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  1. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    PR had over 10 years development, with some up and downs in its features. In the end those features where in their entirety forcing a playstyle that the devs wanted. What i dont understand is, that those years of development is just thrown away, all those experiments with features that lead the game to a certain playstyle are changed in squad, because squad wants to be squad. If you want me to say that squad has to do the same 10 years because they cant take the features from PR that work, just to end in the features that work in PR, im quite disappointed. Anyway, squad does some things better, but many things worse. One example is the mortar.
  2. September 2017 Recap

    In Project Reality were a lot of hot zone landings. A lot of bullets flying at the heli while it lands, drops off and returns. Sure it got damaged, but if it got communicated well, the heli often survived. So, why cant we have that in Squad too?
  3. You could "dead-check" people in Project Reality, it didnt hurt the gameplay, nor was it used very often. The value of the medic kit is still higher than in Squad, even with "dead-checking", so those arguments are somewhat strange to me. I get the thought behind it, but if there are examples that it works, it is more a thing of how it is implemented. If the devs say no, it is that way, just wanted to give an example, that it does work.
  4. Rally Point

    If my vision of rallypoints gets implemented though: 1. Cant place rally -> enemy could be 70 m radius, or my rally is on cooldown 2. rally wiped -> ran out of time, or enemy was within 70 m radius In both cases you have a higher chance of wasting time searching something you wont find, or you get in contact with the enemy, which is good, because the rally doesnt tell you, where the enemy is from your point of view. You wont get an advantage. In case it was an enemy wiping or preventing the rally, the time you need to get to him (70 m) he might be gone for a long time. Fobs are the same kind of "magical power" enemy detector. What do you want to do against that?
  5. Rally Point

    Its not just the frequency. 70m radius is pretty far, an thus could be nearly anything. Also, because you can so rarely put a really point down, you end up saving it for just rallying up the squad. That means, to place a really you have to get away from the enemy at least 70m. If you try and place it, you get the same message, so you wouldnt know if you cant place it because its on cooldown, or because an enemy is near. The problem with having it not based on the distance to the enemy is, that you can spawn a squad right infront or behind the enemies. Which makes up for stupid gameplay. You kill 7 squadmembers, and suddenly the whole squad is infront of you again, as they respawned.
  6. Rally Point

    I would like to see this implementation: - you need 1 squadmember to place the rally. - you cant place it if the enemy is near (70 meters) - it will despawn after 1 or 2 minutes - if it despawned it has a cooldown of 2 minutes - if its overrun (enemy got closer than 70 meters) you have a cooldown of 5 minutes - you can refresh the cooldown when you are in mainbase or any point where you can resupply
  7. Yeah, at that point it looked like he was talking about another game. The gameplay surely didnt fit the narrative.
  8. In my opinion, any system where you win based on your k/d is a bad system. It doesnt promote teamwork. Even if its the K/D of the whole team, it leads to people focusing on a positive k/d. What i wish to see as an experiment: remove the loss of tickets from dying. You can only lose tickets from vehicles and flags. Making killing only a side effect you have to do to win.
  9. You are right, subject was an opaque ICON (which also could be just a little dot) that is visible on the screen when colliding with an object. I know the others are not subject of the thread, I never said that. I think you didnt even read what i was writing, so please try to understand what i was saying before derailing my comment.
  10. Whats interesting in this discussion: A little dot that is visible only when you actually collide with something, which could also be somewhere where you have to look at like the ammo count or something, is "too much" hud elements. Then there are the medic hud elements, which pop up in a 3d environment, completely intrusive to the eyes, and something you even dont need, as communication would tell all the information you get from that hud element. Then, there are the nametags, also an information you get from learning the uniforms, looking at your map, communication with teammates, but is always visible on even really long distances. If you argue that the information about hitting a wall is something you should learn, then there is only one hud element that is actually really hard to learn, the compass, and thus the only hud element allowed to stay. I think lowering the weapon when it touches a wall is the best option for this game.
  11. The commander position is very helpful and in my opinion benefiting to teamwork, communication and coordination, which finally leads to winning the game. As Psyrus i remember the Commander how he was played in PR. As a squadleader it cleared a lot of unnecessary communication, specially the all squad communication, but also some of the direct squadcommunication. As an example, you as a squadleader need transport or a supply crate, which you would request from the transport squad. Lets say in this scenario, the transport squad would get 2 requests at the same time, while also talking to another squad as he coordinates the LZ from his current transportation. With the commander in the other hand, he would get all requests for transportation, has the time to order those requests in importance from all his other Intel and observing the map, and the transportsquad only gets his tasks from the commander, which less channels he needs to talk to. There are a lot of examples, as Psyrus also gave, where the commander is important to reduce the stress from the communication channels, which doesnt mean less communication, but way more effective communication, which also means more time for squadleaders to lead there squad. The problem with the commander role is, that in PR it was mostly looking at the map and talking to the squadleaders all the time, not moving, just watching the map and sometime the UAV. There are people out there, who love to fulfill that role, and they are amazing commanders, if they can handle that stressful role, its just not filled with action. Thats why i think the implementation in PR was the best way, it wasnt ultimately necessary to have this role, but those who recognized the advantage in using that role just got rewarded with a win.
  12. Best Squad KD ever....

    He did a really good job, i give him that, but he neither single-handedly won the game, nor did he something really special. I feel like you hype him a little too much. Just gratulate him at the end of his round, and get over it. You are going to such scores more often the more vehicles get added. In PR the vehicles normally had the most kills, it makes sense anyway. Grats Joe, good job, keep on going.
  13. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    When I had my squad locked in PR, sometimes people asked in chat if i can open it for them, and if i had room (aka not waiting for someone else) i opened it. That way i had only people in my Squad that actually tried to be in my squad. If they asked i knew they are interested in playing in my squad and are able to communicate, even if it is just chat. A locked squad doesnt mean your are not wanted, it just means its not open for everyone. Asking if you can join doesnt hurt anyone. A good squadleader either opens the squad for you, or respond the reason why he doesnt. If none of the last is the case, you should be glad you are not in his squad.
  14. Reduce mortar spam

    Even better solution. Make the mortars exactly the same as they were in Project Reality. It took a while to calibrate them, and you had to physically rearm them with ammopacks.
  15. Sight misalignment

    In that case there shouldnt be any discussion about anything, because we are only allowed to tell our wishes and thoughts after the game is fully released? Because just after the full release we know how its actually going to be... I think communicating wishes and opinions on how the game should be is always the right time, even if its going to be like that after the update, but maybe its because some people wanted it that way, and you only know if you say it.