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  1. So new

    Not sure what you're on about, i literally just asked if that guy was who i thought he was, and replied to his answer.
  2. So new

    Nah i'm fine, thanks tho. I have a different server to help seed.
  3. Alpha 12.2

    They will update their game to a newer version of the game engine, performance should be a part of that. But full focus on optimization probably wont happen untill the beta.
  4. Future plan of expanding team size?

    It does hurt the gameplay experience yeah, but a good fix for me is to just join servers where it's not allowed, with some exceptions ofcourse (tank squad on Belaya only needs three players).
  5. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    No clue tbh, i prefer optics, tho i understand that in CQC it can be a pain (we need dem secondary sights like in PR tbh).
  6. Didn't say it was bad, i love the new UI and it's definitely better than V11, but it's not perfect yet.
  7. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    A lot of people prefer iron sights over optics anyways, i personally don't agree with their views, but it works for them. Russia is not underpowered, it's my favourite faction in the game right now, and has a lot of ways to just completely roll over any other faction. In the end what decides the match is how you use what you have, not what you have on it's own.
  8. There is only so much the UI and community combined can do, in the end it is the player's mindset on a new game they don't know that determines wether a game is for him or not. If you come to Squad with a mindset of just picking it up and instantly start shooting then prepare to be dissapointed. Squad is not Battlefield after all, there is way more to the gameplay, and it all opens up to new players as they learn more by simply just playing. At the start when joining a squad, just say you're new, 80% of all players will explain stuff if you just simply ask them, if they don't find a better squad, or server (some servers have much better communities than others). The whole point with Squad is the community working together, it's more than just a shooter, it's pretty much a social game. The UI does need improvements, but that's fine, they released V12 not that long ago, so the UI is still new and a lot of changes can happen in early access. Anyways, refunding the game is fine, you can always come back to it when it's fully complete and out of beta.
  9. What Dubs said: Seriously tho, just look at Rust, how long has that been in early access? Games of similar size and scope to Squad usually have hundreds of people working on them in AAA companies (Battlefield and stuff). A development team of around 40 is incredibly small for the scope they want to go with. People giving Squad shit for being in EA for so long should really wonder why there are never any alpha versions available for the public to play or see with most AAA games, usually they make a polished demo and disguise that as the "alpha" version for the public to see.
  10. Future plan of expanding team size?

    50v50 is confirmed and been planned from the start, tho i do hope for a bit more than that, maybe as a server option.
  11. All we can do is keep enouraging people in public games to adjust their plans, it's working pretty well for me so far, but probably also because it's a bunch of squad leaders from my group on both teams.
  12. Console Commands

    Schift+P i think.
  13. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    Imo it all comes down to how people play in the end, you've got the tools you're given, use them well. Russia right now is my favourite faction in the game tbh, simply because even tho the vehicles are a bit too weak for what they should be, they are still very good when used properly, even the shitbox has had a lot of victories over strykers and sometimes even bradleys in my experiences.
  14. Tanks right now are very strong yeah, maybe too strong? I'm on the fence about that, helicopters will be coming, which are incredible tank killers. More heavy AT options are also coming afaik, like the javelin. Right now, i feel like the main reason tanks are this powerful, is because squad leaders don't prepare for them even tho they clearly know that they're on the map. They never consider the fact that their own tanks can lose the fight, and what happens next is obvious. On large open maps with tanks, ATGM emplacements are the absolute king, the key to winning a match is to hold back a little bit, don't just blindly rush towards the centre with the entire team, but stay back the nearest flag, and build emplacements. Not one, but at least three, there are plenty of logi trucks to help with that easily. After the enemy tanks are down, your team pushes on with your own tanks (they should not charge in at the start right away, let the infantry spot them first). Basically the issue right now in my eyes is not the fact that tanks are this powerful, because they should be, but that people simply do not know how to deal with them, or they think they know, but mess up by sticking to the good old "rush the central cap" meta. I usually stay back with my squad, ask every other squad leader to share any info they have on the enemy at all times, and encourage the infantry to work with the tanks. Infantry can easily hide from a tank right now, people should use that, spot the enemy tanks, and then let their own tanks move in.
  15. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    You can't overclock vram. You'd need a better GPU.