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  1. Frame drops in v7

    DxDiag: https://1drv.ms/t/s!AgQxeD0uzVCwhBFQvd8W5IfzGfQz Around 25-30 fps on Chora, Operation First Light and Fool's Road. All on different servers. About 65-70 ppl on the server. And this is when standing still in spawn
  2. Frame drops in v7

    I'm down to about 20 with a 980ti
  3. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Do plx check out http://postscriptumgame.com/recruitment
  4. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    Good to hear
  5. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Patch 4 till squad är ute med en massa fina uppdateringar http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=76 Tänkte göra en kraftsamling och få ihop folk att köra lite nu i helgen. Fredag och Söndag men självklart kan man köra lördag om det finns intresse för de. Spelserver: Beror på hur många vi blir. Voip: Finns teamspeak tillgängligt med IP: teamspeak.sweclockers.com eller om folk hellre vill sitta på discord så är det https://discordapp.com/invite/0i8Afj8MKd9fXlVe Tid: Satt till kl 20:00 men självklart kan vi börja tidigare.
  6. Alpha 4 Update

    Damn that took some time to read. Looks really good :D
  7. January 2016

    I heard ppl complain about no optics for russians
  8. DLC World War 2

    WW2 is not overrated. Hasn't been a good ww2 game for a lot of years. Yes Ro2 came out but thats 1 game in like 10 years. But yes I would like to see Vietnam making it's way into Squad. And ww2 ^^
  9. GeForce Experience

    Well sometimes Experience have more options then some games. Had a hard time running Fallout4 and Experience found a hidden option or something and the game did run a lot better.
  10. Community content WIP thread!

    1. There are some really nice ppl on2. Some of them are really talented3. U can get more direct support
  11. Alpha 3.11 Hotfix for the Hotfix

    Well happy to say the I'm getting 5-10 more fps in the newer patches... still a bit low but its going the right direction. :wub:
  12. Alpha 3.9 Update

    Problem with AMD right now is within Unreal Engine it self. And it will hopfully be fixed in 4.11
  13. Alpha 3.9 Update

    Still getting low fps on all settings :(