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  1. Debating wether to get the game

    Hooyah sir
  2. Debating wether to get the game

    I understand mate. I just get a lot of shit from people who think the airforce is a useless branch. I have respect for all branches of the military.
  3. Debating wether to get the game

    Thanks for the advice. Well I'm not an imbecile who screams into the mic but i understand people playing the game won't be as understanding as I want them to be but this game looks really good. I want to join the Airforce and yes I know it's not the most respected branch but i want to be a Pararescue jumper and this game is really calling my name. Anyways thanks for the advice!
  4. Debating wether to get the game

    I'm 15 and asked my parents if they could pay for the early access on kickstarter. The game looks incredible, but I'm afraid that because of my age and the highness of my voice that I will get pushed to the side and not get the full enjoyable experience. Is this a real concern I should have?[emoji15] [emoji51]