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  1. July 2018 Recap

    I would hate voice activation in Squad lol. People who have stuff on the background all the time will be so damn annoying.. In discord i always force people to have PTT enabled, will then have the same in my squad.
  2. July 2018 Recap

    How is the local voice button inconvenient? Laying wounded on the ground, you can use the local voice to talk to a nearby medic who would otherwise not be able to find you as quick. Being incapacitated doesn't mean you're dead. As for not being able to hear enemies, it's done to encourage the use of the ingame comms. People would flock away from the ingame comes and use teamspeak and discord way more often if enemies could hear them talk.
  3. Squad vs Insurgency

    I don't think a fully equipped soldier being able to swim is realistic tho.
  4. July 2018 Recap

    They don't know how to code water properly? Idk..
  5. July 2018 Recap

    That is true.
  6. July 2018 Recap

    Agreed, players should be able to swim. But it's still better to have water that kills you rather than water that doesn't stop players at all, making bridges useless.
  7. Project Reality 1.5.5.

    In PR your bullets go anywhere except where you aim at, not realistic at all lol. It makes firefights last too long since people barely hit anything. In Squad these two good guys with a scope can also easily be taken out.
  8. Project Reality 1.5.5.

    If PR could simply be ported to a better engine i'd gladly play it again. But tbh Squad really isn't that far off from PR as people say it is. Most matches in Squad go about as well as they did when PR became stand-alone.
  9. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Yeah we don't encourage stacking at all where i play at.
  10. July 2018 Recap

    I really hope that water will not be crossable like in most maps. Bridges should be of great importance.
  11. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    This is one of the reasons prta founded a server for Squad. When we notice a team getting rolled too much, we make sure to balance it out.
  12. August Community Feedback Roundtable

    What we need with vehicles is being able to go uphill much faster while on a road. On Kohat it's mostly a pain to do logi runs because of how slow the truck goes uphill.
  13. Battlefield V

    Battlefield has never been authentic.
  14. Late Game Joinner

    Vehicles really need a good spawn timer tho, make it more important to not get them destroyed, or abandoned somewhere on the map.
  15. air assets??

    I'm pretty sure there's way more behind the reason than just that. The most important thing probably being that they have to create the code from scratch, like they'll do with helicopters and did with ground vehicles.
  16. air assets??

    I mean... I also backed Squad, but i did realise that the plans could change at any time, which is the case for any indie developer that yet has to build more experience with creating an actual game from scratch. If you really thought the origional plans from the kickstarter were the final definitive plans, you've kind of played yourself. That said, i still think backing Squad has been way more than worth it.
  17. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    Yeah, would love that soooo much, perfect system that is.. What is life..?
  18. Too many games?

    Yeah and none of those musket warfare games are as good as M&B Napoleonic Wars yet. Graphics wise yeah, but gameplay nah.
  19. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    If this game is free, how would the devs ever get enough money to finish it?
  20. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I like to play Squad leader, and try to keep the team together. I often talk to other SL's and ask what their plan is, and suggest stuff if i have any ideas. I also often just fill up the empty spaces with my squads to make sure we don't get rolled at least, and hopefully win. Often in rounds where i'm not a squad leader i notice a certain chaotic vibe with other squads not working together, often resulting in less fun matches overall.
  21. You have to understand that the community on the forums is like 10% of the squad playerbase pretty much.
  22. The stryker, BTR, and MTLB are all dead with 1 LAT hit in the back.
  23. July 2018 Recap

    Is winning the match and getting player's gratitude not a reward? People always just want to get the kills without putting any effort into winning the match, this is a completely backwards mentality of players these days in any game.
  24. I would just watch and see how it is going to happen before judging. After all if it doesn't work they can change it in a patch.
  25. Alpha 11.2

    I know that, but my quote was almost a direct quote aswell. So basically the devs don't know.