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  1. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Optimisation is a big deal, it really is, but i doubt it's changing much for the gameplay, hence i think it's not really A15. Don't get me wrong though, i am really happy that an update is coming so soon, though i just think the playtest would be more populair if it had more content a month later.
  2. Now Testing Alpha 15

    It's because this update's lack of really new stuff. A14 had a lot of players because of the new map, A13 and A12 also brought a lot more to the table than A15. I'd rather wait an extra month for a bigger A15 than what we're getting now, because let's be honest, this update is basically A14.5, nothing really changed apart from optimisation passes on some maps, and a BMP-2. A15 should be reserved for something game-changing, like commander or helicopters.
  3. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    why would anyone revive this shit thread
  4. Weapon Attachments - Classes are awful

    I mean, fully-geared soldiers can't swim really, they're too heavy, but proper water would be nice.
  5. Now Testing Alpha 15

    So, basically optimisation, a bmp-2, an infantry tutorial, and some minor stuff. Is this all there is to A15? Because that kinda feels like a 14.# update, ohwell, will see if there is more to it when i play.
  6. Admin Camera

    That's usually what admins do when they are just hanging out for a match not playing lol. I'm guilty of it aswell at times, though usually i just float above the match making bets with other admins on who's gonna kill who lol. It's actually a lot of fun to see it from this perspective, very intense.
  7. Weapon Attachments - Classes are awful

    New maps and factions, and proper water is more important to me than a few attatchments
  8. why we cant destory trees ?

    That's what @Zylfrax791 probably meant. Like sure it might be easy in Unreal Engine itself, but good luck doing it mid-development when your entire game is not built around this feature. If you think you can develop this for Squad then go ahead and do it, though no payment untill you've done it lol.
  9. Admin Camera

    Not afaik.
  10. why we cant destory trees ?

    Not it's not lol, these 10 extra players per team is a whole extra squad to work with, meaning that stuff like territory controll might be a bit easier for both sides to form proper lines, or you have to worry less about the current amount of vehicles reducing the amount of infantry. I think that's more important than desctructible assets, for now at least. The only real destruction i'd like to see is stuff like bridges.
  11. Air vehicles will come ?

    First type of air assets will be transports they've already said, and i guess they're planning to stick to that.
  12. Excited for v15

    You are completely misinterprenting what Fuzzhead said lol.
  13. why we cant destory trees ?

    Performance, mostly on the server-side.
  14. Air vehicles will come ?

    Really hope to see some progress there in the recap, would be nice to see it in more detail.
  15. Excited for v15

    -Nametags only up to 30-ish metres, so that people will have to look a bit more carefully. -No buddy rally, or at least higher requirements and a proper counter to it. -Permadeath added back, punishing stupid actions like randomly running into the open, or not killing the enemy before you get your buddies up. -Typing respawn should take more than 1 ticket, maybe 10 even, hopefully putting an end to those "tactics" that i'm sure was really only meant for if a player got stuck or something instead of being abused all the time like tickets don't mean anything. -Dying adds a second to your respawn timer, so if you die a lot you'll have to wait a bit longer, this hopefully encourages people to not give up as easily. -Rallypoints being what their name suggests meaning that they stay around for 30 seconds or a minute and then dissapear, with a reset timer of 5-10 mins, this would make staying alive and together more important hopefully. -Maybe even have it so that regular players can stop the permadeath timer for an incapacitated player, but only the medic can get him back up, keeping the medic alive will mean a lot more then, encouraging smarter playstyles in a squad. -Spawning on habs needs ammo, and higher ammo costs in general, supply lines should be a bit more important to protect. -Habs need to be a certain distance away from objectives, not too far, but at least not directly on it, i'm hoping this will get rid of the meatgrinder a bit. Currently the gameplay simply feels too forgiving for misstakes people make, there are no concequences for it, and almost no rewards for doing well. With that optional hardcore server setting, i feel like more teamwork would be forced, and the gameplay would be a lot more rewarding for those doing well. I hope you like my suggestions! And i do hope other players will add their suggestions for their views of what a hardcore mode should be aswell. After all i'm only one random guy..
  16. Respawn Contradiction

    If it costed 10 tickets per player it wouldnt be abused i think, just gotta increase the cost.
  17. Excited for v15

    An Insurgency-like hardcore mode tbh is all i ask for.
  18. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    I mean... Is it more fun to try and go out of your main only to get raped? Might aswell have main as the final objective for the insta-win.
  19. Steam Summer Sale -- 50% off!

    Nownow... Understand that sales are in fact good for the game in the long run. Even if it's a few, there will definitely be players staying and becoming regular players.
  20. Steam Summer Sale -- 50% off!

  21. I guess he means First Light lmao
  22. Bad game culture at the moment

    Honestly i would settle for a rallypoint to stay for 30 or 60 seconds, and then dissapear again with a reset timer of 10 minutes. Buddy rally ofcourse would be removed, and insta-death added back. Overall though..... Helicopters, please fix these issues, i'm praying for that lol.
  23. Vehicle imbalance

    It's simply better armoured and has ATGMs, it probably has better vision too. Bradleys afaik were built to deal with the BMP's, so the Bradley might still be stronger. Almost every Russian vehicle is weaker than the American counterpart. They're simply not built in the same way. Russian vehicles are mostly amphibious, they're more focused on lighter armour and faster movement instead of slower heavy armour. The Russians in Squad can only truly shine if the devs actually do something with water in the game, and have the Russians be able to cross rivers without needing a bridge.
  24. Suppression

  25. Bad game culture at the moment

    My favourite rule from PR was the assets rule, if you want a tank, make a squad for it, or join one already existing, same with apc's. On prta we actually want to start trying to implement it. Hopefully we won't be seeing infantry squads taking IFV's anymore, and instead have a specialised squad for it. We're hoping to fix the teamwork issues between squad leaders, on most servers a lot of the comms between SL's are just silent... So we want to start enforcing it.