing. I remember squads being all over the place, but the only thing i would ever asked them, if they can help me out here or there, if not, its up to them and their reason why they are on the map, where they are. Every squadleader has his own tactics and strategies, i know its a bit problematic to deal with it, but its the way it is, as a good squadleader you should be able to deal with that. Now, if a squadleader has 0 hours and doesnt tell you, you still should treat him like you would any other squadleader, with the highest of respect to his squad. If someone doesnt ask for help, he doesnt want it. You can say "if you want, i can help you" but if he doesnt want it, dont force to help. I remember being in a squad with a new squadleader, he said to us "Im sorry, im new to squadlead". I was fine with it, we as squadmembers tried our best to make his plans for us come true, even though for a lot of time we were outside of the action, and where we were needed, but for him as his role, it was something he needed. It showed him that he can play out his plans and the squad is going to follow. The strategy comes later. The worst thing though, other squadleaders bullshitted on him, that he wasnt anywhere near a flag, and even as a new squadleader it was a bad performance. It might make him try other strategies but it also might never want to play squadleader again and thus, loosing someone who had the balls to try being squadleader!
  11. He just told you the standards he upholds. So he did just what you expect from him. The time you played is quite unimportant. The guy with 0 hours sometimes is better than the guy with 2000 hours. Its really important to respect every player in what he wants from this game. Everyone start at 0 at some point. I sadly cant communicate in english as good as Nordic can, but restrictions other than read a manual (voluntary) is too much to get into the game, All you need to learn, you are going to learn in game, with real humans. You have to do you own mistakes, just as everyone made his mistakes. Even with 0 hours playtime, you should go squadleader and try out yourself. If he gets support from other players, he might stay in the game and is going to try his best to be a good squadleader. Everyone in this game should try and hold on every new player we can get, and not tell him to go away because he is knew. That is the arrogance we dont need.
  12. No, he is exactly right, and not even in an arrogant or unprofessional way. He pointed out the problem in the right words, just as needed.
  13. We dont need a system for your problem. The way you approached it was perfectly fine. Ask in teamchat or if its possible like it was for you, in local voice chat. A good SL is going to read teamchat and answers you if you ask.
  14. I really hope for a PR:Squad mod.
  15. I think you might be right. Thats why the discussion between Skul and me is pointless. However, the football analogy just doesnt match in my pov. For me its turning checkers into chess. If that analogy makes sense.