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  1. New Map: Grozny

    Just checked this map out in PR, and holy shit it's looking good. Definitely a must have eventually.
  2. Custom Heightmaps

    Awesome! Now this would make for an interesting map.
  3. Custom Heightmaps

    This is truly awesome. I wonder if a heightmap of the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland is possible in Squad. As a LotR fan i'd love to see actual Rivendell lol.
  4. Interested in purchasing game

    Tbh you can always just give it a go and refund if you happen to really dislike it after one round (thats about the time you have since rounds csn easily take up over an hour).
  5. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    That seems handy to have tbh.
  6. February 2019 Recap

    Well i'm sure they'll find stuff for it to balance it all out. In the end they keep adding new stuff every update, so the balance is probably going to shift a few times untill they stop updating the game.
  7. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    Yeah, i see what you mean. I guess the OP could explain it a bit more?
  8. February 2019 Recap

    I guess a "CROWS" tow system would've been a bit OP for the USA side. I know the BRDM-2 Spandrel has the operator completely covered, but that's more balanced i think since the US completely destroys Russia vehicle-wise very often. I think it's a decent balance to give the USA a less efficient glass cannon.
  9. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    I think he literally means prone on your side.
  10. Helicopters and Jets

    This has been in Squad since V12, it just got rid of the jittery aim in places far away from the centre of the map. Nothing to do with performance.
  11. February 2019 Recap

    Any news on being able to fire your guns from like the back of a truck? In that test it was possible, tho afaik it didn't have animations yet. Has it been scrapped? Or is it just not going to be in A13? Or will it but you haven't shown it yet?
  12. Helicopters and Jets

    You know that a lot of that is fixed with the engine update right?
  13. I feel like instead of China you could have a fictional East-Asian faction, like some regional union of a few countries.
  14. Weapon Recoil

    Optics are quite OP in long range, but quite shit in close quarter combat, at least for me. As insurgents and militia you'll have your own advantages to balance it out idealy. Like, you'd be pretty light on equipment, so faster running speed and more stammina would be neat. Allowing you to close in quicker, or to outmanouver the scoped enemies. Map design also plays a massive role here, sure you can have a full squad with optics looking over an objective in the valley below, but who's gonna go in and take it? Insurgents should have loads of things to hide behind. Some AP mines and IEDs set up would make it a real pain for the conventional factions to take it. Add a technical on the opposite hill harassing your guys and it goes into the insurgents' favour.
  15. Truck entry rear move to climbing on.

    This was actually possible in that leaked v13 test, tho it didn't have any animations yet i think.
  16. Truck entry rear move to climbing on.

    Would be nice to have, but tbh it's not exactly needed imo.
  17. January 2019 Recap

    I backed Squad knowing it wouldn't be like their origional goal, at least not 100%. I backed them because i wanted the PR developers succeed with a commercial game, tho over 500 hours in i'd say it has been worth it so far. If you back any game thinking that the game will be exactly like the initial vision shown, then you're the issue for not researching how the industry and game development work lol. Same thing with pre-ordering big AAA games, at least indie developers communicate with the playerbase unlike big companies.
  18. Good Pc Not Good FPS

    A quick google search tells me the i5 8400 has a speed of 2.8GHz, and i highly doubt that UE4 has proper optimization for 6-cores.
  19. Helicopters and Jets

    But that also applies to helicopters, in the end it's all down to balance, a TOW would be OP on top of a hill overlooking half of the map, but it's really not. For the jets and helicopters, i'd say limit the range on them, to like 1-1,5 Km range. And again, size of the map is not an issue, as long as it looks really fast, it doesn't need to have realistic speeds.
  20. January 2019 Recap

    It's almost like development goals change over time in commercial games, idk, like every game ever.
  21. Helicopters and Jets

    Pretty much this yeah, tho anti-air was also done really well, if the enemy had some decent AA in the area, you'd want to keep your jets away. I really do hope that AA will ppay a massive role in Squad to keep at least helicopters in check.
  22. Helicopters and Jets

    Quite fun, in insurgency gamemode you have loads of spawn points, also unlimited tickets, VBIEDs and civilian cars and stuff. You're often up against OP forces with APCs and helicopters and stuff, but it never feels unfair, since you have the terrain, and spawn advantage. Also the caches are much more hidden, and only show up after the BLUFOR kills a certain amount of insurgents. There's also a civilian class, if they kill you as a civilian, they get a heavy penalty on their spawn timer, so these civilian players, while unarmed, are really handy for spotting and scouting. Tho they do have a class with handcuffs so you can get arrested. Often leads to som nice ambushes if they decide to try and capture you.
  23. Randomized Invasion Gamemode Suggestion

    Conquest in Squad actually plays out quite nicely, i mean, at least it's less predictable.
  24. Immersion

    That's what Territory controll would be for.
  25. Immersion

    A proper frontline gamemode would be neat, or Randomized PAAS with three flags at a time.