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  1. I will revisit my Reshade settings and see what I can do. Setting Super Sampling Resolution to 1.25x helped a ton as well. Thanks for the responses everyone.
  2. Hello everyone. I did as many searches as I could regarding this issue. I would like to revisit this because of recent V9 changes I've experienced and get some input from the community. I remember reading how broken AA was (and still is) in UE4. I used SMAA in V8 and honestly it looked pretty good. A little blurry but most of the jagged edges were gone. However, in V9 this option was removed. I tried FXAA and it looks absolutely terrible. I can tolerate it, and it is better than no AA, but viewing distant enemies is severely hindered when compared to previous versions where I used SMAA. On top of that, alot of edges (especially in foliage) have white outlines which is very distracting when running. It basically flickers when moving through the environment. I installed Reshade and played around with SMAA and FXAA but had no success in removing the jagged edges or flicker completely. Has anyone had success with this? What settings should I use to alleviate this problem? I don't care about color correction or anything like that (personally prefer the washed out colors). Thanks in advance! GTX 1060 6GB i5-6600k @ 4.5ghz
  3. Awesome!
  4. Anyone else getting corrupted files from the steam update? Maybe just me?
  5. poll

    I love driving. Definitely taxiing people around and positioning the .50 gunner in advantageous positions.
  6. From a bystander's point of view I agree, progress has slowed down a bit. However, I rarely see people lash out against valid criticisms because most people know it is very important to critique and be critiqued. It's pretty obvious that valid criticism is not why OP made this thread.
  7. Really looking forward to playing this.
  8. Test. WOOP
  9. Yeah I had a crash when I clicked on the settings cog for a squad. Couldn't reproduce though.
  10. I think I read, either here or on the subreddit, that something like this is planned but not a current priority. As well as vaulting so those nasty 1 foot high walls don't seem like an impenetrable fortress :D To OP, this topic has been beaten to death many times. In the reddit post I linked above the devs explained that the damage taken is pretty low and it is only an indicator that you shouldn't be jumping from high places (obviously). If they raised the damage threshold to 3-4 meters people would be like mountain goats jumping off of everything with no penalty, which would certainly hurt gameplay. Realism be damned for this aspect. A point Sgt Ross makes that I think needs to be restated is that if you don't like receiving damage after jumping off of objects you should navigate more carefully. Plain and simple.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/3ylspg/suggestion_fall_damage/ Many responses by devs in this post.
  12. Nice to hear your investment worked out as intended!
  13. Is AA still broken? If so you can turn it off (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Also, check this post on the subreddit for resolution scale. 163% might be unnecessary.