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  1. Rocket Technical OP

    I think i got killed less than 5 times by it, in nearly 600 hours of playing. Then again, when used well, it can be devastating. Just need some good teamwork. Overpowered though? No way, it'd say the explosion damage and kill radious should be buffed.
  2. anyways to fix cpu bottleneck ?

    Did you overclock your CPU? At what rate is it running?
  3. When done, will you host a server for it? And maybe host events to start up a playerbase?
  4. Vehicle Damage on environment

    It might get added with helicopters, afaik they were working on it for them, so who knows.
  5. Seems cool, the stuff i've been missing in Squad might just be fixed with this.
  6. Sniper / Breacher Class

    Canada being official means that there is one sniper class in the game now, but maybe that'll just make Canada unique.
  7. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    Because Narva, Fool's Road, Mestia and Belaya are well-known war zones... Next time try to think for a bit before posting stupid stuff like this lmao
  8. Modding suggestion

    I have a suggestion for you, don't complain about stuff you don't even have to pay attention to if you don't like it. People make whatever they want, if you want a mod that nobody is creating, go do it yourself, or it'll likely never happen.
  9. very slow startup times since update

    Noticing this aswell, its not as bad for me as for you, but i do notice that i suddenly have a black screen for 1 or 1,5 minutes upon startup. Hope a patch can fix it soon, or a hotfix.
  10. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    The map definitely still has a long way to go, looks-wise. But what do you expect, it's brand new, made by a mod team. Gameplay-wise it works great from my experience, i really liked playing on it. I think that's more important, and maybe why the devs decided to add it.
  11. Canadian Armed Forces Free DLC Released!

    Yeah i really like it, at first look i thought it wasn't going to, but it just works.
  12. Rally point that contains ammunition

    I honestly don't think rally points need yet another buff, they are already incredibly OP, if anything they need to be nerfed, a lot.
  13. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    Welcome to the north. I actually like the map, and i doubt it'll go anywhere. Like literally every other map, improvements will be made. Besides, way to just shit all over the awesome work people did in their free time, way to go.
  14. Quite sure they do, or they wouldn't be able to optimize it.
  15. Modding 2.0: CAF, Space Crew, and Beyond

    The good old Dutch Leopard 2a6m, nice (Germany made em yes, Netherlands adjusted em and eventually sold em).
  16. Feedback on current development.

    Literally all i ask for is for Squad to feel more rewarding, by punishing stupidity and rewarding good planning and execution. Make dying a bad thing, not a "meh" thing, that's about it.
  17. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Soo, apparently blocking off the very exit of a main base with mines or IED's is allowed here. Any reason as of why? Like this should just not be a thing imo.
  18. In the matter of rally point

    Wish that would come back though, the action in Squad was intense because of the downtime inbetween, now the constant action gets boring after 10 minutes.
  19. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    I assume you already have, but cleared your cache files?
  20. Huge FPS drop after update

    Cleared the cache (i swear they said that the game would do that automatically). I myself have gained quite a bit of performance on some of the maps.
  21. Alpha 15 Released

    While the new foliage looks good, i think the grass density and draw distance didn't need to change, it was one of the better visual things about the game gameplay-wise.
  22. Any thoughts on more server-side options for a "hardcore" mode with instadeath, permadeath added back, buddy rally removed?
  23. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Optimisation is a big deal, it really is, but i doubt it's changing much for the gameplay, hence i think it's not really A15. Don't get me wrong though, i am really happy that an update is coming so soon, though i just think the playtest would be more populair if it had more content a month later.
  24. Now Testing Alpha 15

    It's because this update's lack of really new stuff. A14 had a lot of players because of the new map, A13 and A12 also brought a lot more to the table than A15. I'd rather wait an extra month for a bigger A15 than what we're getting now, because let's be honest, this update is basically A14.5, nothing really changed apart from optimisation passes on some maps, and a BMP-2. A15 should be reserved for something game-changing, like commander or helicopters.