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  1. my hopes for mortars

    Precision combat range of mortarwalking point cannot be set toolarge :lol:
  2. SQUAD Live Chat Room (IRC)

    Updated OP. Curry. :wub:
  3. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Trouble Louzhu can help make a Chinese one? Thank you
  4. Your efforts will be rewarded!
  5. I like your team to develop the game very much, that is the game rather than a can improve the quality of their own software. I come from China, for Chinese game mode and game skills completely enough, too commercial (everything including weapons dress needs money to buy) at the expense of entertainment, your team developed SQ I think even charge, is also a great game. For me this military fans, just need a embodiment of team is highly cooperative games, at present, by PR, is also a game world rare team game, which I hope your team all the best in the success and efficiency! Thank you for your hard!