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  1. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Im active mostly.
  2. Helicopters and Jets

    Tbh as long as it looks really fast, airspace is 16x16km, and jets dont cross an 8x8km map within 10 seconds i'm fine if they won't be as fast as they should be. It's a game after all.
  3. Helicopters and Jets

    Well yeah, but don't forget that in PR jets fly really slow, it works well with the limited render distance in the mod, but in Squad it would look very strange to say the least.
  4. [WIP] Qwai River but not really

    Damn, now this is the kind of stuff i want more of in Squad, please devs look at this and see if it can become an official map (Ofcourse, it will probably need a lot of editing and fixing, but just like Skorpo)!
  5. Parallel or Simultaneous FLAGS

    Wait V12 has no PAAS?

    Eh, not British enough, something that only they have is needed.
  7. High FPS but feels wrong

    Is your fps consistent? Or does it change a lot?

    The brits really lack an equivelant of the MATV tho, its not complete without it.
  9. Return of the HUMVEE's under a different name

    I mean, Russia has thousands of T-72's many of which are almost on par with the T-90, and it has a couple of hundred T-90's it can throw at the US in an all-out war (maybe more but it would be quite expensive).
  10. January 2019 Recap

    FR tho we need swimming.
  11. Should mortars be lethal?

    There's a bug atm with mortars afaik. They dont deal damage apparently when people leave the mortar before the shells hit.

    Pretty sure it's a definitive no.
  13. Dragging Animation?

    Yeah it has been talked about, and the devs have done a motion capture on it afaik, it's just quite a "drag" to code it into the game apparently.
  14. commander?

    Yeah a command vehicle would be neat, aswell as a system that he needs to be in a specific range to be able to help. Like, on Yehorivka, the commander can't send an airstrike at upper petrivka from hilltop.
  15. Why, Get Rid of First Light ?

    Better become official when done
  16. Ranking System?

    These ranks wouldn't do anything at all tbh. All it would do is give assholes more confidence if they happen to have 200 more hours than the person they want to talk down to. "I got this rank so i've been playing longer and/or better than you, so my plan is obviously better than yours" -SL to other SL.
  17. What does this game do better than PR?

    Movement and stuff is directly related to game design tho.. Yes it was very limited in PR's old engine, but it's still a direct part of Squad's gameplay design. Being able to vault, climb, crouch-sprint and stuff are deliberate game design choices by the devs, and it's simply something Squad does way better than PR.
  18. Tanks? No maps playing them?

    Tanks really aren't op in my experience, i mean, maybe kind of, but it's very much doable since most players don't know how to properly play with them. They often don't have friendly infantry around to protect them, easy targets to sneak up on. Or ya know, if they overwhelm you, fall back to the next flag and build up a few TOWs in the general area. Once we managed to roll over the enemy team once my squad destoyed two enemy tanks with two TOWs, and Bradley's TOW and a HAT player. We just fell back and prepared, enemy tanks felt all-mighty and paid the price.
  19. Return of the HUMVEE's under a different name

    It's almost like most people are no experts and they just accept what they've been told it is.
  20. Tanks? No maps playing them?

    Might be because they were played a little too often that people might have become bored of it
  21. January 2019 Recap

    Most Battlefield games take 2 years of development with hundreds of people, is it that strange to have a small team work on their first game for over three years? Insurgency's maps take way less time to create, and it doesn't have nearly as many complex systems to balance as Squad does. Also, insurgency already enstablished itself with their first game.
  22. What does this game do better than PR?

    For me the game is just more accessable while still maintaining the kind of (but not exactly) realistic gameplay from PR, but with better gunplay and movement, persistent ammo, localized damage models on vehicles (not sure if PR had it or not), and the maps feel more "real" (not talking graphics here).
  23. Suggestions

    Wouldn't hurt to have this tbh.
  24. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    100% agree here, except for one situation: Server admin just hanging around in admin cam watching the fight, not telling anyone what's going on and only act when people misbehave.