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  1. TheNirl's non-floody video thread

    Operation Rook highlights!
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    Squad Ops in
  3. Submit Your Battlecam!

    Short <1m clips, original hd footage.
  4. Anti hack/Trools

    O jogo tem um sistema anti-cheat, o Easy Anti Cheat. O sistema funciona banindo várias contas de uma vez com um intervalo de alguns dias. Portanto, alguém que use hacks pode manter-se activo durante uns dias enquanto o sistema não activa. Para reportar jogadores internamente, usa este link: Se tens um sistema de gravação como shadowplay, lembra-te de o manter ligado quando jogas, para poderes gravar vídeo de incidentes e dar provas de quaisquer jogadores problemáticos.
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    Squad Ops in Gorodok Squad Ops in Gorodok
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    Squad Ops in Gorodok
  7. TheNirl's non-floody video thread

    First one life event against another clan: 1st Airborne!
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    Squad Ops in Al Basra
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    Squad Ops in Al Basrah
  10. TheNirl's non-floody video thread

    Bastard almost gave me a heart attack =P
  11. TheNirl's non-floody video thread

    Getting back into it with a CCFN highlight
  12. Yup. That having been said, you will most likely run into an idiot sooner or later. Remember to use that "leave squad" button when that happens. IF it happens for all squads in a server, which is highly unlikely, go look for another one. Too many people just assume the "community is toxic" because they get in a squad with a toxic squad leader, or squad mates, and for some reason decide to stay there. Don't be those people and you'll be fine.
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    Squad Ops - Yehorivka
  14. There's somewhat of a drought of good squad leaders. Add to that this game's pacing, which is faster than PR, and the friendly name tags, which allow for people to be more comfortable with distancing themselves from the rest of the squad, since they can easily detect friendlies on the screen, and you get the gist of why your experience is the way it is. However, don't get discouraged. Some servers are more hectic than others. Keep looking for a good squad leader, keep looking for servers that don't allow asset wasting, or mute squad leaders. You'll eventually find a place.