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  1. Get your shit together (rant)

    That "IDGAF" attitude won't get you anywhere mate, if you want your problems to be solved then it's probably best to act like a decent guy on the forums. I myself have been playing without any issues, just curious, did you clear your cache files? A friend of mine had issues because he didn't realise you had to do that after an update (though the devs said this would not be nessecary anymore... what's going on here?). Even in big games like Battlefield a minority of players are having these types of issues, it's not exclusive to this game no matter the difference in budget.
  2. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Why would you even care, it's a game, some people want to try out match ups like this one.
  3. Yeah this would be cool to have
  4. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    If they knew they would've stated it
  5. NEW PC Build but game doesnt run well

    I think it's your ram that might be holding it back, i remember reading that players with less than 12gb might have issues.
  6. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    Did you guys even read the post? lol
  7. British Faction Bulldog

    I've found this vehicle to be quite useful myself, it's decent for mechanized infantry assaults. It has a lot of armour so LATs dont do that much in my experience, the open top gun is only an issue if you go straight into urban areas where it's easy to be outflanked. If you stay back like 100m, and let the infantry advance, then it's usually quite good.
  8. This would be quite a nice QoL improvement.
  9. Brasilian Army for Faction

    You would need a faction for them to fight against though... Who could that be?
  10. squad stuck on a black screen

    Just be patient, for me it takes like 30 seconds at most.
  11. new update problem

    The black screen will go away, basically the game is loading a map.
  12. For me the loading time went from like 5-10 seconds to 20-25 seconds, i guess it's different for everyone. I've got two SSDs, an i7-6700k 4.4ghz, gtx1070 8gb, and 32gb ddr4 ram. The previous sets of main menu backgrounds were also maps though, right?
  13. My obselete system? Mate, better ask what systems we have before stating that lmao
  14. Idk if the loading time has to do with the background in the menu. For me it started when the Canadians were added.
  15. Bring back PAAS maps

    They still exist, servers just barely run them anymore.
  16. Game runs badly

    Your pc is only as good as it's worst component
  17. Camping Main

    I do agree that main base protection against mines and stuff should be developed a bit more. But right now it isn't so these server rules are simply nessecary imo. Had a match on Fool's Road one time, and they mined both bridges out of our main base, and camped waiting to shoot anyone trying to dig them up. This simply caused half our team to leave, and created one of the least fun matches i've ever played in any game. Afterwards i don't remember ever joining that server again, since they simply allowed it. I get it on maps like Talil, where you can just go anywhere from main base, the road is not a nessecity to take, but on maps like Fool's Road, it's a completely different story. In the end Squad is meant to be fun, and server rules should make up for what the game lacks. This is fine for me, since everybody has different ideas of what rules are good and bad, so they can simply join the server where they think the game is played correctly.
  18. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    I still don't see the issue here, the unconventional factions need mines, in fact it supplements their prefered playstyle. Ambushes and hit&run tactics.
  19. Can't get mic to work with squad

    Yeah Squad is a very strange one with this, some headsets or microphones just don't seem to work.. There is no known fix yet afaik, if there is, i don't know about it.
  20. Rain layer?

    I remember Skorpo having rain, not sure which layer.
  21. As if that's an issue in Squad lol, playing with a 150 ping is even doable in this game.
  22. Iraqi Army Faction Suggestion

    I think Iraq is buying the export T-90 aswell
  23. Just a small spelling error

    @Flying_turtles2 That's how you spell favourite though... English is hard for some parts of the world that call it their native language, i know.