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  1. Losing interest pretty quickly

    I'm kind of in the same boat as I rarely play it anymore. I'm waiting for them to implement the Material/Supply truck stuff as I really think it'll change the Game for the better.
  2. Fox hole diggers

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/3450-buildingstructure-modifying/#entry63875 made a thread about this ages ago, I think what I posted is probably the happiest medium you could find. Dynamic terrain deformation seems un-doable according to devs (unless Trench systems are already part of the geometry of a Map) so I suggested the ability to make holes in already existing Models rather than terrain and maybe changing the Maps so you had a few Trenches behind walls and stuff.
  3. This is something Cry-Engine seems to do a bit better than UE4 currently :: https://youtu.be/kQ5mNdBwWXM?t=55 http://warofrights.com/KickstarterUpdate15.aspx#navigationContainer http://warofrights.com/KickstarterUpdate19.aspx#navigationContainer The Foliage in those Games genuinely does look impressive:
  4. I've been following this Game as-well and as interesting as it looks there are some things that sound just to good to be true :: https://youtu.be/rNh0brzii7s?t=810 200 player servers (actually boasting about them possibly being bigger) on Cry-Engine while retaining all the visuals and functionality they say will be in Game, to me that sounds a bit too good to be true and i'm wondering whether a developer of this Game (Squad) could say anything on this and whether they think it's possible. It seems to be that 100 Player servers in Squad on UE4 are pushing the limit of whats possible, so i'm genuinely curious to see what happens with WOR claims of 200 + Player servers.
  5. Base-Hugging and Super FOB's

    I haven't played in ages and I played a round of the Cache Game-mode today. It was a fairly miserable experience TBH :: We found the Cache in a Villiage and it was tucked all the way at the back of a compound (basically the corner of a building met a wall meaning there was a narrow space to get there) combined with the fact the defenders had barricaded the area. Enemy kept infinitely Spawning on this Cache in this tiny area while our team pushed in and it was just an absolute mess in terms of Game-play not to mention completely stupid. Some level of destructibility needs to be added for Compounds/walls and Fortifications imo, it's too easy as it stands to just pull off absolute Cheese moves like that "Early Access, Spawning etc will be changed" I can still see it happening even after this, the ability for an Engineer Class to take out sections of walls would greatly help in making Battles against defensive positions more fluid as Defenders would have to adapt to and plan defenses around breachable Walls.
  6. Thowing knives

    https://youtu.be/XCtuZ-fDL2E?t=105 Wait for the Samurai DLC.
  7. And that pretty much sums up the problems with trying to shoe-horn 'realistic' Gameplay into Public servers, i'm willing to bet you won't see many actual line battles going on in Pub servers you'll just have loads of people running around skirmishing each-other. Exactly why i've never been a fan of so called realism units in Games, their play-style completely sucks the fun out of something that's ultimately a Game and meant to be fun.
  8. I was going to post about this Game as-well, looks good but no way in hell will they raise £70,000 which is shame. I posted on their forum about Squad, I genuinely think a Game like WOR with similar mechanics could work well (1 shot Weaponry + emphasis on Melee) could potentially make for some really fun pitched Battles. Only problem (aside from them not raising £70,000) is some of the stuff they say about the Game seems a bit unrealistic, like 200 player servers on the Cry-Engine. Also: https://youtu.be/f0yV1Nbx4uU?t=291 I lol'd.
  9. I'd like to see it but it's probably not possible in UE4 unless they did something like restricting it to predefined areas where you could dig trenches. A more plausible solution would be to make it so Squad leaders could poke Holes out of buildings and walls and maybe dig trenches within compounds (like have the ground as a model with different states) standard being flat, modded having a trench: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/3450-buildingstructure-modifying/#entry63875 see the picture I made, that but inside a Compound.
  10. Dragging incapacitated team mates.

    For the sake of Gameplay I suppose they could make it so your character will drag another player very quickly (like holding shift while doing it) and if you do this to long they'll drop the other player, whereas if you just hold the direction key without shift they'll slowly drag whatever distance without the risk of automatically dropping them, like you say. Just envisioning a method for those 'oh shit' moments where you really need to pull someone into cover quickly and a 'charged' version of this with a cool down timer would be helpful. Even though it sounds a bit Gamey, It's better to have something that's a bit ott but actually useful than a feature that's just novel which people only use for 5 minutes then don't bother with.
  11. Dragging incapacitated team mates.

    Yeh, that's basically what I was thinking. To use an in-Game example, like someone pops out of the doorway of a compound and gets downed, in that situation the drag would be quicker and easier for that situation just to get the person back inside (as in the animation for doing it being almost instant) whereas with a Fire-mans carry the animation for picking someone up would obviously be slightly longer. If there were two methods each should have their advantages and drawbacks for the sake of Game-play otherwise one becomes redundant. Only examples I can think of: make it so in one stance Weapons can be used make it so there's less of a stamina drain for the firemans carry so it'd be the method for carrying team mates longer distances Have the drag ability made finite, so after a certain distance the player dragging will drop the other player automatically along with having a big stamina penalty (making this method only viable for what I mentioned, getting someone out of harms way and quickly into cover).
  12. Project Normandy

    Someone should persuade these guys to make this a mod for Squad: http://www.moddb.com/games/resistance-and-liberation
  13. Dragging incapacitated team mates.

    Couldn't you implement two separate ways of doing this, like dragging and a Fireman's carry: With bonuses for each, like dragging being quicker and easier to do, fireman's carry a bit slower but still able to shoot Weapon.
  14. The original RO had a feature where Vehicles in spawn wouldn't move for a bit if a Player entered the drivers seat with no passengers (Like text would come up saying 'waiting for other players'). Could be a partial solution to this problem.
  15. Map Submission Contest

    Why not, the incentive would be even bigger if there was some kind of prize for the top 3 entries.