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  1. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Absolutely fantastic work so far guys, i cannot wait to see what the future holds for Squad and look forward to every step of the journey.
  2. POLL - v10

    I personally feel the complete opposite. I played PR for years and years and when squad first came out i jumped in with my commander pack and was so ready to get into "PR2".. Boy was I shocked to find that Squad was not feeling like what I wanted in a newer Project Reality type game. I played here and there and didn't really rack up too many hours, although the game play was quite fun and immersive to me, the feeling of my characters movements and the shooting just didn't feel right.. Enter V10... my god.. this update didn't just come through the door.. it blew the door off its hinges and planted it in the wall... V10 has taken Squad from feeling like an Alpha to feeling like an amazingly loved and polished game. Its so clear to me how much hard work these Devs have put into their game and my feeling of support for Squad and its community has just exploded. I cannot wait to see where Squad goes and future updates. Thank you Devs for all your hard work and for the all the criticisms you receive you put out patches that are simply amazing. As a side note, to the squad members I led on the 22nd thank you for your patience and cooperation with my squad leading, I hope to continue improving my knowledge and grow into a great leader in Squad. Cheers, Frumplequest
  3. Not really too sure how you can shit talk Ubisoft and Massive for one persons game being bugged out, sure, its a terrible bug that makes his/her experience terrible and most likely unplayable. But that isn't to say that its the game as a whole. I've put in over 5 hours so far and not a single bug or fps drop. its optimized amazingly in my opinion considering I'm running it on high on my 4770k, 20gb RAM and my old GTX 770, she is still packing a punch but to be fair its an old card at this point. Also I do have the game installed on my SSD, so that may play a part? I assume mostly with loading times and texture pop-in though. I think this bug is just the configuration that the PC is using, be it an issue with any hardware installed, it will be fixed soon i'm sure. I'm sure someone is going to hate on me for defending them, but don't wrap massive up in Ubisoft's previous terrible releases. Lets give the game its chance as a BETA to work out all these kinds of bugs with drivers and such and hope that Massive will pull through with what is looking to be a very fun game! Cheers all, take it easy and gave fun! :D
  4. MOTD

    I disagree, Most servers on Project Reality run MOTD's to show basic rules and/or the URL of where they can find the whole list. They also post admin names in the MOTD or about upcoming events and generally a short "Thank you for playing on our server.". As we are still very early on, I highly doubt its very far up on the list, so expect it once the game is more fished and nearing its completion, or even possibly once a patch with admin tools is launched.
  5. Because we want tanks to kill Talibans

    Good old Generation Kill :D Nice video, I liked it.
  6. Switching

    Its not really a surprise at all.. "Ghosting" has been around in Project Reality for years.. Although it never seemed too bad, I suppose until recently the community on PR was always quite mature and had good sportsmanship for the most part. That was always my experience anyway, and I've been playing that amazing mod for far too many years now :P Honestly, the best defense while we wait for the dev's to implement a server setting for team switching is, admins. Admins once again need to take the lead and start removing those troublemakers from the servers. That's just my opinion anyway :) Have a great day everyone! Squint.
  7. I'm not a religious person but my thoughts and prayers are with all those near or involved in these absolutely awful attacks. Those who attack the harmless are the biggest cowards.
  8. Is rainbow six siege tactical?

    I played this weekend and apart from the (ugh.. horrible) ping issues that made it rather unfair towards me it was very enjoyable. I understand that having the name of Rainbow 6 makes people unhappy because it doesn't live up to the technical/ realistic nature of the past titles. But hey, at least its fun. Also its definitely one of those games where you want to get a good bunch of mates together and team up and actually apply real tactics. I see a lot of complaints about it being too fast paced.. In my opinion that isn't a bad thing, that is a challenge to overcome as the attackers (Counter-Terrorist?). Use speed and your tools/ the environment to your advantage, create distractions in one area or part of a room then come in from a different angle.. Or ya know, just kill everyone in the room with FUZE and his annoyingly OP 4x mine launcher thingo.. Seriously that thing is a pain in the butt with lag, by the time you see it shoot the mines out its way too late. In conclusion, I think a lot of people here... oh god please don't hate me.. but I think you are all living in the past. And so am I, I still want Battlefield 2 modern combat to come out on PC.. literally just a port.. i love the graphics, i love the game play... nothing I play ever lives up to my memories of that game... but you get my drift. Just because this game has the Rainbow 6 name doesn't mean its going to be the exact same game. I know that some of you are going to hate me for saying that and others might understand what I'm getting at. Either way, play the games you enjoy and love them, and when a company ruins the new version of it, find something new to play or stick to the old. its what we gotta put up with these days i suppose Love you all, please don't hate... Lets just all agree that SQUAD is the best game ever made and lets all hold hands and sing songs..
  9. I got my commander pack back ages ago and have played the game fine, but I went into my email today to retrieve my second key for a friend and now both the keys are gone and replaced with what looks like a database error. Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. Just became a backer

    I read the title as "I just became a hacker".. Well, welcome aboard!
  11. PR Maps

    Were they the ones that made it US vs INS? It's been a while and its hard to remember the exact server name but I remember playing on the BattleArena server a lot. Good times!
  12. Massive Explosions in Tianjin, China

    Hmm, okay, Such a shame... Thanks for the reply.
  13. Massive Explosions in Tianjin, China

    Anyone know what happened? Was it an accident or some kind of attack? I too have heard nothing about this, I'm in Australia. I hate seeing this loss of life, its so sad..
  14. [Minor Feature Request] Firing mode toggle

    I'd personally like to have a visual display of the equipment i am carrying and what key to press, like in PR how it is down the bottom right.
  15. [BUG] Stamina drain

    All good, my man. Also, I didn't try it with just holding space bar down once to see if it continued to drain. but you could try that too