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  1. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Did you test this ingame by hitting the vehicle at the same angle and spot? Or did you just hit them randomly at any angle? Because this matters, a lot.
  2. V12 performance

    Have you guys tried reinstalling the game from scratch, or verify cache files and stuff?
  3. The Worst Part of v12

    No bully
  4. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    There are a lot of maps with no tanks, it's just that since V12 is still new, most servers will naturally run maps with the new stuff, namely tanks.
  5. V12 Positive feedback

    Yeah, it's been a great weekend generally, i got bored of Squad in V11, now V12 has got me hooked again.
  6. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    The BTR not exlpoding when it's ammo is hit is by design i believe, tho it is strange that a HAT doesn't do it.

    I feel like this here is just another case of players still needing to adapt. In the matches i've played we basically didn't need a lot of logi runs, since we managed to barely die, and had an IFV nearby with ammo.
  8. V12 no ammo

    I mean, there is no reason to spawn on a rally at the start of a match with all the available transport options right now. Are squad leaders still afraid to spawn everyone in?
  9. V12 no ammo

    It works more like this: You come at an objective with a fully supplied squad, you fight over it, having to be a little more careful about your ammo. Rallies are great to give the squad a few more chances if it fails, but you can't just keep doing it over and over, preventing the stupid meatgrinder that was in V11. Firefights become more meaningfull, more thought out, and teamwork between different squads becomes more important. So far as i've played it, it works perfectly fine. Built a bunch of fobs across the map, and never ran out of ammo since we mostly had a dedicated two-man squad for logie runs.
  10. The new trailer is bad ass!

    Once action starts, it generally stays pretty tense if you decide to stay at the frontlines. Also, every release trailer so far has kind of just shown off the new stuff that's in the patch. It's a representation of what's been added, not a representation of what the game is like in general.
  11. RAAS???

    Please do add it, it would make the gameplay a lot more interesting, not knowing where your enemy is untill you're in contact.
  12. Update V12

    Can confirm that not as many people are having issues after the hotfix.
  13. Update V12

    Nah they did release V12 too soon, a big load of people are having issues. Should've given it another month of testing.
  14. V12 performance

    Yeah wait for a patch i'd say.
  15. What is wrong with V12 loading time?

    I mean, in the public test it was pretty much fine for the most part, which makes me wonder about what went wrong in the official update. Bet the devs are pretty confused too tbh. Anyways, my average fps is around 70 now, the early timed v12 tests gave me about 40-50, so they have been optimizing their game a bit for the full release. My cpu isn't all that different from yours either, i've got an i7 6700k at 4.0-4.4 GHz. As for the loading times, no idea, mine seem to have increased too, but again it was fine in the tests for me...