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  1. Tanks really aren't op in my experience, i mean, maybe kind of, but it's very much doable since most players don't know how to properly play with them. They often don't have friendly infantry around to protect them, easy targets to sneak up on. Or ya know, if they overwhelm you, fall back to the next flag and build up a few TOWs in the general area. Once we managed to roll over the enemy team once my squad destoyed two enemy tanks with two TOWs, and Bradley's TOW and a HAT player. We just fell back and prepared, enemy tanks felt all-mighty and paid the price.
  2. Return of the HUMVEE's under a different name

    It's almost like most people are no experts and they just accept what they've been told it is.
  3. Might be because they were played a little too often that people might have become bored of it
  4. January 2019 Recap

    Most Battlefield games take 2 years of development with hundreds of people, is it that strange to have a small team work on their first game for over three years? Insurgency's maps take way less time to create, and it doesn't have nearly as many complex systems to balance as Squad does. Also, insurgency already enstablished itself with their first game.
  5. What does this game do better than PR?

    For me the game is just more accessable while still maintaining the kind of (but not exactly) realistic gameplay from PR, but with better gunplay and movement, persistent ammo, localized damage models on vehicles (not sure if PR had it or not), and the maps feel more "real" (not talking graphics here).
  6. Suggestions

    Wouldn't hurt to have this tbh.
  7. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    100% agree here, except for one situation: Server admin just hanging around in admin cam watching the fight, not telling anyone what's going on and only act when people misbehave.
  8. commander?

    Could even have a gamemode surrounding the commander. Basically find the enemy commander and kill him, no respawns would make it a quick match compared to AAS, and main base of both teams would open up after like 5 minutes forcing both commanders out.
  9. January 2019 Recap

    True, these were their goals for the game at the time, which can change for every single game in the development process. Reality hits you in the face, and you realise that you might have wanted a bit too much before you knew what you were really getting yourself into.
  10. commander?

    So i take that killing the commander will have plenty of benefits? Also for stuff like UAV and CAS, does the commander need to be close-ish to the action?
  11. January 2019 Recap

    And this is where it goes wrong with some people, Squad is the spiritual successor to PR, but in no way is it meant to be a PR 2.
  12. January 2019 Recap

  13. Because there is nothing to test atm i guess.
  14. Vehicle damage in the future

    Pretty sure Squad was already slowly adding this type of stuff to the game. Except for the bouncing off thing.
  15. Return of the HUMVEE's under a different name

    Well i think the T-90 simply hasn't been made yet, at the very least i hope it makes it into Squad. Tho it's estimated that only around 350 T-90's are in Russian service, while the amount of T-72's would be over 2000, so the T-72 is most likely not going to go for a while yet.
  16. squad lead is MEH

    "The community" is vastly different per server in my experience. On NA servers i usually dislike squad leading, since everyone apparently knows how to do it better than me, except they don't want to do it when i offer it to them. On EU servers i'm mostly having a lot of fun, people seem more polite towards eachother. This is just my experience tho, not just Squad, but some other games aswell..
  17. Return of the HUMVEE's under a different name

    Not sure if it would be good to bring them back, other than nostalgia. Aren't they pretty much all replaced irl at this point?
  18. We need more maps!

    I don't think you'd do well here on these forums, or anywhere in general, with that way of handling things.
  19. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Tbh squadleading becomes pretty easy with fireteams, i just have to manage two or three players rather than nine.
  20. New nations

    You mean something like the monthly recaps?
  21. Al-Basrah Rework.

    I think expanding Basrah wouldn't be an issue, different layers can create new and different experiences.
  22. Al-Basrah Rework.

    I feel like the main issue with the current buildings is their quality, just improve that and then there would be almost no need to replace them, tho mixing in a few Talil buildings wouldn't hurt either imo.
  23. Al-Basrah Rework.

    I think a few more bridges and more city across the river also wouldn't hurt. An actual harbour with shipping containers and stuff would also be welcome. And more outskirts maybe..
  24. squad lead is MEH

    Yeah, usually i try to form a rough plan (not asking anyone what to do but at least have an idea of how the start will go). Usually i suggest for the tanks to stay back untill we know what the enemy is doing with theirs for example. And it often works out, i always ask of every squad leader to share info, and i often ask how they're doing with their objectives. This alone creates a good atmosphere between the squads, making it a lot more fun.