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  1. Spelled my name wrong

    Are you sure you are looking in the right place? How did you spell it when you submitted it? I'm pretty sure it is automatically pulled from your profile.
  2. Ear plugs to filter noise

    Of course, I never said anything to the contrary. Adding earplugs to an Arma mission is actually a very simple proposition via scripting, no mod necessary.
  3. Ear plugs to filter noise

    For the record, earplugs are not a feature of Arma 3.
  4. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    Telling someone that their work is atrocious, then telling them that your comments are not to be taken negatively - this is inconsistent. Perhaps a better word is "dishonest." It's the same as using "No offense, but..." to obfuscate a clear insult. "Really bad" is negative criticism. There is nothing wrong with negative criticism, particularly when it is constructive, as yours was. Own it.
  5. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    All I'm saying is that your lack of consistency may nullify your opinions in the eyes of others. Do you think the M4 sound is extremely bad, or do you think it needs a little tweaking? I don't hate it, but I feel it could use a little more complexity, as you describe. Same for the AK variants.
  6. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    Maybe remove "atrocious" from the topic title, then.
  7. Be an admin they said - it'll be fun they said...

    Administrate the server. It's in the job title. Gameplay comes second.
  8. Be an admin they said - it'll be fun they said...

    Who said being a server admin would be fun?
  9. SL can choose kits for his squad.

    I think he's suggesting that the SL be able to limit what kits are available to his squad, not what each squad member must specifically use.
  10. You don't understand how someone can hold an opinion different from yours? Odd. Regardless, I wasn't offering an opinion, I was pointing out objective problems with the quality of the audio samples. I can do a lot with RX5, but only so much is possible without causing new problems.
  11. I'm talking about the OP's audio samples, not your videos.
  12. Honestly, the above clips don't sound particularly good. Too much ambience, some overmodulation, flutter, and other artifacts. Anders is doing an outstanding job. If he finds that he requires assistance, I'm sure he'll ask for it.
  13. Squad Merchandise

    There it is, fast ropes confirmed!
  14. Squad Merchandise

    ...and my piece of commemorative fast rope?