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  1. Alpha 12.1

    All of those are the skins you want to have disabled for now.
  2. A12.1 broke game

    Every update will break something for someone, it's hard to avoid probably. Did you guys try a fresh installation of the game?
  3. Armor Penalty

    It's easy to see when a tank crew is bad for me. -No communication. -Rolling straight into the flag. -Ignoring any advice or intel on enemies, so basically just not caring at all. Whenever i'm in a tank crew i usually stay back a bit untill we get intell on enemy armour, now even then it sometimes still happens that we get blown up simply because the enemy crew is either better, had a better position, or was simply lucky. Three times in a row yeah, that's a bit odd, but it should not take a game mechanic to fix that. Instead server admins just kind of need to regulate it imo, since everyone has different idea and solutions.
  4. When about thermals?

    Agreed, but not before proper counters to these are made, or at least more counters against these vehicles in general.
  5. Armor Penalty

    If a tank on your team instantly gets destroyed it really doesn't automatically mean that the crew was bad. It's player vs player after all, the guys on the other team might just have outsmarted them, or accidently gotten behind them and blew up the engine, and then the ammo storage. I've had a few times i got wrecked in the first five minutes, but the second time i took the MBT in the same match i survived the rest of the round. This is the main reason for me to be heavily against such automated restrictions.
  6. This calls for a new CPU, which calls for a new MB and DDR4 RAM. I doubt this is a case where you can just upgrade one pc part, you'll probably be way better off going all-out.
  7. Armor Penalty

    I don't agree here, if people want to make a MBT squad, i let them have it for the entire match, but at times when their tank is destroyed, i ask of them to do something else to help the team in the meantime, transport, logi run, mortars etc... If others want to form a MBT squad they can discuss that with the current one or wait for the next match. If it's an MBT squad that doesn't communicate or just trolls around, then yeah i understand, as an admin i'll make sure to create my own MBT squad then to replace them personally.
  8. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Literally no clue what the guy above me is talking about. I've never been kicked from any server while squad leader, nor have i ever kicked other squad leaders for "not playing the objective", it's not too difficult to communicate and talk with eachother.
  9. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Attack helicopters would be an awesome counter against tanks, while AA would be an awesome a balance against attack helicopters, infantry and vehicles would be a counter against AA. Rock-paper-scissors is needed in this aspect to keep it all balanced. It works well in PR, there's no reason it wouldn't work well in Squad. Another way to balance these attack helicopters would be to have them take a while to rearm their missles at main base, and not be able to rearm at FOB's. The game's still in alpha, saying stuff should not be added is a bad attitude imo, stuff can always change in the future and balanced out based on our very own feedback, to the point balance won't be an issue anymore.
  10. It's usually up to the admins of the server to fix the balance. On PRTA whenever we're seeded we often switch our own people over to the losing side.
  11. TAZ GAZ-2330

    Russia really is missing a vehicle of this kind, would be nice to have indeed.
  12. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Yeah, it does. Aswell as AA emplacements and vehicles. Any air assets were dead without infantry/vehicle support on the ground.
  13. Why I dont want Helicopters

    People honestly think they will introduce helicopters to the game without counters for them?
  14. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    You mean the mechanized infantry squads that i often see in European servers? Pretty sure thats a good way to use them.
  15. Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

    That's retarded, what country does that (USA i guess?)
  16. When about thermals?

    Probably when there are more than enough counters against the already OP tanks and IFV's. Right now it would just shit on the balance aspects, so later would be a better idea.
  17. Well to be fair, the Abrams has only been up against outdated or shit versions of the T-72 with shit crews and shit tactics. The B3 would make it pretty close to a T-90 in terms of capabilities.
  18. Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

    Bandwidth limits? What's that?
  19. Pretty sure V12's is a lot like it was in V10 from what i remember. It's nothing like V9/V8's handling, since a lot of the old competetive players say this is as far from v9 as it can get.
  20. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    Also 8GB for programs like this is a bit on the low side.
  21. Complexities

    So basically what you're saying is that you just fail to get used to new things and changes that Squad brings in the recent update? I mean, i had to get used to it, but as a guy who often squad leads, i love the new map and UI, it actually helps a great deal for me compared to V11.
  22. Complexities

    Yeah i guess, i never like to rush anyways. I want to hear from other squads about where the enemy is and where they're going before i start wasting my players and assets lol.
  23. Complexities

    You guys really gotta pick different servers to play on, like yeah i do see it sometimes, but it's really not that bad in my experience. Some good ways to get a good squad togethet, and the team as a whole, is to create a squad with a name that instantly makes your role clear. Talk with the other squadleaders and force them into responding if they dont talk right away. Make a plan together as you go, since plans made before the round starts often fall apart once you meet the enemy. Just keep communicating from your side and often they'll do the same.
  24. M3 MAAWS for US faction Heavy ANti Tank

    I think for gameplay reasons the fire and forget thing may not be a good idea, yet at least. Maybe if locking on would take a couple of seconds, with a warning system in place for the tanks.