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  1. Squad Server Files Released!

    Yes we were giving steam keys from SQUAD to download the dedi files. I don't know if thats changed or not.
  2. Squad Server Files Released!

    you also should be using a different steam account to get the dedicated server files.
  3. Squad Server Files Released!

    Hey, I use the steamCMD line. I am not sure about this gui that you are using but steamCMD is fairly simple. I use the following Steam>login <accountname> <password> Logging in user 'accountname' to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for license info...OK Steam>force_install_dir C:\squad Use this command to pick the directory even if its an update you need to use this to change the destination Steam>app_update 403240 validate Update state (0x3) reconfiguring, progress: 0.00 (0 / 0) Update state (0x3) reconfiguring, progress: 0.00 (0 / 0) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 11.96 (99642734 / 833117505) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 28.79 (239868079 / 833117505) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 47.17 (392960175 / 833117505) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 75.24 (626802135 / 833117505) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 95.86 (798624334 / 833117505) Success! App '403240' fully installed. Steam>force_install_dir C:\squad3 Steam>app_update 403240 validate This whenever you need to update (or fresh install) on the directory you've forced above. Update state (0x3) reconfiguring, progress: 0.00 (0 / 0) Update state (0x5) validating, progress: 53.78 (1026721372 / 1909089209) Update state (0x5) validating, progress: 77.12 (1472373764 / 1909089209) Update state (0x5) validating, progress: 95.03 (1814123633 / 1909089209) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 10.18 (84836536 / 833118764) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 33.50 (279120161 / 833118764) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 82.54 (687625089 / 833118764) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 100.00 (225252192 / 225252192) Success! App '403240' fully installed. Steam> Let me know if you need more help
  4. Vac banned?

    I would ask steam for some information about it at the very least. There is many legit reasons people might use cheat engine on single player games for mods/fov fixes etc. You guys should ease up a little bit before pointing your finger at this guy for 'cheating' whats your steamID son?
  5. URL for admins & bans

    I suppose. I literally installed a tiny webserver and put the files i wanted to host in the directoy..and ...thats literally it. no skill needed whosoever. Not sure how it can be private when its just a URL being accessed.. there is no way to use something w. a user name and password.
  6. URL for admins & bans

    Not sure if thats more 'simple' or not. Also if you dont want public accessible then you do it all internally like i have it set. It took about 2 minutes to set it up.
  7. Since the new update I cannot ...

    do you guys have // comments after the super admin user thats listed? it doesnt work if you do.
  8. URL for admins & bans

    Hello, Set up a small webserver on your gameserver. (assuming you have a dedicated box) Host a .txt or .cfg whatever on that webserver and point that file at it. It will run when the server starts up and changes maps. example URL would be meaning you are running the webserver ON the server itself. Block the webserver from serving anyone on the outside via firewall. The directory you install the webserver will be where you need to keep your banlist (be default) This works with bans -- its not yet working(or i have not)for adminlists.
  9. 4.0 Issues

    i have not had a single crash nor have i adjusted the tickrate.
  10. Server company complaining

    My host company has a VAC system that's been great for taking care of DDOS attacks -- in fact i cannot remember the last time we got hit or noticed that we got hit. (NOTICE TO POTENTIAL DDOSers reading this: dont) Host is OVH.
  11. Whitelisting?

    full admins don't have to put the password on our servers.
  12. Server Performance

    We're running w/ default tickrate and have 0 problems. Not sure why this tickrate lowering seems to becoming the norm.
  13. Cloning SSD Sata (W10) to SSD PCie failure

    how are you coming to the conclusion that his MBR is messed up? cause he switched boot devices and its complaining about lack of OS? Sounds like you need to make the new SSD the primary boot device in bios. Worst case do a fresh install -- slave the other drive (pci-e or not) and get what you need.