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  1. Happy Holidays!

    haoppoy holy idayts and happy 12016!
  2. Why does Sumari exist?

    I like Sumari, i see it like a break from the other Squad matches, where you can just sit back and relax for a bit.
  3. It would be like 100000 times more useful for everyone if it was in english.
  4. Well isn't communication the way to know such things? If you're in a squad, get downed, and your squad's medic is going to get you up, then you should be able to just tell eachother via the squad chat. Or local chat if it's a medic from a different squad.
  5. Downside to Steam..

    Try disabling the steam UI ingame. That often helps for some games.
  6. Hey guys, i played in the pre-alpha version and alpha version of the game, and now it's finally coming to steam which i am very happy about. Tho i do have one question, how come that i get two emails from the Squad team, with a total of four steam keys? I've bought the €100,- package (commander or something). Was i supposed to receive four keys?
  7. Two emails, two steam keys each.

    Thanks for the response, luckily i registered a key from the first email.
  8. Forest Map Ideas... + FeedBack

    I think this map could be turned into a Silent Eagle PR-like map. Ofcourse just a section of it, not as large.
  9. Graphics/FPS

    Yes it will, tho keep in mind that the playercount on the maps will also increase.
  10. To be honest just report the annoying players and get rid of them, their choice if they want to ruin the game they payed for.
  11. How is Everyone?

  12. Server Management

    1. Servers will be ran as they did in PR, tho i believe Squad will also have "official" servers (not sure where i read that once)? 2. No, the game will not be free.
  13. Look at Project Reality's Operation Archer map. A few things like that castle over there on the hilltop would be so awesome. And that big central bunker from that map where the IDF fights against the MEC, with the canyons and stuff. When permanent fortifications are done in such a way that they are a part of the map itself then it would be perfect.
  14. I am worried about Humvees and Vehicles.

    In a steam mod called "Age of Chivalry" the "good servers" usually share banlists and admins. The shared bans are only for permanent ones, and if a player is Pbanned from a server it's pretty much his own misstake. A system between servers like this could be implented into PR, ofcourse they wouldn't be banned from all the servers, but from the ones that are heavily enforcing those rules, for the "tacticool" players to have a good time. If a player decides to misbehave in a game, he should be punished, admins should not worry about being too harsh, as long as a player works with his squad/team and behaves himself it should be all fine.
  15. Off-Map Supports

    Any type of support will probably be controlled by actual players.
  16. Progression?

    In Squad you will be an actual sniper, not a fake representation that other games have.
  17. still no key

    It's almost as if people think that they're the first one to have such a question.

    Plenty of hackers on consoles too man, but yeah the banhammer is the best way.
  19. Common Acronyms Explained/Defined.

    You will simply learn easily as you play, don't worry about it.
  20. Windows 10 is a major issue and error in the first place, it's still too unstable for stuff like this. I'll stick with good trustable W7 for at least another year lol.
  21. Pretty damn expensive game !!

    You could have been patient if you didn't want to spend that much, the final game will cost like $30 - $35.
  22. I don't think you really need to look for people to play with, so far in the pre-alpha tests there's been alot of communication between most players through the ingame voice chat. That's the beauty if PR and now Squad, the game kinda forces the community to work together.
  23. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    Damn, i really like this idea!
  24. Will we see the IDF in squad?

    Let's first focus on the main game, it's way too soon for the devs to even know what all the factions will be in the future..