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  1. Rally Point Changes Needed

    I just wanna leave a comment here saying that this discussion is very cool to read. No flaming, no passive agressiveness, just people trying to explain and understand eachother, and learn, you guys are awesome!
  2. Skins not showing up!!!

    Skins will be fixed for the full release. Also gotta disagree, gameplay = win, skins = not needed.
  3. He's probably talking about pre-V13.
  4. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    Fences and small trees and bushes basically don't have an effect on heavy vehicles, while infantry gets slowed down in bushes, so they can't run. This is based on the last time i played, about a year ago.
  5. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    @Gatzby i think just doing what post scriptum did is good enough..
  6. Admin Camera

    I think only admins can see eachother in admin cam, if they are both in admin cam.
  7. canadian primaries recoil is UNFAIR

    Canadian rifles are OP compared to the other factions, i agree.
  8. Am I the only one that doesn't enjoy Squad?

    Having fun in this game heavily relies on the people you play with, if you're in a team that just fails at doing anything and constantly gets pounded by the other team, well, you won't have fun.
  9. What is your ram usage while gaming?

    Quite sure there's just a massive memory leak. Might be on my end idk... Will have to fully reinstall the game, as since i got a new monitor i've started to get a LOT of random framedrops that literally cause my helicopter to slam into the ground.
  10. What is your ram usage while gaming?

    I've had times where Squad used up about 20gigs of ram.... I have no idea how or what.
  11. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    Agreed tbh.. this would help make stuff get smoother
  12. Another can my pc run this game

    Should be able to, don't see why not. Then again i have 0 knowledge about amd cpu's.
  13. Coax on right mouse button.

    Seriously, a press of a button to switch between coax and main gun is too much for people?
  14. The Wrench, February 2020

    Definitely looks like it'll play more like PR, some stuff seems a bit too much, but i'm definitely looking forward to it.
  15. Basically, if you want a game to have destructable environments, you'll need to start implementing that from the start, and build the game arround it. If they'd do this now, it would mean another 2 years of just trying to get that right and optimised. I personally prefer to have 100 players over this. I hope they'll be able to get stable-enough servers for it soon..
  16. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    Squad definitely has some questionable stats here and there.

    I think seeing other squadleaders is fine, for the squadleader. Would be cool to have a mode where regular soldiers dont see friendlies except SL's being able to see eachother.
  18. Choppers are op(with video proof)

    Either helicopter hitboxes are messed up and buggy, or the helicopters are simply too tanky. I agree they need to be more fragile.
  19. FALLUJAH & The Vertical Slice

    You mean destructable environments? Because i doubt that'll ever happen
  20. New Commander on Duty!

    Yeah i'd like a stance from the main developers on giving servers the option to turn on a more "hardcore" or tactical game setting compared to regular Squad. Welcome though! I hope to see some good stuff.
  21. FALLUJAH & The Vertical Slice

    A proof of concept isn't really representative of what it will eventually look like, it's just the feel of the map the devs want to go with.
  22. Anti-tank and armour

    I agree with this. I do think AT should be more limited but more devastating against vehicles. However to balance that i also think that anti-infantry rounds from 25-125mm guns should have their damage and blast radious increased. Since i want IFV's and tanks to be really scary for infantry, but on the other hand also quickly dealt with if they're prepared to take them on.
  23. Challenger tank control...

    There's a bug that if you hold the handbrake while turning off the engine, you need to press the handbrake again after turning it back on, or you'll stay stuck. But no, usually the handbrake isn't a toggle, if it's a bug report it on the discord maybe?
  24. To be honest, this sounds like something i'd greatly appreciate. Forcing people to at least try and be more organized, nowadays most rounds are like shitshows lol.
  25. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Yeah, the helis really need to be nerfed, like wtf is up with their armour.