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  1. 100 Slot Testing

    Wait, there's actual 100 slot servers right now?
  2. Message to the Devs

    Indeed, can't fix stupid.
  3. Can I please KICK idiots from my squad ?

    Squad is indeed meant to be a team game with actual leaders. If you don't want to have to listen to somebody, then create your own squad, but expect to be the one giving orders. This is how the core of the game works, otherwise you will simply lose the match. People who don't like this type of gameplay shouldn't bother with it. I've seen a guy earlier who didn't realise that the game was meant to be a slow paced, realistic and overall teamwork experience, he complained that people were nagging too much for him not helping the squad, and dying too much because he went off alone all the time. Honestly, that guy clearly didn't do any research about the game whatsoever, so why did he even bother dropping 100 dollars to get into the pre-alpha? It's like this guy thought: "Hey a game called Squad is in the making, let's not expect it to be a teamwork game, surely the name doesn't say anything about it! Hell yea i bet this game will be for lone-wolves, let's drop 100 dollars on it, it's gonna be the best run&gun experience ever!" Anyways, on-topic. I totally agree that it would be a nice feature to have, tho i do understand that it's by far not the most important thing to be bothered with right now, just give it time.
  4. Anyone who has played Alien:Isolation will remember how you used to hide behind stuff and being able to peek over it, something like this would be pretty great in Squad, since the walls arround the fields for example are too high to be able to shoot from behind them, why not implent something that allows players to peek over them, same way as done with leaning left and right.
  5. I agree that when there are enemies within a certain distance of the FOB, it should become unspawnable. Then again, bad FOB placement also has a big role in your issue. Although what also heavily applies here, is you trying to spawn at the FOB while you know that there's enemies arround it who will just kill you. It may be a pain, but spawning at main is usually the way to go when this happens. This way you can regroup and attack from a diffrent direction, since the enemy doesn't instantly know where you are. As a squad leader i often spawn at main and lead my squad to another part of the map to set up a new FOB. This proved to be very succesful in winning the match since you can take the enemy by suprise alot.
  6. Kalashnikovs are comin'

  7. Acog scope

    Not sure if already mentioned or if this is even the right place. But it seems to me that the acog scope's aim is a bit off. I've got alot of trouble hitting enemies from a medium to long range distance.
  8. The sounds...they are so good...

    Wait, where is the waterfall?
  9. Performance Thread

    CPU: i5 3570K quadcore @3.4MHz GPU: GTX 970 4GB RAM: 16GB ddr3 Overall FPS: Anywhere between 80 and 50.
  10. A discussion on Sights

    I agree on this topic, the way you hold your gun doesn't feel very authentic in the way of how your soldier seems to struggle with it.
  11. What about doing it like in PR but a little bit extended. Being able to deploy heavier guns instead of just mortars at a FOB.
  12. Video of Hit Detection Issues

    I have noticed it aswell, but didn't care about reporting it, to me it just seemed obvious since the game is in such an early stage.
  13. Squad should have its own identity.

    Are you calling PR shitty in the Squad forums, which happens to be the successor to PR itself?
  14. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Played PR since 0.8.
  15. Ladders

    That second pic, i think they don't know what camouflage is for....
  16. Acog scope

    Cool cheers!
  17. Ladders

    Where there's a ladder there's a way.
  18. Another thing that would be epic is on desert-type maps to have alot of dust "jumping" up with explosions, so that eventually it becomes very dusty and harder to see far away. EDIT: Would the same thing as in the OP be done with smoke grenades then? Smoke only leaving through the windows and doors?
  19. The secondary key

    I have given a friend of me the secondary key for the pre alpha acces to Squad. He says that he needs to wait for an email, but am i allowed to just forward the one that i've got to him? The secondary key is also for the same pre-alpha acces isn't it?

    Hey this is off-topic for the current subject, but it kinda has to do with it. I sent this to Z-trooper but i figured it may get answered quicker here. Hey Z-trooper, i have given a friend of me the secondary key for the pre alpha acces to Squad. He says that he needs to wait for an email, but am i allowed to just forward the one that i've got to him?
  21. Respawn in moving vehicles or helicopters.

    Just no, either spawn at main, an FOB built by the team, or, if you actually want to spawn at your squad or close to it, there are rally points in the game. So your idea is just not nessecary and doesn't fit the gameplay.
  22. Squad Enters Closed Pre Alpha 1500 GMT 24 July 2015

    So it's normal that we can't log in yet? It's past 2pm here now, Amsterdam time, i guess i'll simply need to wait a few more hours?
  23. What 1st person shooter is everyone playing now?

    Project Reality, Black Mesa, Age of Chivalry (HL2 mod on steam), and GTA5 (never go third person lol).
  24. Newbie buster

    I am all for this,
  25. On the more 'disputed' current design choices

    I really dislike any zoom without using a zoomed scope. It just doesn't make sense. I prefer the backup sights since they simply work very well in PR.