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  1. Есть ли какие-нибудь руководства на русском (желательно) языке по повышению к/с в игре? Сейчас мой показатель плавает на уровне 30-35 к/с, а хотелось бы повысить его, скажем, до комфортных 60-70 к/с.
  2. Solved! Thank you. Your tips help me!
  3. No change.
  4. Hello SQUAD players! I have problem with launch my game. When i will try launch after first loadscreen here mistakes. Check screenshot: PC Specs: i5-760 3.3 Mhz 8 Gb DDRIII GeForce 750 Ti KalmX 2 Gb OS: Windows 10 x64 LTSB I reinstall game and no help to me. :\ Cheers, Kesha F1
  5. deaf player !

    Hey mate! Don't worry about it! I know old JO player DeafSoul - he communicate with us via text chat! Enjoy SQUAD! Your solution is simple: when you go to the server, write to the general chat that you are deaf. I know shooter without sound - it's hardcore, but yes, you can find new friends. P.S. Novalogic gamers, you have contact with DeafSoul?
  6. Alpha V9 Lag/Stuttering

    I can confirm that. Yesterday i had a same lags on all servers.
  7. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    Привет. Я пришёл на официальный форум, чтобы рассказать о проблеме, с которой мы столкнулись в игре SQUAD. Думаю, это был не единственный случай со стороны администраторов игровых серверов. Расизм по национальному признаку всегда ведёт к неприятностям. Для меня было глубочайшим оскорблением, когда администратор выкинул меня и моих друзей с сервера. Создавая эту тему, я в первую очередь хотел, чтобы разработчики игры узнали о том, что бывает в игре. Допускаю вариант, когда проблема отношений внутри игры не стоит на первом месте у разработчиков, и люди должны самостоятельно регулировать свои взаимоотношения «сервер ←→ пользователь». Это публичное обсуждение акта расизма по национальному признаку. На двух совершенно разных серверах мы были выброшены только за название отряда. Я прочитал множество разных комментариев. Получил поддержку и полезные советы, которые смогу использовать в будущем. Знания бесценны! Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX, Another helpful advice. I will use it in future. Thank you again. ==================================== Perhaps, I stepped on a «sick callus». Nevertheless, such phenomena insult me and upset me. Please, administrators, if you have any rules like «english only», contact with players and ask their for change name squad or don't use native language on the server. If they ignored you, kick their ass. Peace.
  8. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    Tartantyco, I'm not interested in the reasons why English is used on servers. I know all this and I have no problems with the rules «english only». I also understand your position as a server administrator. It will be fair, if the rules will govern the language issue. Example, last night we join with my friend on server with rule «english only», join squad and communicate with other virtual solders via voice chat on english and between themselves via teamspeak on russian. When I played in Project Reality and Squad, the squad names with ENG, GER, FR and etc were not deleted. Perhaps, on some servers (like your?), such squads are deleted. gshAT, We also did this in JO:TR - when the European servers were emptying, we switched to American servers. Fandango831, Uhh, It was not a misunderstanding! We was kicked after 1-3 mins after make squad with our name squad. Admins did not contact us - they kick out and this all. Yes, they can set their own rules. This is not discussed or condemned! Not one Russian word in voice chat! We just make squad with name. Major Trouble, Helpful advice. Thank you.
  9. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    IWI-GALIL5.56FA, Sounds good, but i don't remember server names. It strange situation and disappointed me. GreatDestroyerDT, 1. We don't locked squad. 2. We speak english. 3. We all time communicated with other SL and squads, cuz info = win in match. :'\ Gorzu, There no rules about name of squad. Yes, admin can't know what we speak on english. And yes i know about language rules. It normal - server for only some language. I respect rules. But on two different servers we was kicked for name of squad. Why is not rasism? Admins kick us in 1-3 mins after make squad. We prefer game style like Infantry and our name squad RUS INFANTRY. Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX, Thank you very much for support mate. Maybe some admins have read this topic and will reflect on what happened to me and my friends. Tartantyco, I have many times seen squad called ENG, GER, FR, PL and etc. Why I can't use prefix RUS?! Fobia? On english server i speak english, on russian server i speak russian. Respect? Yes, it's fully respect. But i never kick or ban players for reason «other language», cuz i think what is rasism. RevolT, Russian? I seen same situations in other MP. In-game session some players demand speak english, but in session so much players in different countrys. They communicate on native language via voice and text chat. I believe that the Squad should unite the players. ========================= Peace. Now i feel better. Thank you for attention. Eh. :'| P.S. Western people so much talking about tolerance and stopping rasism, but in life they apply rasism stereotypes for other players. I guess, what both server admins racists. P.P.S. I repeat what i can speak english, not broke server rules, but i very hate when some «dudes» kick me and friends for one reason - russian language in name squad («RUS INFANTRY» / with english letters!).
  10. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    But it problem for play with our english friends. We can not know, suddenly the server administrator, where we are going to play - is a racist and does not like, for example, russian-speaking players. I know so much older JO:TR players. There are no guarantees that the admin will not kick me knowing that I'm Russian. I first encountered such an attitude for many years of playing multiplayer. It's disgusting to realize when you're thrown out of the game, just because you're Russian. It's wrong.
  11. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    It's was idiots, but we don't use it. It main reason for kicked all russian language players?!
  12. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    Yes! Cus we all was kicked after creat squad with name RUS INFANTRY. After this, we was all kicked from server. Me and two my friends. P.S. Later we find good server, creat squad with other russian name and we stay there.
  13. Hello comrades. Today, my friends and I ran into disgusting racism on the part of administrators of some servers. When we join and name our squad like a RUS INFANTRY we were immediately kick out from server. For why? We can speak english and communicate with other soldiers in game SQUAD. We do not broke rules server. We older JO:TR (Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising) players and yes, we known russian language and some teammates lives in europe countrys. Why some admins use rasism stereotypes for players from other countrys? IF admins don't like russian players, add some rule in server rules. It's was very sad. P.S. We was kick out for nation rasism from two servers.
  14. New Noob!! Old Friend!

    How JO's players here?
  15. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Wooohooo! Enjoy comrades!