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  1. Console Commands

    I mean add the spawn command into the individual vehicle pages, since that's basically where i tried to look for their ID's and a way to spawn them. Then again i wasn't being smart lol.
  2. "Believability" of maps, realism

    What could fix kamdesh for me would be one main town being more densely packed, and maybe some actual chokepoints, adding more important strategic positions without extra flags. This already would make the map a lot of fun (not saying it's not fun now, but it's going to wear off for me soon).
  3. "Believability" of maps, realism

    The thing that some maps lack atm are clear landmarks. Random villages in every part of the map gets a bit repetetive. I remember there being a map in PR that had a ravine with river straight through the centre, dividing the entire map into two parts. The eastern side had some farmlands, a village and forests, while the western half had towns, a heavy urban area inspired by chernobyl, and ofcourse some more forests. Or look at Shijia Valley, it has villages, farms, walled compounds, a city, an airport, industrial areas, forests an impassable river going through the centre with a few bridges and a ford where you could cross. This all made the maps much more unique in every round you played on it. Now i do like maps like Belaya and Kamdesh but overall the designs can get a bit repetetive at times. Then again i do realise that they might not be in their final versions, so i don't really know if what i'm saying will help. Al Basrah overall feels really good to play on, since it basically has two completely different enviroments, an urban city and open desert. It makes the map much more fun to go back to.
  4. Maybe let players choose between acog and susat?
  5. Battlefield V

    I can honestly see why people would get hyped for it, hell with BF3 back then i used to be one of em. It's just that i learned from experience that it's not going to meet the hype, at least not for me. I like how they are going for more teamwork, and no lootboxes and season pass, i appreciate that. Also since BF4 they released some free maps, which is always awesome, free extra content! I might get it after reading some reviews (probably waiting for AJ's). People have to understand that Battlefield is part of the most casual market, aimed at a completely different audience than Squad, tho i like that they are trying to include a few Squad-like mechanics to their gameplay formula. Idk guys, i am very skeptical, but i might end up buying it after all if some of my irl friends get it.
  6. Console Commands

    https://squad.gamepedia.com/Vehicles Basically it would help somewhat for stupid people like me if those lines were also included here.
  7. Better get out of Alpha quick

    Battlefield games are fun for a month or two, after that it's back to Squad which i've played since way before it even came on steam. So i highly doubt that it matters. People already bought Squad, it really doesn't matter if a few people play other games, which they do all the time. Literally no point to this thread lol...
  8. Console Commands

    Thanks, i did take a look at the wiki, but i checked out the vehicles section for their ID's. Would help a lot if the ID's were noted there aswell.
  9. OFF map Support for Commander

    Nah, everything needs to be player controlled and kill-able i think. No cheap off-map support calls...
  10. Console Commands

    Where can i find out what vehicles have which ID so i can spawn them in a singleplayer session (not on the range)? Namely the bradley and warrior for practicing. Or is there a current list of vehicle ID's/names that i can use to spawn them in?
  11. Cannot change game language

    Yeah tbh the Dutch ui is a bit bugged atm, i'd like to set it back to English aswell for me lol.
  12. Well i wouldn't do that either. A lot of times other squad leaders are just fun people wanting to coöp with your squad. I often try to get a quick plan set up with other SL's.
  13. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    Shijia Valley, favourite PR map. I dont get why china would have anything against a chinese faction tbh. Yes you can play against them, but also as them.
  14. I actually think the crewman kit is a good addition. I never liked how just anyone could randomly hop in and drive apc's, now the squad leader can assign that role to two guys, and they will keep that role for as long as the SL needs it without anyone else trying to take it. This also makes the medic more important, keeping the crewman alive if for some reason they're out of their vehicle (like scouting or something) is actually important now. In the past if the driver or gunner died, any random rifleman could just hop in, this imo was not good for the teamwork in a squad.
  15. Rounds are too long.

    I'd like some game mode where rounds can be longer.