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  1. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Awesome TOW model @ Cr4sh. Obviously your work dude. Epic stuff as usual. Kudos m8.
  2. British Army DPM camo

    Darn it!!! He stole my ref. Haha
  3. Community content WIP thread!

    Nice job on the scope buddy.
  4. Your Thoughts on the Free Weekend

    You may well be quitely suprised. I would however reiterate Ztroopers request. Give the new peeps help & guidance. And yes,not all will be acccomodating. hah. C'est la vie.
  5. Well, alpha being alpha? Who knows ! Although you are questioning an ex marine vet here . Good luck with that one.!!!
  6. VAC Banned By Developers

    We don't ban. Anti cheat software bans. Thread closed.
  7. It's being worked on. Please be patient. We don't do letting players down.Thanks dudes.
  8. Community content WIP thread!

    Good stuff guys, enjoyed perusing all these assets. Keep it up

    Remove all the "effing". Now please! Thankyou.
  10. New models for Russians

    ^^^^ sorted. Lol
  11. New models for Russians

    I don't think that many will get the " gormless" description bud. Not all yorkie a in here but I get ya lol. For the uninitiated gormless is kind of a blank expression of the face, or noggin if a yorkie.
  12. New models for Russians

    Right. Here we go for the very last time. The Russian models are new. They will not be updated. The textures "may be "updated At a future date.
  13. New models for Russians

    @samogon. I updated the textures a while ago.They will be added when time permits. Now CHILL!
  14. Should a 14 year old play Squad?

    Actually he annoyed me,so I disciplined him lol. Nah,It changed a while back & I`ve been too busy to update it if truth be told.
  15. Will people hate me if I'm 13?

    I`m originally from a country within England called Yorkshire. hehe. Mexborough to be precise... Mining country.
  16. Should a 14 year old play Squad?

    Jump ingame with the likes off ^^^ & you will be fine. If your parents have any issues , Im more than happy to answer any of their concerns via pm.
  17. New Pc Build advice - The full monty.

    Your rig is decent. If in your shoes I would update incrementally rather than throw money away . Try an i7 upgrade initially if your mobo is capable. If not, mobo & processor.If you can't resist the gpu upgrade. I'll take the 980 off your hands heh.
  18. Will people hate me if I'm 13?

    Would be really cool if one of you experienced guys jumped in a said you would be willing to mentor the young lad? Sounds like he's pretty switched on for his age. Wouldn't you agree? Youth is the future chaps. Help the lad out!
  19. New Pc Build advice - The full monty.

    Crikey dude.Better rig than I have currently when your done.Well nearly! My PS IS 1050 hehe. I reckon you could save some spondoolies with some clever purchasing. ie case and power.Alot of redundant servers come with excellent cases & an overbundance of power for very little monies.
  20. Modding Helpdesk

    Yes.Get on Discord where there`s a miriad of other modders helping each other.
  21. Oooooh! Things come & go. You never know what`s round the corner. hehe
  22. Community content WIP thread!

    Glad your around bud.What a great guy.Never seen you piss on anyone.That`s some decorum....Long may it continue...
  23. Is the BTR camo a placeholder?

    Well, I do hate interrupting a good whine in progress!...
  24. Is the BTR camo a placeholder?

    Finally!! Give that man a cigar.
  25. New Animation System release date?

    So, back to the original thread question.. It's ongoing. As for a specific release date when we can say ALL animations are replaced/updated. NO! Sorted.Cheers.