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  1. Arma 3 Movement System

    Arma enhanced movement mod. Give it a look, its pretty great and I'd love to see something like it in Squad.
  2. Yeah most likely bro, get used to it or just get the SVD all the time.
  3. With 8GB of RAM and while running various background processes like shadow play and teamspeak I've never had a memory issue. Also if you ever played PR you should know that insurgent factions never win in a distance firefight, just like they wouldn't in real life, because in reality they don't have the kind of scopes that security forces have.
  4. Why are there already 100 player servers?

    Yeah the point is to stress test it a bit and see what kind of performance the game can have at these early stages with such a heavy load. I personally have had pretty good experiences on the 100 player servers and my PC isn't that great.
  5. My first Squad gameplay video

    Thanks Z[emoji16]
  6. My first Squad gameplay video

    Yeah I didn't really notice the cool voice sound effects before watching the video myself, but it really is amazing.
  7. My first Squad gameplay video

    Just some footage from gameplay the other day!
  8. Korean War Mod?

    Ayyy, been forever since I've been on these forums but absolutely yes.
  9. Map Voting

    I feel like a random vote, somewhat like Insurgency's system, would suit the needs of the players. It is a very simple, yet all encompassing system that takes the stress off of the admins but still leaves them some power, such as choosing game modes and such.
  10. I'm not sure but I believe the devs have nixed this because grappling hooks were only needed because buildings weren't all enterable and there was no other way to get on roofs. I too love grappling hooks, but I'd love even more to see more enterable buildings rather than having to rope onto every one
  11. Comms between the dead and the living

    Until someone forgets to mute and hot mics for 10 minutes #me
  12. Comms between the dead and the living

    I agree two-side local should definitely be in. But on the topic of speaking while dead, I think they should just keep it as it is in PR and as it is in Squad right now. Otherwise people will just use teamspeak or other methods to communicate out of game
  13. Operation Golden Dogtag Playtest Review

    I don't think so, I was part of the squad that was defending the south flag, and ended up fighting on the east side of the village
  14. Operation Golden Dogtag Playtest Review

    It was indeed quite fast paced, so much so that I think communication was sometimes lacking on both sides. Lack of Communication, I think, was the reason I was able to kill 4 US while camping a building before they threw a nade in. I think the eventual implementation of scopes, medic revives and more limited spawning abilities will make everyone play more conservatively and slowly
  15. True, the current game does make it hard to tell if you have any effect on targets down range. That is of course until you realize the bullets have stopped being fired back at you.