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  1. This game makes me MOIST!

    Dank YT channel been subscribed for a while now
  2. minecraft 2018

    Minecraft 2k18
  3. Alpha 10.1

    Yeah let's listen to the one guy who only has his own limited personal experience in the game instead of the devs who basically check on the general experience of the playerbase. In my own experience the Russians wrecked the US most of the time, unless they were being stupid with their assets (which tbh is more common than you'd think sadly...).
  4. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    This would need a rework of the rally points too. Making them less frequent and more difficult to use.
  5. When i played it it was a lot of fun, but it has some issues in it's design i think that would need to be fixed.
  6. v10 lag spikes, fps drops

    AMD has always been known to have issues with Unreal Engine 4
  7. Alpha 10.1

    Overall i've had an fps increase of roughly 10-15 frames.
  8. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    Yeah, i feel like increasing the time to capture a zone would help a lot in this.
  9. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    I think as the game is basically still kind of a rushfest the superfobs arent that effective. Get rid of the rushfest and place more actual tactical gameplay, and the superfob will have its place more often.
  10. So 10.1 another update is out and...

    It does actually, the devs have simply been focused on more important issues. Yes a seperate sensitivity would be really nice, but i'd rather have new and better maps for now. Or the brits.
  11. A secondary rally point

    Yeah not agreeing on this one. It would be detrimental to teamplay with other squads.
  12. [WIP] Karbala

    This is awesome, i loved that map aswell.
  13. what first ??? optimized or 50vs50

    Neither of em.
  14. British Armed Forces Maps

    A map of the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland would be neat, i've got a heightmap of it if anyone wants to take a look. It's basically the valley where Tolkien based Rivendell on for LotR and looks like a pretty good piece of terrain for Brits vs anything. EDIT: A picture of the valley.
  15. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    T14 amatra would be neat