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  1. Random Invasion (fog of war)

  2. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Best we can hope for is a hardcore mode option for servers. -No buddy rally -permadeath added back -vehicles cost more tickets -rallypoint being timed to stay for 30 seconds, and taking 5 or 10 minutes to re-arm Just a few suggestions for it.
  3. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Again, official server options, the only possible solution to satisfy most players. I honestly feel like there is no other way to keep the three different groups in Squad.
  4. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    This seems about right.
  5. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Rallypoints are a good thing to have, as long as they are... Rallypoints. Not the current permanent spawn that they are. I honestly just want them to stay for 30 seconds, and be deployable again in like 10 minutes. This will make smart usage of them much more important. But again, we need better methods of transportation first.
  6. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    I guess taking away rallies is a bad thing. But they do need to be nerfed imo. They should never become the main, and most used, spawn point of a squad. Rather the FOB and main base should be spawned on much more often, which might just happen once helicopters are in, and dedicated players will fly all round long transporting people around.
  7. PLEASE! Support SMAA

    I don't get it though, the options were available in the V13 public test, and it looked much better than TAA and FXAA. How did it break with the engine update? It worked clearly.
  8. GunPlay and Damage Rework?

    I must say i have noticed that sometimes headshots don't seem to instantly kill someone anymore.. I wonder what's up with that.
  9. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

    Valve Anti-Cheat, which is steam's automated system that detects hackers and automatically bans them, not always with success.
  10. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    That's the exact reason i bought Squad aswell. I really hope that they'll have it all figured out and perfected by the time 1.0 rolls out of beta.
  11. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Man i couldn't agree more with that last post, being an old PR player myself, i backed Squad because they said that they would make it a spiritual successor to it. Which means that it should in fact, play very similar and give off a similar feeling that you had when playing PR. At this moment this is not the case yet, Squad is amazing in it's own right, and truly unique so far, but it still misses things, or could improve upon things. My personal wish list for Squad would be: -Helicopters, both CAS and transport. -Timed rallypoints for like 30 seconds or so, and you can create a new one after about 10 minutes. So that timing actually becomes important, and that a rallypoint doesn't just become another spawn point. HABs and the main base should be where you spawn most of the time (when helicopters arrive spawning back at main is actually really solid choice). It'll also make supply lines more important to protect, and move logi trucks in convoys with an APC or IFV. -Dedicated squads to certain assets (server option for this would be neat). Having an infantry squad be just that, infantry, forces it to work together way better with the team, since they'll rely on the dedicated squad for APC's to help them out whenever needed. People will automatically play together much better if they have a solid reason to, currently that's kinda lacking in Squad most of the time. -Team commander complete with assets and support options. A commander can often see what the squad leaders can't, since they're more busy fighting at times. If squad leaders aren't working together very well, the commander could help them with that aswell. -Boats and amphibious vehicles. -Water actually being barriers on the map, making not only the objectives, but also things like bridges and fords important to hold controll over. -More maps (Fallujah, Yamalo, other maps they say they're working on idk).
  12. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Server options is the only way to satisfy everyone. If i could choose between regular servers with no permadeath, and buddy rally, and more hardcore servers without buddy rally, with permadeath, and maybe have nametags show up only untill 20 metres away. Then i'd just stick to the hardcore servers, while casuals can stick to the regular servers.
  13. Free weekend / trialkey to try out the game?

    Buy it, play less than 2 hours, see if you like it or not, refund if not.
  14. Alpha 13.1 Released

    I think that there are three camps in Squad's playerbase. Like 5-10% who want it to be more tactical, slower paced, and more punishing but rewarding (like me). Another 5-10% who want the game to go into the other direction. And then the 80-90% who doesn't care much about either and will accept anything that rolls out in the updates.. I'd say the 10-20% who do care are just as, if not more important to listen to than the random 80-90%. Why? Well, that majority will simply leave Squad anyways after a certain amount of time, while the actual core player base will stay around for a long time, you can keep Squad alive longer by actually listening to those who post on the forums i think. People who are actually invested into the game.
  15. Alpha 13 Feedback Survey Update

    I would like the survey results to be public, i want to see what amount of people gave which answers.
  16. SquadChat - 12 - ft. Phil Merricks (Producer)

    I do hope he plays Squad more and changes his mind on making it more arcade. He's obviously not speaking from personal ingame experience yet. Though i do respect his job, sounds like he's got a lot to do on the team!
  17. Fire personal weapon from APC window?

    Would be nice to have tbh, but does that happen irl?
  18. RPG 29 Arming distance seems too long

    I think this is done on purpose. The rpg29 is a longer distance weapon after all, not meant for being used up-close.
  19. Autonomous Squad

    Even if you disagree, there is no need for that. At least you can provide proper counter arguments. A bunch of people seem to agree, so should the devs ignore them all just because you don't agree?
  20. V13 weapon accuracy

    Most modern day soldiers, at least in the west, have optics on their guns. I highly doubt you'll see a standard British footsoldier without an optic very often.
  21. Cant talk ingame

    For some reason, certain headsets just don't seem to work in Squad. I got a friend who's forced to talk to me on discord since the game doesn't let him talk.
  22. V13 weapon accuracy

    Cool mate, instead of trying to adapt like the majority of the players, you complain on the forums. I'm one of the founders aswell, and i can deal with weapons being a tiny bit less accurate compared to all the content added since the closed alpha weekend tests. The weapons are still accurate as hell if you learn how to use them. Besides there are more important things that they should focus on (buddy rally can actually be gamebreaking).
  23. Alpha 13 Released

    The reason why most players behaved nice and like adults in the test, was because they were basically players who've played the game for a while and actively follow it's development. You wouldn't find that happen as well in the main game i think, since the playerbase is just that much larger, with potentional trolls and stuff.
  24. Artillery Jeep removed?

    Yeah it's definitely still in the game.
  25. I'm dissapointed

    Didn't you guys say that you'd only show stuff in a recap when it was close enough to be released? If the Challanger 2 wasn't ready for v13, why show it at all? Creating false expectations is not really a good move imho.