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  1. Why are the tank guns so slow to move?

    As it does in-game. I bound my arrow keys to mouse movement and timed it.
  2. T-72 sights off

    That's a chevron ( ^ ), not a "y."
  3. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Immersion is the product of one's imagination. The more detail the source material provides (be it a book, movie, video game, etc.), the less imagination it might take to immerse yourself in that world. Only when we have full-sensory VR technology, where the line between our reality and the virtual world is indistinct, will imagination become a nonfactor. TL;DR - Imagine harder, bro.

    Here you go: I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  5. Heck, FOIP is on its way to becoming a thing, and webcams are cheap.
  6. What is really going on with Squad?

    Presuming to speak for others is a great way to invalidate your position. Maybe you are right, but stick to speaking for yourself.
  7. Why can I not choose a role?

    If the other team has a lot less players, then the server admins are not doing their job. Find another server.
  8. I paid for Founder and I'm still a Grunt

    "Grunt" is your forum posting level. It has nothing to do with your status as a backer. Backer badges are not currently functional on the forum.
  9. air assets??

    "...realistic..." Misconduct KotH frag vid <insert favorite eyeroll.gif here>
  10. air assets??

    The only air vehicles an MH-9 can outrun are quad/hexacopters and parachutes.
  11. Whether or not it's good for gameplay aside, doesn't it fly in the face of the original conceit of the respawn mechanic? In that when you respawn, you aren't the same unit, but a new unit called in as reinforcement or what have you. It was definitely explained that way in the past, somewhere. Maybe it's irrelevant, maybe it will create better gameplay, maybe it will be a dismal failure, I dunno. Just thought that was weird.
  12. No. Get a job.
  13. BFV Closed Alpha

    I gave it a look last night. A lot of great changes for sure. But as I was playing, I realized what it is about the franchise that I find off-putting, and which might, at least in part, be what makes it non-viable for the Squad/PR crowd - there's just too much detail. It looks great, that's for sure, but I found myself thinking about the scenery too often. It's almost as if a line had been crossed, where the eye candy was actually immersion-breaking. There's no more room for anything. Where to place deployables? Wherever you look, there's already something there. And of course, the alpha map feels really claustrophobic. Maybe there will be larger, more open maps in beta/release, but I'm not betting on it. It might turn out to be a pretty good shooter, but competition for Squad/PS/PR? Naw.