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  1. Spooktober mod

    What are you talking about, SquadZ?
  2. Halloween Sale 2019: Squad is 40% off!

    Uh oh. Here they come.
  3. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    rip... better off on PRTA tbh
  4. Is this game still active???

    @paragonid People dont seem to realise that they really dont have to do this lol. At any rate, yeah this game is very active and definitely worth getting.
  5. This game is still unplayable for me

    Awesome to see your problems are solved!
  6. What happened to multi-lane AAS?

    Wish RPAAS would become a thing, then again TC takes care of AAS's shortcomings imo.
  7. How do you even know this? Right now the big helicopter maps are usually the most played.
  8. Addition of Warrior ATGM

    Didn't know the Warrior had an ATGM, i see no reason for it to not be added.
  9. Alpha 16 Released

    Well that's exactly why buddy rally needs to go, since helis can be countered, buddy rally can't.

    Considering how OP a heli can be in terms of winning the match, i'd say it's quite a bit more than a glorified buss.

    This can simply be enforced by the servers, on PRTA we have a max of two heli squads, and heli squads means just that, a pilot, squadleader, and two doorgunners, any more and they wont be allowed man the heli, so basically just lock it at 4 people. Also, first ones who make the heli squad, get the heli, no matter who gets to the actual helicopter first. Anyone else caught flying gets kicked. There is a massive difference between regular small-arms fire and a 30mil cannon. Especially if the 30mil fires it's anti-armour rounds. I flew again today ,and we survived an RPG hit, aswell as loads of small-arms fire, but when a 30mil came along we had to get out of there. This imo is very well balanced as it is right now, in fact, i'd say make them a little weaker, since i literally took a tank shell to my engine once and managed to land for repairs.
  12. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    The only destruction i really want to see would be bridges and stuff. With the ability to repair them i suppose.

    I mean.. I survived a tank shell and managed to land for repairs, and fly off again. Helis are super fast, they should not be that durable, being shot at by 30mils should wreck your shit. A good pilot knows where to and where not to go with his helicopter. This might go a bit too far. Squad isn't meant to be fully realistic, it's a game with some realistic elements based solely on teamwork. Then again, i'd be open to see it happening, i can adjust if others want em. Yeah, this seems fair, it's really shit to fly with a joystick apparently, so 100% good suggestion. There's no heat-seeking weaponry in the game, maybe once that's in then yeah, but right now it has no purpose. No, if players are dumb enough to crash their helicopter, they should be punished. If their team lets them fly again afterwards, it's their fault. Helicopters are extremely OP when used right, me and a buddy literally broke a 20 minute stalemate on Talil using our heli as support and surveilance. And before that we snuck behind the enemy's next cap point and put a fob down there, so once the stalemate was gone, we rolled over them thanks to one single helicopter. If anything, the respawn timer should be longer. Seems fair, though keep in mind the weapons have to fit with what the real life versions of those factions use. Russia, US Army, Canadians and Brits have standard weaponry, they should stick to that. As for the medics, i'd like to see some improvements too (dragging). Agreed on this except tornadoes, seriously nobody would initiate a big battle with a tornado in the area.. Eh, i'd rather have buddy rally be replaced by a commander-called paradrop than this stuff. Last thing i want to see is people randomly jump out of my helicopter, kinda destroys the reason for me to try and take the guys somewhere and land. Not sure about this.. People already die way before they run out of ammo, this might worsen the issue and make logistics useless. Ey if you want to create the map/mod for it and host a server i'm sure lots of people will appreciate it. Fair.
  14. Solve the stalement in competitive gameplay.

    This is why i'd like to see HABs pushed away from the objectives in general.. Just increase the no-spawn radius a bit, like 50-100m depending on how many enemies, and then you can actually have a good fight over the objective. The defenders could still dig defences and stuff, but would have to spawn a bit further away, which solves another issue, the meatgrinder... It'd be a lot less common to see a mindless meatgrinder, and a lot more possibilities for proper flanks.
  15. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    If destruction were planned, it would need to be implemented from the very start of the game's development. Games like Battlefield basically run on a game engine that's built around destruction, UE4 is not, neither is Squad.
  16. System Requirements outdated?

    I've got an SSD, 32gigs of ram, intel i7-6700K 4.4ghz and a gtx 1070 8gb gpu. Every patch recently has improved my performance, not getting any stutters, unless i'm too stupid to notice them.
  17. New to squad

    Hello, what region are you from? I've got both EU and NA players to play Squad with if you want.
  18. Alpha 16 Released

    Some people just complain too much, yes there is a lot that needs to be fixed about the game currently, but can we just focus on the helis for now? Which i have gotten used to now, and actually enjoy flying in (flight model is still shit but eh). Been flying for three matches in a row, my co-pilot being the SL placing markers and checking his map and stuff, and two doorgunners doing their job. Only lost my heli once in those three matches, since an enemy tank managed to sneak nearby without being noticed. Transported lots of people from place to place and supplied lots of fobs, and gave out some fire support where possible. In fact, i'd say that our fire support helped break a stalemate in Talil's Iraqi Hangars objective. We also snuck around the map with our heli 30 minutes before the breakthrough to build a sneaky fob behind the enemy objective and used that to quickly overrun the enemy before they could prepare. Overall, helis are a blessing to this game, now most players who want to fly just... Need to learn how to fly.. Another Squad lost their heli at least 7-8 times, our heli went to main around 30 times or so in the last round, and at least 15 of those times we saw the other squad waiting for their heli lmao. In the end, V16 improved the game and didn't really do anything i don't like, it's not perfect (flight model), but overall i don't actually have much bad to say about it. One thing though, buddy rallies are now useless from my experience, please just remove them, if only to test the results of having helis without buddy rallies. After all, this is an alpha right? Just try getting rid of that shitty mechanic and see how the game plays out. EDIT: Kinda contradicted myself here in this post, ohwell screw it, it's feedback on V16.
  19. Alpha 16 Released

    Since i was mostly back capping, there was plenty of downtime for me, and my squad enjoyed it quite a lot.
  20. Alpha 16 Released

    I found myself using buddy rally pretty much 0 times yesterday. So that is good.
  21. A15 Survey Review

    @Phoenixstorm Definitely, as an early backer i've done way more than just give them 100 dollars. The only thing i ask for now is an optional hardcore mode for the official server options.
  22. A15 Survey Review

    Oh i'm sorry i thought i was just talking about my reason for voting on that, i don't remember mentioning anyone else. I also just explained the devs' perspective on it, which they clearly stated in the OP. I understand that there might be people who actually like it but still prefer it to be changed, but that's not how it is represented here. I never assumed every single person that chose that option agrees with me, you just completely pulled that from nowhere.
  23. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    @fuzzhead One thing that would fix most issues is including different server settings. A "hardcore" gamemode to be more like PR would probably satisfy the people that are unhappy now, while keeping the more casual playerbase happy aswell. Basically, server options would solve a lot of the issues.