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  1. Okay, I thought you wanted to remove the steady aim and the zoom. I don't really have a problem with the steady aiming either. IRL you can use different technics to steady your weapon and even if you have to steady the weapon only with your body you can still hold it steady for a few seconds. That depends of course on your training, your technic and your fatigue. They could combine the duration that your char can hold his breath with the fatigue system, but when I think of the "drunken pirate sway" in ArmA 3 then I would rather leave it that way than to play with a system that takes the fun out of the game.
  2. They moved through open terrain without covering themselves. If the machine gunner had stayed back and covered their movement, he could have easily suppressed the shooter. So I think it wasn't really the fault of the zoom. In the German army, we used the old G3 and you could easily shoot targets at 400m with iron sights and IRL you can focus your eyes on something in the distance when you aim at it. I think the zoom is a good way to simulate that and I would even take the function out that you zoom back out when you run out of breath. IMO only the sway should be influenced by holding your breath. I don't know if there is a better way to simulate the human eye.
  3. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU

    Great community and an excellent server. The server is really well administrated. Squad leaders are required to have a mic and have to work together, no locked squads and good teamwork. The total opposite of many other servers. I wish more communities and admins would keep an eye on that. It would make the gameplay experience less frustrating for new players that don't know how Squad can look like. Keep up the good work.
  4. Community content WIP thread!

    Maybe a good idea for more insurgent artillery!?
  5. Server Licensing General Info

    Hello, our server hoster has moved us to a different IP, so I had to re enter the license. Is this okay, or could it cause problems? Server name is: [KGB] Kampfgruppe Berserker - German Server - Tactical Gameplay
  6. .50 cal Headshot

    Yes, that is why they mounted them on the A1 Abrams in the TUSK CSAMM (Tank Urban Survival Kit - Counter Sniper Anti Material Mount). The CSAMM was a .50 cal mounted on the barrel, to take out snipers that hid behind walls. Looks lovely in the game.
  7. .50 cal Headshot

    Squad needs the pink mist.
  8. Bundeswehr Mod

    Great news, some nice german units and maybe the Puma and Leopard, would be awesome.