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  1. I have made a new attempt at seeing if i can get triple monitor (wide aspect ratio) to work and the same issue still seems to be there. I have found this: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/5372-triple-monitor-support/?do=findComment&comment=151607 and updated with this: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/21415-triple-screen-fov-problem/?do=findComment&comment=235975 [/script/Engine.LocalPlayer] AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV I gave the solution of adding the above a try and found that it did have a change, but has now presented me with the opposite problem. Instead of the view being too zoomed in, its now too zoomed out and would require a FOV of 60 or 70, which is under the limit of 90 for the slider. I haven't found any other leads for a solution yet in the forums. Has anyone else had any luck?
  2. As of Alpha V4 you can not type in a value outside of the 90-120 range to adjust your FOV for ultra wide aspect ratios. Depending on how wide the aspect ratio is it may be an issue to play.
  3. Alpha 4 Released

    With an ultra wide aspect ratio set up the FOV does not scale properly and in some cases 120 FOV is too small and turns out to be comparable to about 80 FOV on a normal screen. I used to be able to type in a value and apply the setting. I usually used around 145 for a triple monitor setup which would give me something between 90 and 100 FOV on the center screen. (see FOV study for visual example: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7520-v31-triple-monitor163-basically-works-now/#entry121393 ) I understand the lower limit may be necessary to prevent people from using the FOV as binoculars but I propose that the upper limit be raised to 160
  4. In the current version of the steam early access release, super wide aspect ratios still do work with the same method above. The only diffrences i have noticed are with the main menu and its diologs now stretch across all 3 screens apposed to being just on the center one. They are still only half as high as they should be though.
  5. As far as i know its not officially supported right now. Typing in a value outside of 80-120 seems to be a glitch which may or may not be patched. I think that at 21:9 you should be good within the 80-120 FOV range though.
  6. Got a chance to play a little. Its working out pretty well. If you join a server or re spawn, you need to go in to settings and his "apply" to reset the FOV to what you set it. It seems to set itself to a default value on spawn. performance is good, though turning on post processing to high/epic halfs the FPS. 30 FPS with all settings on epic, 60+ when post processing is on medium or lower. Menus are mostly there. Only a couple elements are cut in half on the vertical In game UI is alright, though chat is on left of the far left screen, and the map comes up on the right of the far right screen. other HUD indicators do the same thing. Having the map on the far right like that is actually nice. you can have it up and it wont block your view so you can still be moving, and responding to danger without your view being obstructed.
  7. I have redone the FOV comparison between 16:9 and 16:3 for ultra wide monitor(s) like the one I did here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/6461-alpha-v2triple-monitor163-close-but-not-yet/ As of 3.1 there is no max value for FOV. The slider only moves between 80-120 but you can select the number and type anything you want and it will apply.(No longer works as of V4) The FOV feature still behaves the same way as it did in V2 however now that there is no max limit I am able to compensate to allow for proper FOV at ultra wide aspect ratios. For a 3 monitor setup, this chart is the approximate conversion. 16:9 to 16:3 80 ≈ 140 100 ≈ 150 120 ≈ 160 The menus sizes are still asking a little odd, but nothing that gets in the way. Ill add more pictures of the UI in detail later as i play in wide. (below: visual comparison) Bonus image: GOING TO HYPER SPACE (FOV set to 179...)
  8. I'm sure that super wide aspect ratios is probably low on the priority list, but I thought I would share my experiences and give feedback on how the game runs in those cases. Here are some screenshots of how the menu and UI behaves If you have the game running in borderless windowed mode the 16:3 resolution does show as an option in the drop down.Stuff in the main menu seems to be cut shortloading screen is stretchedUI elements placed on the edge end up to far to the sides and should stay closer to the middle as if it was 16:9last pick the pop up dialog text runs outside of the diolog and is cut off. As far as performance goes It seems to be running smooth on my nvidea 970. Now that the FOV isnt as bad ill play with it and compare how well it runs to 16:9
  9. I have been testing how well triple monitor (5760x1080) works out every version and with the introduction of the FOV slider I wanted to see how that would improve the FOV issue for the 16:3 aspect ratio. First image is a comparison of the old 90FOV 16:3 vs the new maxed slider 120FOV. (editing the INI config file doesn't let me go further then 120) The second compares the 120FOV to a standard 16:9 90FOV and 80FOV. The FOV slider improves 16:3 dramatically however its still have to go a little more to match a 90FOV for 16:9. The UI is a bit off too at this aspect ratio. The main menu elements are proportioned awkwardly, and some text runs outside of some windows. In game, UI elements that are off on the edge of the screen are locked to that edge and are a bit far now to glance at. Pulling up the map shows up on the right half of the right monitor for example. The font size also seemed to have scaled itself up and is larger then it should be. In conclusion, triple monitor 16:3 is playable now in v2 but you'll have to get used to it and you are still missing a bit of information above and below the frame
  10. 5760x1080 support

    I hope it will support, but i imagine that's low on the priority list. you can force that resolution, and it preforms with no issues, however the FOV is incorrect or something and everything is zoomed in like your looking though binoculars the whole time, and because of that its not really playable.
  11. FOB Radio - Chatter by players

    +1 glad you posted the suggestion on the forums I am down for the idea. I don't know what that will do about spawn camping fobs (only having one guy on it to just kill people but not cap it) maybe it will make it worse, or it could improve because then that player would have motivation to stay hidden. To expand on this what if that enemy who is listening could do something to sabotage the other teams radio communication temporary. Assuming a fobs radio acts as a relay or something, that can do something to it to jam radio communication within a radius, (400m?) More incentive to better hide/protect fobs.
  12. Great FOB of China

    I remember that, I was the guy shooting from the far north east trying to snipe you guys
  13. Sword Art Online

    There is another trapped in an MMORPG anime called Log Horizon which you may enjoy. I am though season 1 and working on season 2 but so far I am liking it better then I did SAO.
  14. Ultrawide support?

    You can edit the game config file to make it any resolution you like. Iv tried this with a 3 monitor setup and the game runs on all 3, however the FOV isn't right and everything is zoomed in pretty dramatically. If you wish to experiment with it the file you edit is GameUserSettings.ini found in C:\Users\[uSERNAME]\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor edit this to the resolution you want: ResolutionSizeX=1920ResolutionSizeY=1080You can also find other settings in there to play with, i haven't touch any of those yet.
  15. How long do matches last?

    Depends how well the team works together and if the teams are balanced, a good match can run up to around an hour on a larger map, smaller ones may end in 15 minuits