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  1. Just gonna tell you man but your ideas aren't new. Your first two points are things that exist in PR already and the devs plan to bring to squad. Motorcycles and shooting from vehicles. Now for movement speed increase I can see since they aren't wearing a lot of gear. However I think one the new animation system is in we. At see gameplay slowed down some more with lower movement speed. So they may keep insurgents/militia the same speed they have today. Youre gonna need to elaborate on "utilities"
  2. No that's not complicated. It's the bottom left mag every time. Its not hard one bit. And yes thats how you know which mag you are using. Does everything need to be spoonfed?
  3. free weekend?

    I don't think it's this weekend.... But obviously steam.
  4. I don't wanna be that guy but this just sounds casual as hell. There's nothing wrong with calling out coordinates and directions. Although I still see ppl who don't know their directions which is just sad....This game is in its infancy. As ppl learn and get more hours they'll learn that communicating is the only way to win or atleast not get curbstomped 300 tickets to zero. Anyway, having markers for everyone in the squad is a horrible idea. It makes the game so much easier and gets rid of teamwork on relying on your SL. Yes like you said all the SL would have to do is accept the squad members marking but couldn't the squad member just as easily call out coords and let the SL do his job? You don't need a new feature to do what your mouth already can.
  5. Do you think 500 tickets are too much?

    Squads not really the kind of game that last 30mins. A match should be an hour long atleast so tactics can be applied. PRs long matches is something that really shines.
  6. View angles in vehicles too restricting

    Reversing isn't very hard when you start using your map. I was on sumari once driving backwards thru the streets just by using my map.
  7. Ammo Carrier

    Except one squad with two lat can effectively take out two BTRS if needed. Those BTRS take A lot of time to respawn so it's not like the LAT kits are in dire need of rearming.Honestly I have yet to experience a match where our LAT guys needed to run back to base away from the fight to rearm. Because after taking out any enemy armor that armor is gone for a while. It's not like it's BF where you have vehicles thrown at you nonstop. If ammo is really that big of a deal then you need to tell your SL to drop a fob and an ammo crate close where ever you and your squad is holding/going. Again this is a problem that doesn't ever seem to happen in game. Especially if your squad leads just drop a fob like he's suppose to with ammo.
  8. Ammo Carrier

    "if the BTR is used right you can easily last a round and I mean easily which isn't good. " What? So because someone is not wasting their vehicles and using it correctly they should be punished. What kinda logic is that. I say props to whoever can effectively use their teams vehicles and too freaking bad if you aren't competent enough to handle and not get shot by a BTR.
  9. Ammo Carrier

    The btr is easily beaten. Also why mention new players. Basically you're saying that ppl still haven't gotten the time needed to get better so why can't we just let the new players learn? If you are getting killed by the BTR then that's your fault for not having common sense to go prone(btrs can't shoot low) not being in cover like infantry should. I've yet to hear anyone complaining about not having enough RPGs especially when BTRS are easy to hit. What you're typing makes BTRs seem op. Yet ingame they literally have as mush use as a humvee. I mean cmon every Russian match I join there's several dead BTRS by mid game. If someone is wrecking you in a BTR it's probably because they are shooting you from a distance playing the correct way. And no the mobility of a squad isn't ruined. You should have 2 LAT kits. That's 4 rockets in the squad. You can take out 2 BTRs. If your LAT guys **** up that's their fault and they shouldn't just be rewarded with more free shots. That's how you make something op.
  10. Ammo Carrier

    No that would make LAT kits OP. The current balance between vehicles is perfect neither is able to dominate the other. your BTR blows up? I guess you're waiting to respawn. Out of rockets? Go back to base and refill or make a fob and refill. Also I've never noticed anyone complaining about vehicles being OP.
  11. Squad Ranks?

    Wait are you saying if the devs don't put a ranking system the game will lose players overtime because of a lack of a ranking system? That's the best news I've read today.
  12. No gun in this game is gonna take 10 shots to kill. You probably missed I killed someone with 2 shots today with a pistol so you probably need to work on aim.
  13. I can't tell you how many times my teammates see a BTR and freak the hell out shouting armor!!!! But we're freaking Russians fighting milita/US. They don't fucking have tanks man. I also notice people calling humvees technicals. This might not seem like a big deal but it can be confusing if you're saying a techi is near and I'm on the U.S. Side. Also I've come to the conclusion that players don't use maps because they are surprised by everything.
  14. Everyone hates the claim system and the devs aren't even done integrating it. It will change and we the players don't know how it will work in the end. Honestly you guys have to realize the amount of hell that would be happening right now if vehicles were open to anyone? The devs saw this issue coming and made sure they were prepared.
  15. Minigun robot would work well in Squad

    Dude I thought it was remote controlled and could be shoot by itself.