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  1. 6 hours ago, shaunyams said:

    Hardened by Battle mod looks better than the actual game.


    Definitely looks like it'll play more like PR, some stuff seems a bit too much, but i'm definitely looking forward to it.

  2. 28 minutes ago, Nefer said:

    What do you do than? I thought it was your job. And i can't see 100 player servers around? You allways write 80-100 players but it has been 2 years I have been playing this game and still we don't have 100p servers but 78 player servers....

    Basically, if you want a game to have destructable environments, you'll need to start implementing that from the start, and build the game arround it.
    If they'd do this now, it would mean another 2 years of just trying to get that right and optimised.

    I personally prefer to have 100 players over this. I hope they'll be able to get stable-enough servers for it soon..

  3. Yeah i'd like a stance from the main developers on giving servers the option to turn on a more "hardcore" or tactical game setting compared to regular Squad.

    Welcome though! I hope to see some good stuff.

  4. I agree with this. I do think AT should be more limited but more devastating against vehicles. However to balance that i also think that anti-infantry rounds from 25-125mm guns should have their damage and blast radious increased. Since i want IFV's and tanks to be really scary for infantry, but on the other hand also quickly dealt with if they're prepared to take them on.

  5. There's a bug that if you hold the handbrake while turning off the engine, you need to press the handbrake again after turning it back on, or you'll stay stuck. But no, usually the handbrake isn't a toggle, if it's a bug report it on the discord maybe?

  6. 4 hours ago, Bahrein said:

    And yes i guess after months of helies in game,people that where thinking they will not put a scope or any way to aim with the ZU-23-2 but guess shoot not to mention adding something more to count the choppers.I guess they where right.

    Yeah, the helis really need to be nerfed, like wtf is up with their armour.