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  1. weapons switch

    I am sure all of this will change in time something that bugs me is the GL's but for now that's fine
  2. Help me Optimize

    Thanx man!!
  3. Help me Optimize

    Good day to all trust you are well Can someone please help me optimize my game tell me what settings to use I have an: i 5 4460 3.2 ghz 8 gb Ram just normal 1.6 ghz Gtx 750 2 gig v ram a normal hdd I know its not the best but not that bad thank you
  4. Servers!!

    I jump on a server just to found out that no one talks to each other and everyone is just doing there own COD thing im really looking for some fun server where people talk to each other and have some team work !! I have the game from 2015 Nov i played with the backers back then and it was the most squad fun i had know its just BLEH!!
  5. Founder Weapon Skins

    i just went in to my steam inventory closed steam go into game my prob was fixed
  6. South African Server?

    Will be nice to see it
  7. Where are the players?

    Uu ill play when the new content is here like vehicles are in and so its bit bord now
  8. Grunt?

    Aa oki no prob!!
  9. Grunt?

    It said i wil get n founder tag or something in the forms
  10. Grunt?

    Why am i stil a grunt i bought the $70 package
  11. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Wow thanks for south africa
  12. My own!!

    Cant wait to get my copy of the game tomorrow