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  1. Excited for v15

    Yeah I wouldnt include revived downs as part of the three, though you may still add a lost-ticket for that. Idea here is to provide enough chances so that theres some reasonable guarantee of entertainment in attempting, but directly limited enough so that the gravity of dying is not lost, and thus gameplay is more intense and consequential.
  2. Excited for v15

    Really think that server-side options are a great way to let everyone scratch their own itch. There may be times when I'm just lookin to chill and run newbies through the game, and others where I'm looking for a more challenging/hardcore experience. I think having some options for this in server configs would really help the community, and I'm thrilled to hear its under consideration. One life has shown promise but I think a 3-life server would be an awesome compromise. Room for error/learning, but still really high-stakes. It would encourage all the right type of gameplay, but not be so brutal to discourage attempting.
  3. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Bring it! High-stakes high-intensity.
  4. Squad founders- where are they now?

    2400 hours and still on occasionally though less as of 2019 due to work/life balance. Helped put together a group of guys that manage a server and small community. Been a wild ride and its weird to look back. Wish I had some of my old footage but I was playin w potatos when we were in closed alpha, so I was watching some of @DocEast's footage yesterday on Kohat. Kinda nuts to see how the playerbase has evolved with the game. I would be all over a "backer's only" server. Especially if I could bring in friends that 'get it'. Problem is how do you concentrate the people who 'get it' without watering down the rest... Anyways, :wave: fun to see some of the old dawgs still hangin around.
  5. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    @Bennyboo Awesome man, feel free to jump in our discord and say whats up. We're pretty active all weekend and weeknights. http://discord.sigtac.org/
  6. idk. Thoughts on the matter? I think the game still needs something more to restrict logistics. Currently there is too little consequence to failure-to-execute on forward position. infinite-rally-respawn-with-full-ammo and perpetual-fob-position are feeding the rush meta pretty strongly, and the (very effective) rush-meta rewards knowing-the-layer above all else, superseding teamwork, communication, observation etc. I've got some more ideas, but I still don't have time/interest to quit my day-job and start coding... I'm optimistic about the future, but currently not really engaged, and patiently awaiting the devs progress on their priorities. I'm certain they're aware but, I'm hoping the vibe doesnt permanently shift away from an aire of mutual dependency between all players new and old, to efficiency-grind executed by "those that know" from experience, perpetually dragging newbs along to that point you already know is the most critical.
  7. Unit patches

    I concur @suds
  8. Unit patches

    Still holding my breath for Unit-Patches from Kickstarter. Not sure how things like this will be relevant after modding hits, but whatever. I want that fake internet thing I paid for @kev2go Unit patches were part of a bargain in the Kickstarter.
  9. Corpses In Camo Dallas - USA Brought to you by We are excited to announce our newest offering to the community. Hosted in Dallas USA on a dedicated 7700k, we picked the best hardware we could find to ensure that we are able to provide the community a place to play, with hardware as no excuse. We are currently in the implementation phase for this server, so please feel free to give us some feedback on map-rotations, etc. If you have any feedback, issues with administration, performance, or any other recommendation, please feel free to contact any of our Administrators on our CIC Discord. (new as of this posting, configured soon)
  10. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    As @DonExpBg said, we've got a playstyle that our team has embraced that roughly bridges the gap between casual and tryhard. We bank heavily on our SLs for in-game operative structure and we hold others to that standard, trying to teach those who are willing that we encounter in the process. It might not be your style, and thats fine. Its definitely not for everyone, or "the right way", but just how we like to play. While we as people make mistakes, we as a community are interested in good experiences for everyone, so we'll note this feedback and see what we can do to ensure the numerous players we encounter randomly have a better understanding of what to expect from a Sig-Tac Squad.
  11. Linux Support

    Windows-NSA is getting to me. I can only hope that a Linux Client is a possibility... Thrilled to see the linux server support. Thanks for the good stuff gents, thrilled as ever with the game. Just need more game-time IRL .
  12. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    Sigma Tactical is a team formed around Squad by a group of players that met in the days of Closed Alpha. Our goal from day one was quality of growth, prioritizing the character and communication over ability to show off technical gaming prowess or sheer numbers. This makes working together something we enjoy, boosting camaraderie and making the association of our members something we look forward to. Don't be mistaken, we play to win, train to improve our skill-sets, assist others in learning leadership techniques, and we strive to understand current meta as well as push the meta forward. We proudly adopt the mantra that "we never lose; we either win, or we learn." The majority of our members are centered in the US time-zones, but we have dedicated members in the European and SEA regions. We have recently reached numbers that bring us to a more sizeable and consistent presence where making our status more deliberately stated feels appropriate. We currently have 1 dedicated server hosted in Dallas running top-tier hardware. If you would like to connect with Sigma directly please shoot a PM to our recruitment coordinators MajorDC and Disgruntled03 Feel free to drop a comment here if you want to know more before linking up, otherwise, please stop by in our Discord or say hi when you see us downrange. Lastly we thank the team for putting such a great game together, its been a blast.
  13. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Is access to the effort of an individual "a right" of that each player should possess? Or, is it the right of the laborer to disperse his efforts according to his will? At present, Squad Leading is generally viewed as work by the player-base. The ability to lock a Squad allows the Squad Leader to exercise discrimination with his effort. The current environment is one of entitlement, where players feel as though you're an asshole if you are a squad leader and you dont want them to be a marksman, or to be a medic, or to have a mic, or to make sure there are 2 LAT kits. I'm already working as it is. When I pick Squad Leader, its because I want to make tactical decisions for a group and to facilitate coordination, communication, and teamwork, not analyze tactical decisions with an ad-hoc committee of transient experts with unwavering opinions on what should be done but insufficient testicular mass to execute it themselves. To be certain, I'm often interested in input from my squad mates, or rather, I rely on it wholly to assist the direction of the tactics, but there are times when action is immediately necessary, and there needs to be a pretext of the agreement that is already put in place by its enforceability, which is to say, a Squad Leader has the authority to declare the actions of the Squad Body, and those who dont follow the Squad Leader are able to be kicked by said Squad Leader. This might sound like I'm some egotripping authoritarian, and if you thought that you'd only be half right. Militaristic order is an authoritarian endeavor, simply because of the time-constraints that military actions are subject to. If we all had time to democratically play a game of chess 9v9 the game would always be strategically sound, but it would also take a week to make a move. I digress from the philosophy, and reiterate that Squad Leaders already have the authority to determine who can be in their squad. Adding locks will simply clarify to both parties that membership in the squad is contingent upon cooperation with the Squad Leader's objectives. However, because the agreement will have been acknowledged by both parties prior to entrance, teamwork in squads will be better. Squad Leaders will have less variables to contend with (since the battlefield is already full of them) which will make it less work, which will make more people interested in doing it. I would like to see some method for players to "ask to join a squad" to drive this home. This would help negate much of the fear of squad-isolationism, as well as facilitate the acknowledgement of the agreement. It could be a 10 second "voicemail" where a player explains his interest in joining, a separate message-box where a text could be sent, and read at the SL's leisure, or perhaps its a 2-way-radio-hail that can be muted by the SL if it grows too persistent. A player has a right to leave any squad he chooses. I don't think fostering the idea that a player has a right to join a Squad will serve the game's playerbase in the long run. The game entirely rides upon Squad Leaders, and if you don't allow them to tailor their commitment to their capacity, they will be perpetually overworked, and the game will be perpetually understaffed. Exhausted Squad Leaders = a bad game for everyone. I encourage those who think they can do better, to do better. The game needs it.
  14. @suds i dig it. I would like to see base respawn on rallys boosted to 1m, maybe 1:30. I really think the only way to encourage life-conservative play is through pain-aversion, and the most painful thing we can do to players within reason, is make them wait (as incap, or as respawn at main and needing to run back). The genre's high profile on Steam compared to PRs until-recent niche obscurity means that the general playerbase is less interested in "participating in the simulation." The only way to make them suffer for careless ticket loss is dead-time, waiting for medic or running from main. The helping hand out of a significant wait time will be more cautious play (less run n gun) and the benefits that should be rewarded by squad membership, like the spawn-timer dropping like you suggest. Question is now, how could 9 men "game" a lowered respawn timer, now disregarding death, returning fast with full ammo to the point of rewarding poor gameplay again?
  15. Good thread keeps moving. Good comments dudes. @KCIV not sure if you got to my Spoiler section on the previous page, I was spamming ideas for solutions in there, and one touches on your interest in adjusting the rally mechanics by making a soldier have to run to the rally before you could respawn. The logic in this is that, if a rally represents reinforcements, and you cant get to the rally in one piece, then your reinforcements would probably not survive either. Additionally, I agree with other suggestions on increased delays on the "Give-Up" button. Thats how PR handled it if I recall correctly. There are definitely a large number of factors. I guess I dont comprehend what its like to go 30:2 in any form of regularity. I do 5:1 pretty consistently but not 15:1. That does speak to the ammo thing, but also we need to remember that those 2 could also be 6 revives and 2 deaths... I'm guessing the devs are skimming more stats that we are getting on the scoreboard though. 3mags would put a hurt on stores when engaging, and people would be needing ammo much more often, but until perpetual teleport of fresh troops and full ammo is reworked, reducing mags alone is not the solution (as you suggested).