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  1. Textures loading

    Yeah your gpu is simply not made for games of today (Squad isn't even a 2018 game tbh but 2019, graphics might still change before full release).
  2. July Community Roundtable

    I agree that FOBs should be the single main spawn points on the map. And rallies should be a backup that stay temporarily (30 seconds at most), with a reset timer of about 5-10 minutes.
  3. 30mm Gunsight explain pls

    The bradley has it.
  4. July Community Roundtable

    I'm more a fan of rallies staying for about 30 seconds, but tbh this system could be good.
  5. Looking for players

    Cool, this is a Discord i play squad on with a few others that used to play it competetively, i'd be interested in teaching you the game a little. https://discord.gg/FAFYbF
  6. Close air support

    Yeah i think this could work out pretty well if the ETA is like 1-2 minutes and you can only use it three times max. Also have it so that AA can take it out.
  7. [WIP] West Bank Map [IDF]

    He's working on other stuff atm
  8. Looking for players

    Do you have discord/teamspeak?
  9. Bought new gaming laptop – 30 FPS?!

    It's definitely possible with a budget of 800, but not with a notebook (notebooks are always more expensive with lesser specs).
  10. That is simply the difference between conventional and non-conventional forces. The militia simply use whatever is available to them, while the USA, Russia and Brits have standard gear. Afaik Squad tries to stay authentic (within balance reasons).
  11. Teamspeak 5

    Discord is puss? What? Sorry but i much prefer Discord way over teamspeak. In Discord you don't have to be in voice constantly while still being able to follow what's going on. If you've been away for a few days you can literally read back everything you missed, like in Skype group chat. With TS you can't be on different servers at the same time, keeping in touch with multiple communities easily. In general i think TS is also just shit to use compared to Discord. Anyways, i highly doubt TS5 will bring that much that we don't already have on Discord. If it does, i might get it, but so far count me out lol.
  12. In game Map improvement(?)

    Yeah i can see why you would want such a thing in it. It makes sense. Tho personally i don't like my map too cluttered with lines and stuff, it gets harsh on the eye.
  13. In game Map improvement(?)

    I don't think the circles being closer together means the land is higher, it simply means a steeper slope.
  14. The Doughnut Shop Server Rules

    Cool, only one rule then? "Use common sense"
  15. Textures loading

    On what settings is your game set? Also are your drivers up to date?