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  1. Welcome fam.
  2. I think you're getting a little disrespectful to the creators. It's been very well explained as to why there's not as much extra clutter on the buildings. And like i've said before, future versions of the map will be improved and more detailed versions, since Basbrah now basically knows what he's doing compared to when he first started working on the map as a modder.
  3. Going to need more details about your system and OS.
  4. The disconnections are not a big deal. If you own a dedicated tank squad for example you can easily get another player to take his place, all you have to do is pick him up once he spawns. Not sure what you mean with live soldiers arround a destroyed vehicle, like do you mean the crew or riflemen and stuff? Anyways, just hold your ground and wait for a transport, it should be a part of the game. I've been in plenty of these situations myself in PR and they were some of the most intense moments i've ever had, really a lot of fun. Spawning with a crewman kit will basically mean that you got that kit assigned to you by the squadleader. If it's obselete, that will mean that your leader isn't doing a very good job at paying attention, can't blame game mechanics for that. Abandoned vehicles will reduce if the specialised kits will be introduced. Since they will basically own the vehicles the entire time untill they are destroyed. Abandoning that vehicle would mean that peope are not playing the game right, since they are the ones who can use it to help the team. Basically, next time, if you're a squad leader, don't give them that role and just keep them as simple riflemen. Specialised squads i think will improve the teamplay, and gameplay in general without placing a lot limits. Right now it's just a mess with squad leaders trying to claim everything they can for the sake of their own squad (ofcourse this doesn't happen everywhere but still). I think the squad devs will find a good way of integrating this into their game without removing much of the fun. After all, wether it's a specialised kit/squad or not, if a vehicle is taken, it's taken, players will still need to wait for another chance.
  5. Every map has had a bunch of detail/quality passes in the past alpha releases. They all started out pretty bland. Al Basrah was created by two modders. Chancebrah afaik will add plenty of details here and there once the map plays as he wants. Editing existing models also takes time. Basically, just give the map more time before you judge, this is litterally the first version of it.
  6. I'd personally prefer the BF2 flying model (PR). It's the one i simply had the absolute most fun with. It's really easy to controll after you practice a bit in SP. No unneccesary button pressing before you take off. Get in, start the engine, wait untill your helicopter is ready for flying, and go.
  7. The above situations barely ever happened. If your vehicle gets destroyed you either die with it or you ask a transport to pick you up and bring you back to your mainbase to grab a new vehicle suiting your role. In PR there were plenty of people who loved to do nothing more than driving or flying arround transporting squads from place to place. The only big impact of the crewman and pilot kits is that squads will communicate more with eachother rather than sticking to their own. This is because they rely on others more, instead of being able to do everything themselves, ignoring the rest of the team. It's not about realism, it's about teamplay.
  8. Maps change over time with more updates. Kohat and Logat started out worse than Al Basrah at first. But yeah it would be nice to see the map's buildings damaged here and there in future versions.
  9. Squad will probably go into beta once they have implented all the core features, like flying, and the new animation system, and MBT's and stuff.
  10. Maybe have the dedicated roles and squads as a server option? I personally am 100% for this idea, but i can see why others may not like it. Having it optional for server owners would be a nice, balanced way to keep both sides happy. Who am i kidding i dont care about what the casuals think. But yeah i think once more armoured vehicles show up dedicated kits and squads will be needed to keep the organisation smooth.
  11. Ah i must be misstaken then, since i remember having to press like 20 buttons to even start the engine.
  12. I guess, tho as far as i remember in PR the controlls were basically BF2 controlls, except the flying was made more difficult due to the speed and sensitivity of the helicopters. But with difficult controlls i mean over-the-top button pressing like in Arma or Operation Flashpoint to even take off.
  13. That would go against what Squad is about tho. Somewhat, balanced, realistic gameplay mixed with easy controlls and accessibility for a fun experience. Making the flight controlls hard to handle would take away from it.
  14. Maybe you could close up a few rooms here and there. Have the buildings partially open, like half of the windows of each building instead of all of them. Then i think a simple sofa and table here and there wouldn't cause too many issues.
  15. Yeah pretty much nearly everyone in this community absolutely doesn't want a battlefield-like xp system. I think that everything needs to be available from the very start to everyone. Most games these days are played more because of those unlocks than actual solid gameplay. Squad's gameplay, once fully completed, will be solid enough to keep people playing without the need of those stupid unlocks.