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  1. Gameplay improvement/realism features

    I think this is already planned as part of the invetory system in the future, not sure tho..
  2. The meat grinder is awful

    Or just increase the timer for the rallypoint, and make it stay there for like 30 seconds so you can all spawn in together and go together.
  3. Not quite. It would still be AAS except these "flags" have an area of dominance similar to territory controll. In this area on the map the team that holds it is able to build stuff.
  4. June Free Weekend

    Yeah don't worry, i've got a few mates aswell from the competetive scene who are willing to help. We'll each lead a squad and work together to make it fun for us.
  5. Specialised squads is the answer tbh. Like in PS.
  6. Basically this. It's because there are no transport squads. Infantry squadleaders want all their players into the action (which is obvious) so there is no way for them to get the transport truck back to their main base for it to be used again. This atm is one of the larger issues that Squad has gameplay-wise. I'm sure it will become somewhat better once helicopters are in (i don't see them dumping helicopters on random parts of the map).
  7. buy Squad for free Post Scriptum

    Yeah you're a few years too late.
  8. Playing with friends?

    To be honest if you're completely new it might actually be best to join someone's squad together rather than create your own. Most players with clan tags are decent to good squad leaders who know what they're doing, so look out for those types of people. After you've got the hang of some of the classes and get efficient at using them i'd say it's time to give squad leading a try. Even if your squad is just you and your three mates, you'll still need to know the map, and be able to predict how the enemy team will use it (flanking routes and probable enemy FOB locations). You'll also be asked to do certain tasks sometimes by other squad leaders, so working with them is important aswell as working with your friends. Now that being said, don't forget about having fun (some clan players forget about this at times and get way too serious in public matches...) and don't expect everything to go well in your first few rounds. As a four-player squad tho, i think your task would be as a back-cap and defence squad, holding playable objectives that your team holds while other squads can try and attack the enemy's.
  9. So basically just three real rules. Use common sense, standard seeding rules and no one-man vehicles, cool.
  10. All i really want is main bases becoming much more important. In pr we would often spawn at main to grab a new transport truck with the squad and go at the enemy from new angles. This is the main thing i currently miss in Squad, that and transport squads.
  11. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Well consider this game to be similar to Battlefield in that it's not difficult to pick up and play, tho it does take a few hours to effectively learn how to play. It's also a combined arms warfare game like Battlefield. But where it mainly differs is that teamwork is heavily enforced in Squad, and it's much more realistic, a bit slower paced, and much more tactical.
  12. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    Ey don't worry yet, shit will get better in the future for Squad's optimisation, at least i've still got my hopes up for the beta stage.
  13. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    tbh 3.4 ghz says it all
  14. SPG-9 Visual Glitch

    That is now how to upload a screenshot. Either upload it through steam itself or make an imgur account and drag it on there. https://imgur.com/
  15. June Free Weekend

    Well then don't lol.
  16. June Free Weekend

    I'll defo be squad leading a bit, i might even call my squad "newbie bootcamp" or something lol.
  17. partially hardcore - no name tags

    Keep that stuff in a pm lol, i agree a more hardcore no-nametag server option would be neat!
  18. This would require a shitton of work to be able to implement. Basically editing/redoing most of the models amd writing a code for it from scratch. Good idea but atm not possible i think.
  19. June Free Weekend

    Ooooh, good knife practice coming up!
  20. Little White Helicopter Pt.2

    Oke so what is the actual point of this thread? Last thread you asked for a free copy of PS since you found some white helicopter. Are you going to explain what your actual point is or are you trying to troll?
  21. New Maps

    Most of Squad's playerbase is also above 16 years old afaik. Which means in many cases that they are often too busy irl to be able to play Squad. Especially around this time of the year with exams and stuff. Or people have jobs and other irl stuff that simply comes first. This is basically due to the average playersbase in squad being older than in some other games, since the gameplay suits them more. When V11 released the playercount jumped up, but is now a bit lower partially because of the reasons i stated above. Also it's far from a complete game, many core features are simply not in yet, so people play the latest update for a bit and wait for the next one to come out.
  22. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    I think with a temporary smaller 4x4 version of the map it could work. Or just some invasion layers?
  23. why t72 and no t-90

    I disagree with this completely, i love playing as the insurgents/militia factions. The main issue here is that people simply do not know how to play. Techies for example are meant to harras the enemy with hit and run tactics, they are fast vehicles that are difficult to catch. But players always use them to charge head-on. This is not an issue with the game, but players' mindsets.