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  1. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Thank you very much for the Spanish one sir! Much appreciated.
  2. Steam Overlay not working

    Thank god i was going crazy not seeing anyone that wasn't able to fix it xD. Gonna try the borderless, but if the v-sync doesn't work in borderless i would rather not having the overlay than the v-sync :P
  3. Steam Overlay not working

    I am definetly jinxed. I cri :(
  4. Steam Overlay not working

    Go to look at.. C:\users\yourname\appdata\local\squad\saved\config\WindowsNoEditor\gameusersettings.ini change the "false" to "true" after line: bUseDesktopResolutionForFullscreen=TRUE That's also not working. Also tried rebooting the PC after that change. No luck. If anyone need any kind of log, system specs or something just tell me, because it's ver weird that just a few people are having this issue...
  5. Steam Overlay not working

    Ok gonna test that, because i just reinstalled the game with no luck. Thanks.
  6. Steam Overlay not working

    I deleted everything inside the config folder and the overlay is still not working, all the game configuration goes back to default, but when i set the game to fullscreen 1920x1080 so the overlay could work as it just works on fullscreen games, it doesn't.. It works with all my other games, and i have friends that have not problems with it in squad... Also my steam folder is an exception for the win10 antivirus. Edit: Now i rebooted my pc, no luck. Deleted everything inside /Appdata/Local/Squad and still nothing. What could it be?
  7. IMHO, the arma infantry movement capabilities are awesome. Gives the player so much control of the game body... I mean, corner? you can move your torso to the sides, also lean, or even switch the weapon of shoulders... Low-medium wall? You have like 7 height stances... The person who likes mil-sim, and played more than 20h of arma, would love that capabilites in this game. I sincerely haven't backed because i really don't know if this is going to be a simple arcade like insurgency or something more realistic with more control to the player... Only time will tell. But i really see that people expect this to be another battlefield and that's so sad, because how many realistic FPS are out there? i just know arma, and the poor optimization of that title is boring ah.
  8. I just don't want this game to be that simple and easy like FPS arcades like a BF could be. IMHO the closer the abilities of infantry movement we have in arma the better. The guys that says arma keys are complicated just played less than 50h, because i do them unconciously. If i am a squad leader, i am going to be reconing more than shooting. And i don't want to be forced to be tired if i want to focus my sight on a far house, and therefore, i don't want to feel forced to focus exclusively on my sight if i am using a red dot, sight that stands out of it's peripheral vision capabilities. As the majority of this thread said, it would be pretty easy to please every customer, from the most arcadey one, to the most simmer, by simply adding: Zoom: 1 key. e.g. Caps Lock/RMB. You can decide between toggle and not. A guy here said "If i have zoom on iron sights, buy bye squad". Man, the FPS industry is filled with arcades because is what kids like, and lacks a lot sim-cades/sims like arma 3 could be, but this title lacks the fluidity and optimization that this game could achieve with the Unreal Engine 4. I think the devs are not looking to make another arcade, and therefore, i would love to have an option for peripheral vision while ready to shoot, and focused exclusively on the sight. Hold Breath. e.g. L Shift. Not going to comment the comment that a guy here said that he wants that to be automatic. He must missed the fatigue system preview video. 2 keys, simple right? But hey, if you still wanna please the lazy gamers, as one here said, pretty easy: An option to unify the Breath and the zoom. Come on guys, the FPS industry is filled with the same repetitive arcade titles, don't try to make this one the same shoot and run bs...
  9. I recently watched the development diary #2, I like the feature of having the ability of having to stances for low magnified scopes like the red dot shown in the video. One "neutral" mantaining a bit of peripheral vision, and other, closer to the scope, focusing just on the reticle at the eye relief distance, taking all the advantage of the magnification of the scope. What i don't really agree with, is the fact of being forced to hold the breath when doinf this action. I mean, i've shot with red dots irl, and there's no need to hold your breath to focus and get closer to the reticle. I would love to see this features independent from each other. What do you guys think?
  10. Focus

    Man, have you looked through a low magnified scope in real life? Because seems not. And if you didn't, you shouldn't be assuring things you don't know, and less creating posts like that here. I looked through multiple magnified scopes, and i can assure you there's a huge difference between looking through the scope of a red dot in a neutral position, mantaining the peripheral vision, and focusing on the scope, to do a long range shot, closer to the scope, where you gain all the magnifying power of the scope. It's called "Eye Relief Distance", and if you don't know about this matter, i don't know why are you here assuring things.