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  1. The Wrench - January 2017 Edition

    @r0tzbuaIt always takes me to http://joinsquad.com/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdkXyrmDMq8 . It does so for every link I click on. Weird.
  2. The Wrench - January 2017 Edition

    The Youtube link to the barricaded windows isn't set correctly. It takes me to a 404 Page of joinsquad.com. Here the link for those that have the same issue:
  3. User Interface Concept Art

    @Sovietdoge I still think you are doing gods work and this is how Squads UI needs to look. Right now Squads UI is missing feedback and is inconsistent. Keep up all the work mate!
  4. Post Scriptum

    the mod isn't even out yet. Nobody knows how i will be incoporated into Squad and how many players there are and yet you are recruiting for a unit already? Let me guess, it's a milsim unit?
  5. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    @SirrCharles You may wanna open up your own thread for those models. Would get more attention then being buried here in the thread.
  6. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    @SirrCharlesYou would do gods work if you provide more city buildings for mappers to work with. I think the entire community would appreciate it. Be it BF2 models or not. Statics are needed for a map to become believable and 'feel good'.
  7. Gee, none of the active servers are VAC secured

    @Odin and other DEVs: You should consider issuing a VAC ban if someone has been banned by EAC to prevent people from refunding the game if they got banned quickly.
  8. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    I agree with the first two sentences. It definitely need more urban statics. The second one tho. Doesn't mean you have to do it like in PR. Cache placement can be changed and the engine allows stuff that wasn't possible in PR (tunnels for example). Nor do we have the brits or armor yet.
  9. [3dAC] - 3rd Armoured Cavalry - Recruitment

    A new website is in the works. People with the needed skills are simply busy IRL and that#s why its taken a bit longer. It wont be a fancy html5 landing page like you liked. Still will be a simple phpBB3 forum. We'll use a modern design with newer web technology for sure. For example will it be a responsive design, so that browsing on mobile and tablets isn't as annoying as it is now.
  10. Forum Software Feedback

    Two things I like to see: 1. Start enforcing your signature rule. Its getting ridicules with the size of the signature some people have. 2. Use HTML5 video embedding instead of flash.
  11. PR Vet without a home [UK Based]

    Hey Heskey, if you are looking on some people to play with check us out on 3dac.co. We are currently the biggest PR clan out there and are always welcome for new/returning people. If you dont feel like joining right away just come on our TS when you wanna play. You will usually find some peps playing and we are welcoming to all guests that want to play with us. Website: 3dac.co TS: 3dac.co
  12. Anti Cheat

    VAC is a fairly simple Anti-Cheat client that doesnt do too much and requieres a lot of work from the developer site to actually be effective. I am gonna quote from the steam developer API (plz dont kick/ban me valve, I know NDA)