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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    I get an "already confirmed" message. This is already a very generous offer, so I'm perfectly happy with what I have received. That said, I wouldn't turn down free keys for my other levels! I'm sure my clanmates would be thrilled as well
  2. Post Scriptum Keys

    Very cool, thanks for this! At the risk of sounding greedy, what about those of us who backed at multiple levels?
  3. Hey Squaddies! Our very own 508th PIR Hussar made this trailer, enjoy!
  4. Opinion on vaulting

    Fair point!
  5. Try switching your sound quality to "Epic."
  6. Compass Missing After V10

    Save your screenshot to your computer as a jpeg, png, or whatever, then attach it.
  7. There is some stuff going on up @13.5KHz. It is mostly masked by the rumble, but it's there.
  8. Compass Missing After V10

    Maybe an HDMI scaling issue? Sounds like overscan.
  9. Changed it to LOW or changed it to EPIC? Do you hear the breathing and heartbeat sounds now?
  10. Opinion on vaulting

    And the first thing they do upon contact is to drop their ruck.
  11. OK, good - I was worried for sec there In context, it doesn't bother me either, but some folks are more sensitive to this sort of thing, like the OP.
  12. Can you hear this? It's the tone fully isolated:
  13. I have, it's the same. This is apparently what you hear with audio set to "Low."
  14. You can't hear the HF tone in the Soundcloud link?
  15. OK! I play with "Epic" sound. I just tried again with sound on "Low" and the results were very much similar to yours. Video: Isolated ringing: I'll see if I can find a good example of the same from before v10 to compare, but at this point it is clearly present when using "Low" audio settings.