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  1. I've noticed a lot of guys firing RPG from within 25m of myself and not receiving any damage. Last I checked it had quite a large lethal radius and its quite unfair to cop one to the face from sometimes as short as 5m and he keeps on walking.
  2. Server Black Screen

    Same issue, seems to be server dependent. Can get into a random empty server fine.
  3. Win 7 c++ 0x80240017

    Fully downloaded and then wouldn't do anything on the update screen, closed and restarted and now it wants to redownload it again. Sigh.
  4. Win 7 c++ 0x80240017

    46% Hope its worth it :P
  5. Win 7 c++ 0x80240017

    I formatted my computer today after it started chugging on simple tasks. Squad was working PERFECTLY FINE. Now I am getting this issue. Tried all the fixes in the thread to no avail.
  6. Connection to host lost - Can´t Join

    I'm having this issue after the Australian servers I play on changed their server provider. Nothing at all has changed on my end but I have disabled my firewall/AV. I have opened ports for those servers. Rebooted my fritzbox 7272 and made sure it was updated. I definitely have not been banned by them. Verified the game files, really not much else I could think of.
  7. Major bug

    How long have you waited before trying to quit? Same thing happens to me but it all loads eventually.
  8. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

    Did the output folder change? Just took a few during my last game and there is no screenshot folder as per the OP?
  9. Game won't start

    Edit: double post.
  10. Game won't start

    Computer specs? Added an exception to your firewall and antivirus? Verify the the game integrity by right clicking on the app>properties>local files Updated your GPU drivers?
  11. Keen to see BigDGaming busy this evening!
  12. FOB Overrun Distance

    Sounds like a teamwork issue to me. I have run into a similar problem where they have hunkered down in a cache compound and heavily defended it, and just grinded for 45 minutes at least. However, once we got the server populated we managed to have a squad firing down into the compound suppressing while we dug out their assets and then managed to kill the FOB. If the radius is any bigger you'll have no chance at hiding sneaky FOB's in the scrub. I can already easily find and 1-man some of them just by finding out what direction they are running in at and immediately digging it once found.
  13. Very few populated servers showing in browser

    http://squad.rocks/ For those interested.
  14. Gun Sounds

    It's funny, when I watch those two YouTube video's I am extremely grateful for how AWESOME Squad is sounding at the moment. I also took a break between September and November and came back to an even better sound stage in my opinion. Whoever the sound engineer is, he needs a few cartons thrown his way.
  15. Map: Grid References - How To

    Keen for a unified scale across the maps. Excellent suggestions in the previous posts so no need for more from myself.