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  1. v12 new M4 sound..

    Anyone have a clip of this? I missed the playtest
  2. FPS drop from public test V11 to live V11

    I'm not sure man. I just wanted to post this so the devs know it's happening. I cleared cache and turned my settings to the same settings before live 11 :/.
  3. Cleared cache, as always when any update comes out. During public test 11 I was running 90-120 fps, dipping to 80 during big fire fights. Since V11 went live, I've lost about 20 fps across the board, especially during firefights. What was changed from the last public test branch when V11 went live? I tasted the how fluid this game felt and can't go back :D!
  4. Cpu affinity

    Yep, I posted about this on reddit a few patches back, dev response was along the lines of "we know, it's gone, working as intended". It did boost my FPS quite a bit back before V10.
  5. Any ETA on V10?

    I feel like my FPS has shot up ever since the first giant optimization they did. It's only gotten better recently, I don't play as often now so I notice a huge difference each time.
  6. Could have a commend system, much like CS:GO. When the match ends your entire squad pops up and you can commend them with teamwork, leadership, general badassery.
  7. Very subtle things like helmet art work, weapon wear, writing on the tank's barrels. Stuff like that, wouldn't break the game in any way but let's you feel a bit more ownership over your character / vehicles.
  8. Will There be Animations for Opening Doors, etc?

    I think if they ever changed their minds and decided to do this, it would be at the very end of the pipeline.. or I should say at the very top of the pipeline.
  9. Can I get accepted in the community?

    I play as a medic pretty religiously, the only time younger players get on my nerves is when they constantly yell medic medic medic. That's not to say older players don't do the same. Just be respectful, play with a team mindset and you'll do just fine
  10. Do mortars suck?

    I've been on the receiving end of accurate mortar fire.. trying to get people up between rounds is the most nerve wracking thing I've experienced in recent video games. I think it really comes down to how the mortar squad uses it.. it can be very effective at stopping several squads in their tracks!
  11. Generation Kill - HBO mini series, literally every conversation they have is the type of conversation that happens when you're walking around in Squad. It's also just a kick ass show that you have to watch if you're a fan of the war life.
  12. Founder Weapon Skins

    Just posting to check if I have my icons, probably not :o.