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  1. Weapon Recoil

    V11 was the best balance for me tbh, while V12.2 is much better than V12 initially, i still miss the way it was. V9 gun mechanics i think would go too far into the opposite direction.
  2. New player

    Welcome to the game! Got a few hints for ya. Make sure to have a microphone, and tell people you're new, they'll keep it in mind and tend to accept more unavoidable mess-ups. I wouldn't instantly try out every class, since it'll be a bit much to learn right away, i first stuck to rifleman and medic (medic gains instant respect from the SL since people dont often want to be one, its a fun class tho). Just ask if you don't understand something, people will teach you. Also, the experience of this game wildly varies every round, and is different on every server. Remember the servers on which you enjoyed playing the game most. People often tend to stick to a few select servers, so the people you enjoyed playing with will often show up again. If a squadleader seems to not be able to handle a few setbacks, or is a straight up ***, look for a different squad, people are people, not everyone will be as friendly as the next one just like irl. And finally, joining a community of a server you like will often increase the amount of fun to be had in the game. EDIT: If you feel like practicing on the firing range on a server with someone, i could set the map and help you out if the server i'm admining is empty.
  3. New Map: Grozny

    Rebels starting with several spawns inside the city would be neat aswell. They can set up proper ambushes against the incoming Russian mechanized squads.
  4. Yeah, a 30mil BTR should definitely rip a Stryker apart, give Russians that advantage over the Americans, while the US could use a Bradley to counter that.
  5. Eh, there'll be quite a good counter in V13 if you've seen the recap.
  6. New Map: Grozny

    Squad has plenty of good eastern European building assets and stuff, all it needs is some proper ruins and partially destroyed buildings.
  7. Small urban map/make hole in wall

    Alright, so let's take Battlefield and it's destruction. It works very well in that game because their Frostbite Engine was designed with destruction in mind from the very core, and Battlefield's map assets were design with that in mind aswell. If you want a game to have destruction like that, you need both an engine being able to fully support it, and your game design and assets need to be centred arround it.
  8. New Map: Grozny

    Just checked this map out in PR, and holy shit it's looking good. Definitely a must have eventually.
  9. Custom Heightmaps

    Awesome! Now this would make for an interesting map.
  10. Custom Heightmaps

    This is truly awesome. I wonder if a heightmap of the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland is possible in Squad. As a LotR fan i'd love to see actual Rivendell lol.
  11. Interested in purchasing game

    Tbh you can always just give it a go and refund if you happen to really dislike it after one round (thats about the time you have since rounds csn easily take up over an hour).
  12. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    That seems handy to have tbh.
  13. February 2019 Recap

    Well i'm sure they'll find stuff for it to balance it all out. In the end they keep adding new stuff every update, so the balance is probably going to shift a few times untill they stop updating the game.
  14. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    Yeah, i see what you mean. I guess the OP could explain it a bit more?
  15. February 2019 Recap

    I guess a "CROWS" tow system would've been a bit OP for the USA side. I know the BRDM-2 Spandrel has the operator completely covered, but that's more balanced i think since the US completely destroys Russia vehicle-wise very often. I think it's a decent balance to give the USA a less efficient glass cannon.