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  1. I guess he means First Light lmao
  2. Bad game culture at the moment

    Honestly i would settle for a rallypoint to stay for 30 or 60 seconds, and then dissapear again with a reset timer of 10 minutes. Buddy rally ofcourse would be removed, and insta-death added back. Overall though..... Helicopters, please fix these issues, i'm praying for that lol.
  3. Vehicle imbalance

    It's simply better armoured and has ATGMs, it probably has better vision too. Bradleys afaik were built to deal with the BMP's, so the Bradley might still be stronger. Almost every Russian vehicle is weaker than the American counterpart. They're simply not built in the same way. Russian vehicles are mostly amphibious, they're more focused on lighter armour and faster movement instead of slower heavy armour. The Russians in Squad can only truly shine if the devs actually do something with water in the game, and have the Russians be able to cross rivers without needing a bridge.
  4. Suppression

  5. Bad game culture at the moment

    My favourite rule from PR was the assets rule, if you want a tank, make a squad for it, or join one already existing, same with apc's. On prta we actually want to start trying to implement it. Hopefully we won't be seeing infantry squads taking IFV's anymore, and instead have a specialised squad for it. We're hoping to fix the teamwork issues between squad leaders, on most servers a lot of the comms between SL's are just silent... So we want to start enforcing it.
  6. Bad game culture at the moment

    Damn, what servers do you guys play on to get such bad experiences? I mean, the Aussie servers seem bad from what i read here, but it can't be all of em right? And what about the rest of you, what regions are you from and what servers do you play on? Because if it's that bad i'd definitely stay away from those. I do notice that the game has become a lot less tactical due to (in my opinion) poor game design choices. And more new players who have no idea of what to do are trying out Squad because of people like Shroud suddenly playing this game (good for the devs income, but my god it's a mess at times).
  7. Vehicle imbalance

    Russia will get the BMP-2 and later the BMP-2m afaik.
  8. I often play SL, a lot of people like leading where i play.
  9. Alpha 14 Released

    I've seen people run over players with vehicles and their bodies just flew away lol, it's hilarious.
  10. NVG, Suppressor and other suggestions

    I'm all for dynamic weather and stuff! Would be awesome to have. NVG i really doubt will ever be added, there's pretty much no way to balance it properly. Sniper rifles are also a confirmed no afaik. Snipers simply are not Squad-oriented roles. They are lone-wolves which is not what the devs want to have i think. I'd love doors and stuff, that would be cool to have, though i do imagine it'd be pretty intensive on the server performance. AP mines would be neat to have, not sure if the devs said anything about it, but i'd love to have em.
  11. Trainyard

    Looks really good!

    HLL's maps are way smaller, and atm they have way less other things that they needed to work on. Their dev team just had different priorities than the Squad devs in the earliest stages.
  13. We need it and we need it now!

    Honestly i really do want bad drivers to get punished, unlike in PS where you can just flip it back with a button. Though are some issues at times when the driver can't really do much about getting flipped for no reason. So yeah, i'm in favour of towing.
  14. View distance would indeed be an issue, helicopters would easily give away where you are.
  15. Yeah supply crates need to become a thing.
  16. Alpha 14 Released

    Yeah that's only on the range.
  17. Surrender Role

    This very class was in the A13 tests and didn't make it then, it might just be a funny thing for the devs to have in their test builds idk.
  18. Russian Ground forces

    Yeah giving the Russians the BMP-1 as a placeholder sounds perfect to me honestly, just a bit more firepower to spice them up. The BMP-2 is going to Russia, and will go to Militia once the BMP-2M is done afaik (not 100% sure, i read something like this on the discord).
  19. Buddy rally improvement

    That seems like a good idea yeah. Although, overall the buddy rally, and rallies themselves, would be a lot better gameplay-wise, if they were 30 second spawns. Having a rallypoint being an actual rallypoint and not a permanent spawn, would force players to think their timing and actions through a bit more. It would probably also force smarter usage of APC's and transports. And lastly, it would fix basically all of my issues with the current buddy rally system.
  20. Buddy rally improvement

    So, now it's very likely for the buddy rally to stay, as much as i want it gone, i had an idea to at least improve it from what it is right now. Instead of just being able to place it on any random squad's rallypoint, how about adding a requirement to have a logi truck within 30 metres from the rally you want to place it on? This would at least require a bit of effort on your team's side, making the feature itself less of a cheat. It would also add a better counter to it, kill the logi before it arrives and the other team won't be able to have their entire team spawn out of nowhere on another squad's rally. Thoughts on this? I would love to hear suggestions and ideas from other players in the community on how to improve the current buddy rally system.
  21. Prta is in squad, we have a server and are looking for players and admins.
  22. Voice Lines?

    They'll add voice lines in different languages. Also why wouldn't it make the game better? At least it doesn't make it worse. There are players who have headsets that simply don't work in Squad somehow, this is better than nothing.
  23. The AK iron sights

    They work fine for me, as for the iron sights, idk, i like em i guess.
  24. Destruction of vegetation

    Yeah it will be a long time before Squad can even think about having that level of destruction, it's simply not possible atm. Any game that has this type of destruction was built from the ground up with that in mind, even the engine itself (frostbite for battlefield) needs to have it implemented into it's core for it to go smoothly.
  25. Random Invasion (fog of war)

    I disagree in every way that Invasion is boring. Fog of war would be great imo, the completely outclassed defenders could then prepare much more effectively to deal with the invaders' heavy assets.