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  1. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    How i understood that phrase is more like a player is hardcoded, so you need systems like deviation, suppression, stamina etc. to force him to play in a more realistic manner. You wouldnt need those systems if the players would just play the game tactically by themself. Thats also the reason why the playstyle after PR 1.0 changed drastically.
  2. He doesnt want to play anything. He wants to choose one of the Squad Soundtracks to listen to when he starts the game. I would say, why not? But most certainly on the end of all the priority lists.
  3. Show me a game where people without a fob won any game. I know none. What i know, the more fobs you use to advance and secure, the higher is your chance of winning. 3 Fobs around a capable point means 3 attacking point for the enemy team to advance. Helicopter and trucks are way to loud to get into a fight, however can be used very well to get into positions where the fobs are not. Losing a fob means losing a flag and the possibility to stop the advance of the enemy team. At least thats the PR i played. I really never saw a team win, who didnt have a fob and who had to travel from main constantly. FOBs are vital for winning, you can neglect it or not. The fact they are not vital in squad is due to a lot of reasons that people here in this thread want to change.
  4. No transport from main is as fast as a spawn on a FOB. FOBs are not trivial, they are vital.
  5. You place a fob as a spawnpoint. It currently has no value because the rallypoints are way better spawnpoints than they should be. The loss of a fob does hurt, because the next fob is more than 200 metres away and also might not exist because of bad logistics. If you limit the amount of buildable fobs, and also the distance they can be placed between each other, fob placement becomes a big deal. Losing those fobs hurts just then, when you cant have the rallypoint up so easily. Running 500 metres to the action because the fob is lost is a huge punishment for a lot of people in this game. Changing the fobsystem should change the rallypointsystem too. For a good look at how both systems are (btw over 10 years tested) balanced is seen in PR.
  6. If there isnt an admin on, report the player on the discord or forum of that server or leave the server, if its too much for you. While a "You were teamkilled" is a fair start, i think everyone on the server should be told if a teamkill is happening. Reports can be more easily done, the people know much more transparently if the admin is doing his job alright and that the server is well administrated. Also, people would avoid teamkilling much more if 79 other people can see that they teamkilled and everyone would notice that teamkills are not that often and a rare occasion, which helps with them chilling out about a teamkill.
  7. So we tolerate and accept bad behaviour by avoiding it? Whats the worst case that can happen? Someone rages about a teamkill? He does a revenge teamkill? Simple kick that guy. Its not like it happens every second in the game and it takes 10 minutes to kick someone. If you get kicked for raging and revenge teamkilling you quickly improve yourself. This is not about an ideal world. I dont even expect people to chill out at all.. The only thing is that they can learn to control their emotions.. which is not happening by avoiding them.
  8. I would stop playing this game if there was any kind of matchmaking and no way for me to pick a server by myself. Matchmaking makes sense for games in a smaller scale, and not 50vs50 (or 40vs40), also it makes sense for very competitive and sometimes fast games (LoL, Overwatch). Im sure for some people its more convenient to just press a simple button and be done with the server search, but I want to pick my server for a game like squad, because its a big decision on which server i want to play, based on location, its community, and its rules, sometimes i want to fill a server up or i want to join a full server. I want to include all these things in my decision because i am going to play many rounds on that server, i dont just play a match and leave and go to the next matchmaking server. Deciding which server to choose is a long term decision. That being said, implement a matchmaking system als long as there is still a way to join any server i want to join.
  9. While that really would be the best, especially in the gaming scene, the males behave much different as soon as a girl voice is heard. They start to talk a lot more and much more nonsense sometimes to impress the girl, and sometimes they just hate on the girl... However I am glad that girls play a game like squad, but i dont think we are going to see a lot of girls taking the squadleader role. I also dont know what to do against that, just live with it and fight against discrimination against gender.
  10. I dont think he wants to talk about female models in Squad.. He asked about the actual females playing squad.. or am i just stupid?
  11. Suggestion - extra ammo box

    +1 Surely the implementation of the Ammobag can be better than in PR but its important that the rifleman class gets it
  12. Movement too slow ?

    I give my two cents too to this topic. I think the movement speed is still too fast. Though, Im not actually sure if its because of the speed itself, but somehow distances dont feel natural at all in this game. In reallife when i am infront of a one story building, it would look way bigger than it looks in squad. Maybe it is tied to the camera angle or FOV, I dont know. I noticed it in other games too, sometimes the distances and hights feel natural, sometimes they dont. As an example i would like to give theHunter Call of the Wild.. yes an odd comparison, but that game has distances right. Even Arma did a good job and how distances feel. TL;DR Ingame distances feel wrong, either because the player is moving to fast or FOV... or i dont know.
  13. I noticed that people get very sensible about one or two teamkills. Even a fail nade (or maybe later as in PR, a fail tank shell or bomb) can cause up to nine teamkills. People need to chill out, it can happen, i know it sucks. The only teamkills that are a problem are those that happen purposly (which is nearly never the case in a firefight) or big massteamkills. If people excuse their teamkill it should also be no problem. That being said, make teamkills public, reeducate people to chill out, punish revenge teamkills and stop making big deals about getting teamkilled.
  14. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    Over 2 years I was an admin on the NEW Server, often alone, sometimes with other admins. We had a good share of trolls, we even had that one guy who found all the grey areas in our ruleset which often lead to long discussions about what we should do with him. However, the decision to kick/timeban/ban were very clear, there was no discussion when to enforce them. Blowing something up in mainbase was a simple ban, you often could tell from a massive teamkill at the start of the round and the incoming reports after that incident. You quickly type the ban command and keep playing. I wouldnt know what would be stressful about that. Its rare that there are so many incidents you have to admin that one admin couldnt handle them alone. And if thats the case, I would stop playing and handle them as quick as possible.
  15. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    I think your analogy is wrong. What you are proposing is, that no one can drive on the road, because there is always that one guy who didnt pay attention and might plow right into your car. Thats just not how it works. Imagine in reallife you would ban and stop everything bad happening, it would be insane. However, seeing that in the USA there are rules written that the coffeecup with hot coffee is indeed hot, then your proposal might make sense. People should however learn from their mistakes and shouldnt be stopped doing them. Thats what makes people great and strong, and it is what made the community of PR so mature. In PR there was nothing to prevent you from trolling, however, in only very rare cases someone trolled, because the punishment was high. In the end, trolls always find their way to troll, and because its rare, admins SHOULD be able to deal with that, thats what an admin should do. They dont have much more to do than correct the behaviour of the server and maybe set the next map. If thats wearing an admin down, he shouldnt be admin in the first place.