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  1. I think the way artillery works needs to be changed completely.... Calling in artillery should not require the commander to be near any HAB, but near the action itself, along with the SL requesting it. It shouldn't be a simple click on the map. If this is changed, i don't mind how insanely powerful it is.


    Helicopters need a massive armour nerf. Seriously, the flight model also needs to be improved upon massively.

  2. Assholes are in every game, however.. Squad's community, in general, is a lot more friendly, since the game by design is a lot more social. There are a few servers that seem to be more dedicated to teaching new players. First thing to do i'd say is to play the tutorials, then jump on one of those servers, you often see it in the name.


    When in the server, join a squad, sometimes people create dedicated squads to teach newbies whenever there's a sale or free weekend, and just straight up tell people you're new. Most players will not really care about your voice, as long as you're not being annoying. I think plenty will appreciate a younger player being willing to learn, and having the patience to play something slower paced than your typical shooter.


    Anyways, i wouldn't be worried, the experience in this game vastly differs per server, so if you're having not a really good time on one server, there'll be another server where you will have a good time.

  3. 1 hour ago, [email protected] said:

    We only have transport choppers and half the team wants to be a pilot as it is. Imagine what would happen with fixed wing assets.

    Everyone wants to try the new shiney thing, eventually it'll go away. It happened with tanks before helis, IFV's before tanks, and the first vehicles back in the day.

  4. Players are always the problem, if i can play an entire round not losing my tank or bradley or btr even once, then anyone can do it.

    For bradleys and brts, make a mechanized infantry squad, work together, make sure the vehicle is never without infantry. Tanks are also infantry support vehicles, supposed to be used like it. Stay back, pay attention, have some infantry support and you're usually good. Yes the enemy will take you out sometimes, but that's not making the vehicles useless, it just makes players creative and smart with how to deal with your armour.

  5. It just needs more content i guess, and some rebalancing. Apparently the CAF are quite OP generally, but it's also far from finished, having less to play with than official factions, and ofcourse, helicopters are also taking a lot of attention away from mods in general.