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  1. Weapon Cycling Speed

    I understand that the goal behind the extremely slow weapon switching is to increase the difficulty of the game and to make you think before cycling through your weapons, but I think Squad goes a bit overboard with these cycle times. For example: why does it take me 2-3 seconds to cycle from an M203 to my primary weapon? I don't remotely understand it. We're looking for realism here, right? Watch any number of actual ambush videos on YouTube and tell me how quickly they're switching from their grenade launcher to their primary. It's literally a matter of pulling your hand back and pulling a different trigger. Or, how about switching from any weapon to a bandage? That one really gets me. If someone shoots me in the leg, I'd venture to say that I'm going to be getting those bandages out as quickly as possible. I just don't understand why the cycle times are so sluggish. Again, I understand the purpose, but it seems pretty unrealistic for being in combat; maybe these speeds are more associated with firing weapons on the range?
  2. I picked up the grenadier kit a few days ago and began playing with it. After using it for a while, I came to realize that it's fairly useless at medium and long ranges. Why? Because there is no realistic method of aiming it, aside from eye-balling it. Are there plans to implement an aiming system similar to America's Army 3 did? I would really like to be able to judge distance and then set my sights accordingly as opposed to "aim up and hope you're holding the gun high enough...if not, rinse and repeat." Also, I've reported this bug multiple times but I wanted to mention it here, too. If you're shooting an M203 and you stand near an object and fire your weapon, if it hits that object directly in front of you (you all know it...your sights tell you that you're in the clear to hit someone and the second you pull the trigger, you see dust directly in front of you on a wall or other object where your bullet hit INSTEAD of hitting its target like your sights showed), you'll no longer be able to fire your M203 until you find a FOB and get a new grenadier kit. Reloading doesn't help and you won't be able to fire smoke or grenades from it. But it's only ever happened to me when my M203 round hits a wall or object immediately in front of me.
  3. How Long Will Rounds Last?

    I play rounds pretty frequently that go over an hour...
  4. How Long Will Rounds Last?

    Have you guys decided how long you'd like rounds to last? In PR, rounds can last anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Personally, I feel more immersed in a round that lasts for hours...it just feels more realistic. What are your thoughts?
  5. Public Alpha In December?

    The thing about early access is this: people will tell you "I know it's an early access game. I don't mind! I understand that it's going to be buggy and incomplete! Just let me play!" Fast forward to the point at which they begin playing the early access: "This game is complete crap. No one should pay for this. My character doesn't jump half the time, enemies can see through doors, and I keep getting stuck on the map. What a waste of money."
  6. Friends List

    I would love to see a friends list in Squad, unless it's a game that will be released on Steam. It would be nice to be able to right click on a friend's name and join him, as opposed to searching through the server list.
  7. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    I would like a statistics page for players, but nothing more. There is no need for a ranking system.
  8. Machinegunner's Assistant

    I really don't see many people jumping on this role. Especially if they are unable to defend themselves for the duration of the role.
  9. Climbing Walls

    There are many situations where a grappling hook is greatly beneficial. What do you do if you want to get over the walls of a compound and the next door is 1-2 minutes walking distance? What I would really like to see is better support for rocks and mountainous areas for the grappling hook. There are some maps in Project Reality that are very linear (one map in particular, but I cannot remember its name) in terms of soldier movement; you cannot climb the mountains because the hills are too steep and the grappling hook typically only works on trees... and that's not safe. If a grappling hook were implemented that could be used in most situations, whether it be climbing a mountain, over walls, or onto buildings, I would be a very happy person.
  10. Swimming Under Water

    As far as I know, it depends on the weapon. I think that some weapons are really good about not jamming in such situations, whereas other weapons are horrible when you put them in water or drag them through sand.
  11. Swimming Under Water

    They are. Soldiers are capable of laying prone and soldiers are capable of swimming.
  12. Swimming Under Water

    Perhaps the ability to dive under water is a bad one, but the ability to swim is something that is necessary. If it's like Battlefield 2, that's fine. Taking the ability to swim out of a game is like when Bad Company 2 took out the ability to prone.
  13. Swimming Under Water

    Psh just implement a Navy SEALs faction! ;D
  14. Swimming Under Water

    A lot of games now days allow you to swim under water. Will this be a possibility in Squad?
  15. Vehicle Capabilities

    Yep, I'd rather not see thermals as well. But that's just a preference, really.